To keep your data secure and maintain privacy, it is essential to have your Windows account password protected. However, while every app, software, and credentials require passwords, it might get hard to remember all the passwords. The good idea is to write all your passwords somewhere safe to look at them in case you forget any.

But if you don't have your passwords stored and are stuck with a locked device, you need to look for a solution that helps you unlock it without needing a password. To access a locked Windows account, you can use the windows password key professional crack and get rid of the password protection screen. However, finding the right crack key can be a challenge. Moreover, the steps might be complex.

Instead of worrying about finding the right key that guarantees to unlock your device without harming your data, you can use password recovery/reset tools. Many tools allow you to remove or reset your Windows password in a few minutes without any issues. Here are a few ways to crack Windows password easily:

Part 1: Bypass Windows Password with PassFab 4WinKey

PassFab 4WinKey is one of the most popular password recovery tools which aims to reset or remove all sorts of windows passwords. The procedure is entirely secure and doesn't damage or remove any data from your device. It is an excellent user-friendly alternative to windows password critical professional key crack and helps you get rid of passwords quickly.

PassFab 4Winkey offers the following features:

  • Easy-to-use UI; anyone having trouble with their Windows password can use it.
  • For your device, it creates a free bootable disc.
  • It can create/delete the Windows account and reset the admin password.

Here's how to bypass windows passwords using PassFab 4Winkey without the need for a professional key crack:

  • Download and run the PassFab 4Winkey software from any available computer. Select Boot Media, such as CD, DVD, or USB, then click Next to proceed.

    choose usb
  • Wait for the software to burn the disc after inserting the boot device. Keep in mind that erasing the device will destroy all of its data. Take the boot media and place it into your locked device after the burning procedure is finished.
  • Restart the locked device and select Boot from the menu. Pick your OS and click Next when the Windows password recovery window appears.

    select system
  • Choose "Remove Account Password" from the menu options after choosing the account whose password you wish to change.

    remove password
  • The process of removing the password begins when you click Next. Restart your device after the loading is finished. You can now access your Windows Account without any key crack.

    remove password successfully

Part 2: Crack Windows Password with Kon Boot

Kon Boot is a utility software that lets you unlock locked Windows. It does not change or reset the user's password; the modifications are removed upon restarting the computer. The software supports all Windows operating system versions from Windows XP to Windows 11.

Follow the steps below to crack the windows password with Kon Boot:

  • Launch the KON-BOOT installer and enter the license details. Now you need to create a Kon Boot USB to proceed further. Select the target USB drive, and then select Install to a USB stick.

    kon boot
  • Plug in the Kon Boot USB to the locked computer. Press F2 (to begin BIOS setup) or F12 to start your device (to enter the One-Time Boot menu).
  • Plug in the Kon Boot USB to the locked computer. Press F2 (to begin BIOS setup) or F12 to start your device (to enter the One-Time Boot menu).

    kon boot
  • Set the USB or UEFI USB boot option in BIOS setup, save changes and restart the computer. Alternately, select the BOOT option to USB or UEFI USB from the One-Time Boot Menu.

    kon boot

Enter any password and sign in when your login screen appears. You can access Windows now. However, the next time you restart your computer, this won't work, and you must follow the steps repeatedly.

Part 3: Break Windows Password with OphCrack

Ophcrack is a password bypass tool designed primarily for recovering Windows system passwords, although it can also assist you in finding other passwords. Rainbow tables are used by Ophcrack to retrieve your password. Rainbow tables work by attempting to crack password hashes. This might be difficult for people who are a novice and don't have much technical knowledge about Windows login.

Some features that OphCrack offers include:

  • The software is absolutely free to use.
  • Passwords may be attempted to be recovered using a bootable CD or USB device.
  • Variations compatible with Mac, Linux, and Windows.
  • Works well with a variety of password types, particularly Windows login credentials.

Here is how to break Windows password with OphCrack:

  • Go to OphCrack's website to download the CD.

  • After downloading the.iso file, use ISO2Disc to install it on a USB flash drive. Launch ISO2Disc, drag the.iso file into the application, choose "MBR (for legacy BIOS/CSM boot)" from the list, and then restart your computer. Hit "Start Burn."

  • Use the Ophcrack Live USB you created to start the computer. A list of graphical modes will be visible on the first screen. To choose the default automated mode, simply press Enter.


    Once the Linux Live image has been loaded into memory, the computer will automatically start Ophcrack and conduct a dictionary attack based on the Vista rainbow table.

  • A complex password will take much longer to crack than a simple one. When you restart your computer without the Ophcrack Live USB, you can sign in to Windows 10 using the password you just recovered.

    crack password

Part 4: Take Your Computer to the Repair Shop

Take your device to a repair shop if you don't want to use any software to help you unlock your locked Windows. Ensure you go to a reliable guy or service that you have experienced before. You also should know the cost of removing Windows passwords so you get your work done within budget.

The repair shop has a few ways to unlock your device; they have a windows password key professional crack that enables you to enter your device without any issue. You can then remove or reset your password to be able to access windows again. They can also install new Windows on the software; however, you might lose valuable data.

There are chances that the repair shop guy keeps your device for 2-3 days, so if you want to find a quick solution to unlock your device, using password bypass software is the best option. You can get the software once and use it whenever you are stuck with a locked device.

Final Notes

Password protection is essential but can sometimes cause trouble when you want to access your device but don't remember the password. In this case, password recovery tools help the best. They let you bypass the Windows password to access your data without any issue.

You can give your device to a repair shop, but when you want to get things urgently, you can use password bypass tools like PassFab 4WinKey, which is reliable and unlocks the device in no time!