How to Delete Administrator Account on Windows 7 without Password

If you own a PC, we are sure you have an Administrator account. It doesn't matter whether you operate the device all by yourself or have each of your family member owning an account in it, you are sure looking to ensure that your Administrator account says safe. The problem is that if there are kids accessing your PC, they could tinker around with the PC settings, which could delete important programs and apps. If you have set the right administrative privileges, you will not have to worry about that.

Part 1. How to Delete Administrator Account Windows 7 without Password

There are several ways you can delete your Windows 7 computer's Administrator account without requiring a password. If you just want to aviod some situation as we mentioned before, i suggest you remove Administrator Password instead of delete it.

Note: Deleting the Administrator account is a huge cost-saver because your information is highly-protected and less susceptible to virus attacks.

1. Using Control Panel

In this method, you transfer the Administrator rights to your user account and then delete the former one.

Step 1. Open Control Panel > User Accounts Family Safety. Select change your account type.

open control panel

Step 2. In Manage Account window, select your user account. Another screen will pop-up on your screen.

select user account to change

Step 3. Select Change your account type option from the list.

Step 4. Tick Administrator option in the Change Account Type window.

tick the  administrator option

Step 5. Go back to Manage Accounts window and select Delete Account and delete the former Administrator account.

2. From Local Users and Groups

This method allows you to disable the Administrator account. It is as good as disabling it because the account stays hidden.

Step 1. Go to Control Panel > Administrative tools > Computer management.

select administrator  tools

Step 2. Select Local users and Groups to expand it into a drop-down list, which is present on the left side of the window.

select local users and groups

Step 3. Double-click on Administrator. It will open a pop-up window. Select Account is disabled and click OK.

double click and tick  the box

3. From Local Security Policy

This method is a little technical, so make sure you follow the steps correctly.

Step 1. Open Start menu and enter secpol.msc. Right click on the result and select run as administrator account.

open start menu

Step 2. Go to Local Policies > Local Security Policies. In the right panel, search for Account: Administrator account status.

go to local policies

Step 3. Select Account: Administrator account status to open it. Tick the box or circle next to Disabled. The Enabled option will be selected already, so make sure you change it correctly.

select disabled to  disable the account

Last, restart your Windows 7 computer and your disabling process is successful.

Part 2. Delete/Remove Administrator Account using PassFab 4WinKey

Except free ways, you can also select a professional Windows password tool. Because, compare to the free ways, the third-party tool much easier to operate and it can solve more Windows password issues. PassFab 4WinKey is the tool that you need. It supports all Windows version and it enables you create reset disk on Mac now!

Here's how you can remove Administrator account using PassFab 4WinKey:

Step 1. Download PassFab 4WinKey, in any edition, on any computer other than yours. Insert a CD/DVD or a USB drive to create a bootable drive.

select either  CD/DVD or USB

Step 2. Hit Burn and the burning process will begin. Once it is over, you will receive a notification about it. Clear all data from the removable drive before the process.

hit burn for the burning process

Step 3. Eject the removable disk and insert it in your Windows 7 computer.

Step 4. A window will pop up on your Windows 10 screen. Select the operating system. Check the circle next to Remove an Admin account. Hit Next and then wait.

select windows  version and click the circle

Step 5. Select Administrator account in Manage Accounts window. Hit Next.

select  administrator account in next window

Step 6. In the Remove Accounts window, the process will begin automatically.  You will need to wait for a few seconds though, so do be patient.

final step of  removing admin account

Step 7. Restart the computer and the Administrator account will be no longer there. You can use PassFab 4WinKey to recover lost password of all types of Windows accounts.


In this article, we learned three free ways to remove or disable Administrator account on a Windows 7 computer without using a password. These methods include From Local Security Policy, From Local Users and Groups, and Using Control Panel. However, the only downside of using them is that aren't always successful, which means you still at a risk.

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