Today, when I tried logging in to my Windows 10 laptop, it just won't accept my password. Though, the password is correct because I have been using the same password for ages now. However, windows show "Incorrect password. Try again" and doesn't let me log in. Why does it occur? How to fix Windows 10 safe mode will not accept my password after update issue?

Internet is full of such queries. If you are a person like me who has had the same password for- let's say- forever, I know how stressful it can be. So, here I am. In this article, I will tell you some super-simple and easy methods to fix the Windows 10/11 won't accept password issue. Trust me; you will get it through. Just follow my lead. So, without further ado, let's begin.

How to Fix Windows 10 Won't Accept Password

Interestingly, the Windows 10 won't accept my password issue occurs on the login the interface of Windows 10, before you have even entered the password. Microsoft has proved to be really serious about the privacy and security of users. However, making their system potentially secure has backfired this time. Generally, the Windows 10 will not accept my password error occurs while booting and in the safe mode. Usually, modified registries of OS are responsible for causing the issue. However, faulty keyboard drivers can also cause the error. Let's explore how to fix the Windows 10 won't accept my password in safe mode.

Fix 1: Reboot PC Several Times

The most common fix and perhaps, the simplest of all, is to restart your computer. If your Windows 10 won't accept the password after the update, try to sign out and then sign in again. Reboot your PC multiple times. Generally, rebooting resolves the issue pretty quickly.

Fix 2: Connect to the Internet

It is possible that you might have changed the password recently, but the Windows hasn't registered it online. In such a scenario, you need to connect the PC to the internet to get the new password registered. Try doing it once, and it may solve the issue.

Fix 3: Check Your User Name and Password

Sometimes, our forgetfulness and absent-mindedness can also lead to the problems that, in reality, require a little attention to resolve. Here, first make sure that your external devices, like mouse and keyboard, are functioning properly. Then, verify that you have entered the correct user name and password. Recheck your diary or the folder where you keep your passwords, to make sure that it's accurate.

Fix 4: Try Virtual Keyboard

As mentioned earlier, one of the causes of the Windows 10 won't accept my password after the update issue is faulty keyboard drivers. It usually occurs when you have plugged in a new keyboard that keeps using the driver of the old one. It results in wrong keystrokes. Therefore, you need to unplug and reconnect your keyboard once. It will let Windows install the driver for the new keyboard that wasn't installed previously. Other than that, you can try using a virtual keyboard to enter your password. To use the virtual keyboard, check the steps below:

  • 01Click "Ease of access" at the lower right corner of your login screen.
  • 02Then, a list will appear. Select "On-Screen Keyboard".
  • 03A virtual keyboard will appear on the login screen. Use it to enter your password.

    try virtual keyboard to fix windows 10 not accepting password

Fix 5: Reset Incorrect Microsoft Account Password Online

Another remedy to resolve the Windows 10 not accepting password issue is to reset the password online. If you have been using Microsoft account to log in to your laptop, you can change the MS password online. Even, if you don't remember your MS account password, check out the steps below to see how to reset it.

  • 01First, go to Microsoft password reset webpage. Enter your email, phone or skype name and click next.

    reset microsoft password to fix windows 10 not accepting password
  • 02Then, re-enter the email address where you wish to receive the new password. You will receive a code in your inbox. Paste it in "verify your identity box." Click Next.

    verify identify to fix windows 10 not accepting password
  • 03Set a new password and confirm it by clicking Next.
  • 04Then, get back to your login screen. Use the newly set password to resolve Windows 10 won't accept password after update issue.

Fix 6: Boot in Safe Mode to Fix Windows 10 Not Accepting Password

Another method to fix the Windows 10 not accepting password issue is to reboot your PC in safe mode. Use this method to bypass the login screen and install the necessary keyboard drivers. To boot the system in safe mode, follow the steps below:

  • 01First, shut down the PC and start it again. The login screen will appear. Now, click on the power icon. When you see the context menu, hold Shift key and click "Restart".
  • 02It will restart your PC. Now, navigate to the Troubleshoot menu. Then, click Troubleshoot, and you will see "Advanced Options" tab. Click it and select "Windows Startup Settings".

    boot into startup settings to fix windows 10 not accepting password
  • 03After the Windows startup setting, a next "Startup Setting" menu will appear. Here, press F5 to restart the PC with "safe mode with networking" option.

    boot into safe mode to fix windows 10 not accepting password
  • 04Once the startup is done, you will see a different login screen. Enter your password here to bypass the login tab.
  • 05It may bypass the screen. However, restart the PC again to see if the Windows 10 not accepting password problem persists after safe mode.

Fix 7: Remove Windows 10/11 Password via PassFab 4WinKey (100% Work)

If you have tried all the above methods and nothing works. We have got an incredible 100 percent efficient way to remove your Windows 10 password to fix Windows 10 won't accept my password issue. PassFab 4WinKey is the most reliable tool to remove, reset, change and create login passwords on windows computers. See the simple steps to remove the account login password.

  • 01First, download and Install PassFab 4WinKey from its official website on another PC and use a USB drive to boot your system.
  • 02Once you have created the bootable drive, insert it in the PC with the “Windows 10 won’t accept my password” issue.
  • 03Restart your PC and go to the BIOS menu. Here, change the booting sequence from HDD to external devices or CD/DVD/USB.
  • 04Now, restart your PC, and a window will appear asking for your windows system.

    fix windows 10 not accepting password in passfab 4winkey 1
  • 05Next, you will see PassFab 4WinKey Interface with multiple options under "features you want to use". Choose "Remove Account Password".

    fix windows 10 not accepting password in passfab 4winkey 2
  • 06Then, select the account you want to remove the password of and click Next.

    fix windows 10 not accepting password in passfab 4winkey 3
  • 07Wait a while, and your Windows 10 password will be removed. Select "Reboot" to restart the PC.


Did you try logging in your Windows 10/11 with the same password but end up “Windows 10 will not accept my password after update” issue? You are not alone, my friend. Here, we have shared simple methods like using the virtual keyboard and rebooting in safe mode to resolve “Windows 10 won't accept password” issue. You can also use PassFab 4Winkey to remove the windows password. It is a wonderful tool to delete, remove, change and create windows login passwords.

Part 2: FAQs about Windows 10 Not Accepting Password

Q1: Why is my Windows 10 password not working?

There are several causes of Windows 10 password not accepting the issue. It can be due to a faulty keyboard or use of old drivers for the new keyboard. Other than that, it can occur due to corrupt registries.

Q2: How do I log into Windows 10 without a password?

You can remove the password by using a fantastic tool called PassFab 4Winkey, that will let you log in to your Windows 10 computer.

Q3: Will removing Windows password cause data loss?

Resetting the password for Windows can cause the irreversible loss of data. But it won’t cause data loss to remove or reset Windows password using PassFab 4WinKey.

Q4: What email and password can I use as default when forgot password?

There isn't a default email or password for your Windows account. All you have is the account and password that are used to log in Windows. If you forgot your password, or Windows won't accept your password, you should reset it, or remove your password using PassFab 4WinKey.