The user may also find out that their files and settings are lost and not available any longer. Many Windows 10 users experience this error at least once after updating the Windows due to several possible reasons. Different fixes can be used to get rid of this error based on its cause and this article includes all of these possible causes and ways to fix it.

we can't sign into your account windows 10

Why Can’t I Sign into My Windows Account?

Many Windows 10 users complain that their system shows them the error message “We can’t sign into your account” or “You’ve been signed in with a temporary account” when they try to sign into their regular account on PC. When users receive this error, it means that their PC is actually making them sign in with a temporary account instead of a regular one. As a result of that, they may also find their settings and files to be missing from the computer.

A system usually does this and creates a temporary profile to sign in the user when user’s regular profile gets corrupted or damaged due to some reason. It can happen due to upgrading the Windows, updating some other software on the PC or using an antivirus program. Fortunately, “we can’t sign into your account” problem can often be fixed if the right instructions are followed. The next section contains those instructions in detail.

How Do You Fix We Can’t Sign into Your Account?

You can try different methods provided in this section to fix this error and one of them would surely help you depending upon the cause of this error in your PC.

Method 1. Restart Windows in Safe Mode

Restarting your system in safe mode first instead of doing it directly in normal mode can help you to fix this problem.

  • Step 1: Go to “Update & Security” section in settings and head over to the recovery tab. Here you will see the “Restart Now” option below “advanced startup”. Click on it. restart now
  • Step 2: Click on Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup Settings and then restart button. restart button
  • Step 3: Press “f5” for enabling safe mode with networking once you restart the computer. safe mode
  • Step 4: Sign in with your regular account and check your files and settings. Restart your computer normally once you have confirmed them.

Method 2. Delete Your Profile from Registry

You can fix the issue by deleting user profile from registry if it is corrupted.

  • Step 1: Click on Win+R and enter “control sysdm.cpl” in the run dialog box. run
  • Step 2: You will get access to advanced system settings. Go to Advanced > Settings in system properties. system properties
  • Step 3: Select the profile that you want to delete and press “delete” then. Confirm that you want to delete it. delete

Method 3: Refresh the Location

You can refresh your location by manually setting it to your exact location.

  • Step 1: Go to the privacy section in the settings of your PC and click on location. location
  • Step 2: Click on “set default” under the option for default location. The Windows Map will open and you will be easily able to change/refresh your current location.

Method 4. Change Problematic Account Password using PassFab 4WinKey

“We can’t sign into your account” error usually gets associated with a particular user profile and shows up every time a user tries to sign in with it. In such a case, changing the password of the profile account can make a huge difference by resetting it. PassFab 4WinKey can help you to reset the password of the problematic account even if you have forgotten it.

  • Step 1: Install “PassFab 4WinKey” on another PC and start it. You will see several options for the boot media that you can use. You can choose any one of them preferably a USB drive. That data on your chosen drive will be formatted. choose usb in passfab 4winkey
  • Step 2: The software will begin to burn the disk and you will be able to track the progress on your screen. burn disk in passfab 4winkey
  • Step 3: Now take that disk or drive and insert it into the PC with the problematic account whose password you want to reset. Press “F12” or the “Esc” button to enter the boot menu while restarting. Now select your boot media which is the drive you burned earlier and exit the menu after. boot from usb in passfab 4winkey
  • Step 4: Now your system will restart. Choose the profile that you need to reset from the interface and select the option to reset account password after choosing a guest, Microsoft or administrator account. reset password in passfab 4winkey
  • Step 5: You will need to enter a new password and click “Next”. Reboot your system and sign into your account with the new password. enter password in passfab 4winkey

Method 5. Run A System File Check

Running a system file check with the help of system file checker tool will help you to sign into your account by fixing the corrupted files on Windows.

  • Step 1: Go to the search menu and enter “command prompt” in it. Run it as administrator then by right clicking on the option. command prompt
  • Step 2: Type “sfc /scannow” in the window that comes up and press enter. The system file checker will start checking the files on your system and you will get a message if it finds any corrupted files or violations in the end or not. scannow

Method 6. Install the Latest Windows Updates

Sometimes the current version of Windows that you are using has some corrupted file or bug attached to it which can lead to the corruption of your profile and this error. You have to keep checking for updates and see if there is an update available for Windows. Downloading and installing it would help you to get rid of several corrupted files.

Method 7. Use System Restore in Windows 10

If your computer is not starting, you can use system restore to return it to an earlier state when it was working just fine.

  • Step 1: Choose “advanced options” in automatic repair when your PC does not start. Then go to troubleshoot > advanced options > system restore. system restore
  • Step 2: Press next and choose a system restore point for your PC to be restored to. Scan for affected programs after that. scan
  • Step 3: Click on “next” and finish the process.

Method 8. Create A Local Account and Restore Data

You can create another local account if your regular one is not letting you sign in and add all your data to the new account.

  • Step 1. Go the “accounts” section in the settings of your PC and click on “family and other users”. Click on “add someone else to this PC”. family users
  • Step 2: Choose the option “I don't have this person's sign-in information” first and “Add a user without a Microsoft account” on the page that comes after.
  • Step 3: Enter required details like username and passcode plus hint and press next. account

Method 9. Disable Antivirus

This is one of the most effective methods to fix this error.

  • Step 1: Type “gpedit.msc” in search bar to go to Local Group Policy Editor. Go to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Defender Antivirus and click on Turn off Windows Defender Antivirus. antivirus
  • Step 2: Enable it and apply the settings before restarting your PC. apply


That's all about how to fix Windows 10 we can't sign into your account issue. In my point of view, the easiest and most efficient way to fix this error is the with use of PassFab 4WinKey but you can try any of these methods to solve “We can’t sign into your account” problem.