Logging out of your computer either due to a technical bug or forgetting a password is probably the most unfortunate event that can happen to anyone. The worst thing is that there’s no official way to retrieve your password if you’re logged out of the computer.

Not only it delays your daily tasks but you risk losing your personal data as well. But thanks to Windows password key professional crack, resetting a lost password is no more a time-consuming and tech-savvy process like it used to be.

This article will provide everything you need to know about PassFab 4WinKey including a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to use it. Without any further ado, let’s cut to the chase.

Windows password key professional full version crack

Part 1: What Does Windows Password Key Crack Mean?

As the name indicates, Windows Password Key Crack is a method of redeeming or resetting the Windows password which is either forgotten or lost due to a technical glitch. There can be a myriad of ways to crack Windows passwords but most people rely on using a professional tool like PassFab 4WinKey to do so since using unreliable tool or method to bypass Windows password can cause data loss.

With the introduction of windows password key standard crack, the process of cracking a window’s password has become so straightforward and easy that you can do it while sitting at home without any technical hassle.

Part 2: What Can Windows Password Key Full Version Do?

Windows Password Key or PassFab 4WinKey is the world’s first tool to reset your Windows password in just a few minutes. Being compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP and Server 2019, it is arguably the safest and quickest method to retrieve the lost password.

Apart from resetting the password, Windows password key standard crack also enables users to:

  • Create a bootable password reset disk without any technical complications.

    • You can create a bootable CD-ROM or DVD-ROM disk.
    • Burn a bootable password disk.
    • Bootable USB can be created on both Mac and Windows.
  • Bypass or unlock all Windows 10 systems safely, which includes:

    • Security key
    • Windows Hello Face
    • Password
    • Windows Hello PIN
    • Picture Password
    • Windows Hello Fingerprint
  • Users can create a new administer account in just a few minutes to access the locked computer. What’s more is that you don’t need to format data or reinstall the operation system to do that. That is, you can get past the locked Windows screen without losing any data.

Part 3: Why People Choose Windows PassFab 4WinKey Professional Crack

If you haven’t been living under the rock for the last couple of years, you would already know that PassFab 4WinKey has become the most sought-after windows password recovery tool crack worldwide. Some of the reasons which encourage people to use this tool include:

  • It can create a password reset disk on both Mac and Windows.
  • It provides a 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 free technical support. No matter what your issue is, a highly qualified correspondent will get in contact with you any time you face a technical issue.
  • It offers 4 types of Premium packages which make it affordable to even the users who need only its limited features.
  • It has a simple and user-friendly password resetting procedure and even not-so-tech-savvy users can use it without any prior knowledge.
  • One of the most prominent features of this software is that it is compatible with almost all versions of Windows – both the latest and older.
  • What’s more, it has a 100% recovery rate which makes it the #1 windows password cracker available.

Part 4: How to Get 4WinKey Professional Crack

Now that you know why 4WinKey has been the top Windows key cracker in the market, let us discuss how can users get Windows Password Key Professional full version.

Remember, if your computer is locked, you need to download 4WinKey on another computer.

  • Start by heading to the 4WinKey website and hit on Download at the top right corner. When it’s downloaded, open the exe file and install the free version.
  • Now, again go to the official site and click on Buy Now. A new interface showing 4 different premium packages will appear. Depending on your need, choose a premium package and hit on Buy Now below the price tag.
  • You’ll enter a new screen. Here, the website will ask you to fill in your personal details and payment information. Hit on Buy Now once you have done that. The company will send you an email within a day or two having the registration key.
  • Now, launch the already installed free version and click on Register from the Settings menu. Then, type in your email ID and registration key in the respective boxes and hit on Register.
  • Soon a confirmation window will appear showing that you’ve successfully registered. Now, you can use all features of 4WinKey including resetting the Windows password.

Part 5: How to Use Windows Password Key Professional Full Version Crack

Using 4WinKey to reset a Window’s password is as easy as it can get. You don’t need to go through any complicated process to regain access to your computer. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to use password resetter keygen:

  • First of all, download and install the full version of 4WinKey on another computer, since your computer is locked.
  • Now, launch and run the program, and on its main interface, select your flash drive and hit on Next to proceed.

    Windows password recovery crack
  • The software will start burning the flash drive. Once the drive is burned, disconnect it from the computer and then, plug it into the locked computer. After that, restart the locked computer.
  • When the computer restarts, press F12 or any other shortcut key combination to enter the Boot menu. Now, use the arrow keys to highlight your flash drive and hit Enter to select it. Then, save and exit the Boot menu.

    Windows password recovery tool crack
  • Your computer will restart automatically once you exit the boot menu. Now, the system will ask you to choose the windows you want to reset and click Next once you do that.

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  • After that, you’ll see an interface showing various features of 4WinKey. Now, choose the user account you want to remove, then select the Remove Account Password option and hit on Next.

    Windows password tuner standard

And there you go, you have just bypassed the Windows password. Now, go to Control Panel and set up a new password.

Final Ask: Is It Worth Your Money?

It’s safe to conclude that 4WinKey is the most efficient and reliable windows password recovery tool crack in 2021. Having a 100% recovery rate, this multi-featured tool is worth every penny of your hard-earned money. With PassFab 4WinKey installed on your computer, you can reset password and regain access to a locked computer without going through any technical hassle.

No matter what Windows version you’re using, you can always rely on 4WinKey to reset the forgotten password and start using your computer again.