How to break password in Windows 11? Most asked questions by the users who forgets their passwords of their operating system. Security is essential to everyone. Therefore, the majority of users use lockers or passwords to protect their information. Sometimes, however, due to stress at work, many individuals forget your Windows 11 username and password. This could be the real reason for people to want to crack Windows 11 passwords. The password is crucial when there are multiple users.

Let's suppose that you're annoyed due to the fact that you've lost the Windows 11 login password and trying to get around it. It's not an easy task as Windows 11 is still a relatively new system. You've tested every password combination that you have thought of, yet it isn't allowing you to login. Trust us, we've seen how it goes. It is a nightmare and time-consuming, especially when you need to access your Windows 11 computer or laptop as soon as possible.

Part 1: Necessary Conditions for Cracking Windows 11 Password

There are many conditions which are essential for cracking windows 11 passwords which are listed below:

  • You must have a right to crack the password of that pc or laptop otherwise it's considered a crime and it is illegal to do so.
  • You must have proper tools to crack windows 11 passwords like cracking softwares etc.
  • Must have bootable cd or dvd containing windows 11.
  • Must have a Bootable cd or USB drive for burning or booting of any software.
  • Must have another pc on which you can perform these other tasks before applying on a locked pc.

Part 2: How to Crack Password On Windows 11?

Windows 11 password cracker can help you recover forgotten passwords. If you've forgotten a password or have been compromised and cracked, a windows password crack tool can assist you in recovering it.

Method 1: Crack WIndows 11 Password Using Windows Password Recovery Tool-PassFab 4Winkey

PassFab 4WinKey can be described as the best password cracker for windows 11 that can recover Guest, User and Administrator Accounts. It is the best, most secure, simple, user-friendly, and tested method of how to reset passwords in Windows 11. PassFab 4WinKey is the most reliable password recovery tool you can utilize to retrieve either your account on your computer or Microsoft account with no loss of data.

It is easy to change or delete your password from the administrator or user account when you forget your password Windows 11.It is simply impressive and powerful. It's virus-free and has a recovery rate of 100 percent!

Key Features:
  • Easy to use software.
  • Paid software but gives best results.
  • 100 percent success rate.
  • Bypass every password.
  • Runs on all Operating Systems.
  • In the first step, Download the PassFab software from the website.

  • In the second step, after downloading, run this program and choose as your media for boot. The easiest method is to select a USB Flash drive. choose usb drive
  • In the third step, Burn the USB. After burning, you'll see a pop-up message which will inform you that your USB is successfully burned.

  • In the fourth step, Attach the USB onto your locked computer. Select Windows system.

    select system
  • After choosing Windows you will need to select the option "Reset account password" to reset your password.

    reset password
  • The password should be successfully reset after a few minutes, then restart your computer and login with an updated password.

Method 2: Crack Windows 11 Password with Microsoft Password Reset Page

What happens if you have a Microsoft account on a Windows 11 PC, and you forget your password to login? Do not panic. The password for login can be changed in a few easy steps. First, how can you identify it as an authentic Microsoft account?

Most of the time, it displays your full name and an empty space between surname and the last name or email address on the Windows account login screens. If you've got a Microsoft account that runs Windows 11, you will have the advantage of cracking your Windows 11 admin password with Microsoft reset page.

Key Features:
  • Simple to use method.
  • 100 percent success rate if you have recovery mail.
  • Free to use method.
  • Less time-consuming method.
  • Works for all windows 7,10 and 11.

Even though you are unable to login right now However, you are able to use a different PC to reset your Windows 11 password. However, this only works when you're logged with a Microsoft account, not an account that is local on the Windows 11 PC. Below is a step-by step guide.

  • Run a web browser and go to Microsoft Password Reset Page. This page gives you the option of restoring your account. Enter your email address associated with the Microsoft account and click Next.

    recover account
  • You will be required to confirm your identity prior to proceeding. At this moment, Microsoft will send a security code to your recovery email address. Click on the Get Code button. You may also look at other verification methods such as mobile verification.

    verify identity
  • Then you'll be brought to a screen on which you will be able to enter the verification code that came in an email. Enter the code and click Next.

    verify identity
  • After that, you'll be given the option of setting the password of the Microsoft account. Enter the password two times then press Next. The password reset will occur, and you will be able to log in to Windows 11 PC with this new password.

The only method to reset the password on Windows 11 PC when it is signed in with a Microsoft account. The process is very simple. The trick is that you'll still have access to a recovery email or a phone number. These tips are designed for resetting the password of your local account.

Method 3: Crack Windows 11 Password via Ophcrack

There is a major problem if your previously tried methods failed, and you've lost your administrator account password. Don't panic because we have a dependable solution that can get around the Windows 11 password in a short amount of time. The solution is well-known and widely admired. It's known as Ophcrack. This tool is able to bypass Windows 11 and Mac passwords without difficulty whatsoever.

Key Features:
  • Runs on every operating system e.g. windows, Linus, Mac OS etc.
  • Crack LM Hashes.
  • Free Password tables available for windows 10 and windows 11.
  • Graph to show real time passwords.
  • No need to pay to use this software.
  • The first thing we'll require is to download the image of the CD from the Ophcrack website.

    download ophcrack
  • Then burn the .iso file that has been downloaded, copy it onto CD following the steps below.

    burn iso
  • If you're planning to crack your password on a device that doesn't come with an optical drive like a CD like netbook, then install this universal USB creator from Pen Drive Linux. A USB drive can not only be faster to run, but it can also be one USB drive to run Windows 10 and Windows 11.

    usb installer
  • To make an USB drive that can be used with any version of Windows Download the free password tables from the Ophcrack website. There are tables for free on the website of Ophcrack and there are tables that cost money, tables that have been paid for will generally accomplish the task faster and can break more complicated passwords, however these tables might not fit onto an USB drive due to their range in size from 2GigaBytes up to 140 Gigabytes.

    vista free
  • The tables should be extracted to a USB drive. Then they will be automatically used by Ophcrack.

  • Now boot your computer or laptop from a USB drive or CD drive. On certain computers, you might be required to enter your BIOS settings to alter the order in which the computer starts or press on a key to display your boot menu.

    opcrack live
  • After the disk has finished loading, Ophcrack should start automatically and will begin cracking passwords of all the users of your computer. If the computer boots but there is only the blank screen.
  • Ophcrack does not start you can try restarting your computer by selecting the options for manual or low RAM from the boot menu of the live CD drive menu.

    opcrack live
  • If you've got a complicated password, it'll take a much longer time than passwords that are simple as well, and with the help of free tables your password could not be able to be broken. Once the password has been cracked, you'll see your password in plain text. write it down and restart the machine to sign in.
  • If the password you entered isn't broken, you may also sign in as other users who have administrator rights, and then change your password in Windows.

Final Note

Sometimes, it can be annoying when you lose the admin password on your personal computer. In this case, to restore Windows passwords you will require an effective and safe password cracker. Here are three methods introduced in the article. It is strongly recommend windows password recover tool --- PassFab 4WinKey, that's efficient, user-friendly, simple to use, and safe.