I tried to log into my Windows 10 PC after quite some time. On the login screen, it keeps asking for a pin, whereas I don’t remember setting up a pin at all. This is the only user account on my PC, and now I can’t access it. Moreover, I had set a password once, and I used that password to log in but never had a pin. I looked the Internet for the issue but did not find any helpful solution. Could someone please tell me why Windows 10 keeps asking for a pin and how can I resolve this issue?

Recently, there have been a lot of such cases where Windows 10 keeps asking for a pin, although the user has not set one. In such a situation, clicking on I forgot my pin link could help but sometimes, this method fails. This article discuss the reasons behind this problem and the best possible solutions to Windows 10 asking for pin. So, stay tuned and give a try to these methods!

Part 1: Why Windows 10 Keep Asking for a Pin?

Microsoft has always been so concerned about the security of its users and making your PC more secure. It keeps adding more mechanisms you can use to secure your computer, such as Password protection, pin protection, Image identification, etc. Although you can choose any type of security, Windows suggests you use a combination of two or more mechanisms, such as a password and a pin. For the same reason, Windows 10 keeps asking for a pin so that it can ensure that your PC is secure from unauthenticated access. Another reason could be a bug occurred due to a Windows 10 update.

However, sometimes when you do not set a pin, it forces you to add one. So what do in such circumstances? Read below!

Part 2: How to Solve “Windows 10 Keeps Asking for a PIN” Problem?

Although you will find many ways to solve the said problem on the Internet, here are the best ones:

Way 1: Disable PIN in Windows 10 via Settings:

You will find this method will be helpful if you have access to another user account, or you can log in to this account (the account you are trying to get into) using a password. All you got to do is log into the account and follow the following steps:

  • Open Search, type “Settings” in it and press Enter when the settings app appears..

    windows update setting
  • Go to Accounts Settings.

    account setting
  • Click on the Sign-in option from the left navigation menu.

    sign in option
  • If you had previously created a pin, you would see the Remove button. Click on it and follow the instructions on the screen to proceed.
  • windows hello pin

After completing these settings, Windows will no longer ask you to enter a pin on startup.

Way 2: Disable PIN from Group Policy:

If changing the settings did not resolve your issue, and Windows 10 keeps asking for a pin, try out this method:

  • Open the Run dialogue by pressing Windows + R simultaneously.
  • Type in gpedit.msc and click the OK button to open Group Policy Editor.

  • Now, click on Computer Configuration from the left navigation area.

    computer configuration
  • Go to Administrative Templates -> System -> Logon.

  • Look for the “Turn on convenience PIN sign-in” policy and double-click on it.

  • Disable this policy and click on Apply, followed by the OK button.

    turn on convenience
  • Reboot your computer to apply settings.

After your PC restart, you will see that Windows 10 asking for pin problem is solved.

Way 3: Log into your PC via PassFab 4WinKey

Don’t have any other user account on your PC? Do you want to remove any kind of password protection on Windows 10? No worries! PassFab 4WinKey is here to rescue you. It is a Windows password reset tool used by millions of users worldwide. It can be used to recover any kind of user account on any modern operating system and on any machine. Its 100% success rate shows that it is the best software available in the market, and you can definitely use it to bypass the pin on Windows 10. Here is what you got to do:

  • Download, install and launch PassFab 4WinKey on any other PC from here.
  • Insert a USB and choose it from the list. Click Next. choose usb
  • Let the software create Password Reset Disk. Once done, plug the USB drive out.

    burning process
  • Plug the password reset disk into the locked PC and start it.
  • Press the Boot Key (F12) to open the Boot Menu.

    Please note that the boot key is different for different machines.

  • Set the USB on priority, press F10 to save settings and restart your computer.
  • Choose Windows System. Click Next.

    choose usb
  • Choose the user account and Remove Account Password from the option list. Click Next.

    choose account
  • Click Reboot.

    remove password successfully

Now, when your PC reboots, you will bypass the pin on Windows 10 without any difficulty. You can now log into your computer without entering any password or pin. You can use this software in different situations, especially when you forget your password or pin. This software provides you access to your computer without interrupting system settings or intruding on your privacy.

Final Words:

Getting stuck on the login screen for any reason is quite frustrating, especially when you have important data on your PC. This usually happens due to forgotten passwords, but sometimes it results from an installed update. One of the bugs that occurred due to the Windows update is that Windows 10 keeps asking for a pin.

This article discusses the possible reasons behind this bug and the best solutions, including disabling the pin using the Settings application and Group Policy Editor. We have also discussed the best possible way to bypass the pin on Windows 10 using the ultimate Windows password reset tool, i.e., PassFab 4WinKey. We hope that this article solves your problem. Thank you for reading!