Losing or forgetting Windows 7 password is not a big deal these days and it can happen to any of you. However, it can be a frightful, upsetting feeling to lose access to the computer files.

Computer and software manufacturers like Microsoft do their best to promote safety and to protect user data from intrusion. But, when you forget your password, this protection feature goes against you.

So, what's the Windows 7 password reset usb full version free download? Most people are puzzled about this and don’t know how to use it to recover lost passwords. And, we have devised this comprehensive guide to show you how you can use it.It is also can be used in Windows 8/8/1/10 and newest Windows 11 version.

Part 1: Two Official Ways to Free Download Windows Password Recovery Tool Professional Full Version

We actually discuss passfab free download for pc in this article. You may find a lot of methods out there on the Internet to recover forgotten Windows 7/8/10/11 passwords such as the description passfab for windows 10 free download, spower windows password reset professional full version crack, windows password recovery tool crack and etc. But the keyword-oriented website found in this way may be pirated. And if you open those pirated website, your computer's security may be vulnerable to intrusion.

So, we have found the best 2 methods, PassFab 4WinKey and PassFab 4WinKey Rapidshare Password Recovery, to get you through this problem.

Here are the two methods to safely download Window password recovery tool 3.0.

Method #1: 100% Safe Download PassFab 4WinKey [Button]

If you want a safe and malware-free quick method to download Windows recovery tool 3.0, then click on the button to get passfab download for pc.

The most interesting thing is that it is fully compatible with any Windows computer and laptop. It is one of the rarest opportunities for you to download a 100% working tool quickly and safely.

Method #2: Download PassFab 4WinKey Rapidshare Password Recovery [Website]

The 2nd method is to download PassFab 4WinKey Rapidshare Password Recover. You may find some links over the Internet to download this tool, however, we recommend you to use the official links of this tool to download it. Passfab free version is also available in these two website as passfab free download for pc has partnership with them. Their download resources are also secure and guaranteed.

Part 2: Why You Should Download Windows 7 Password Reset USB Full Version Free Download

Downloading Windows 7 password reset tool can help you with multiple situations like forgotten passwords, unintentionally locked out of your computer, and much more. So, here are some of the reasons why you should download this tool from the Windows 7 password genius torrent.

This incredible windows password recovery tool 3.0 offers a swift and user-friendly solution to reset or remove Windows passwords with ease. In just a few seconds, users can regain access to their system, regardless of technical expertise. With its intuitive interface, even non-technical individuals can successfully reset or remove their Windows password in just three simple steps.That's why so many faithful users have always surrounded it.

Video on How to Use Windows Passwords Recovery Tool 3.0

Reason 1: Remove Windows Password without Password

The first reason is to remove your Windows Password without knowing your current password. Windows passwords recovery tool 3.0 allows you to do it quite easily without stressing much.

  • Connect a bootable blank drive to your device after downloading PassFab 4Winkey (e.g., a USB drive).
  • Choose the drive from the menu of the app and hit "Burn." Eject the USB drive once the process comes to an end.

    windows passwords recovery tool 3.0 - PassFab 4WinKey
  • Attach the drive to the computer where the password reset is going to take place. Next press the function key to access the boot menu of your computer (e.g., F12 key)

    windows passwords recovery tool 3.0 - boot menu
  • Choose the drive from the boot menu and press the enter key.
  • Choose the Windows edition that you are using. And then choose "Remove Account Password", then click "Next" button.

    windows passwords recovery tool 3.0 - remove account password
  • After a short moment, the Windows account's password will be successfully deleted. Click "Reboot" to restart your computer and detach the boot disc.

    windows passwords recovery tool 3.0 - removing process

Reason 2: Reset Windows Password without Password

The 2nd reason to download this tool is when you need to reset your Windows password without a password. Using this tool, you can easily reset your Windows password even when you lost or forgot your existing password.

The burn steps are the same as we discussed earlier. Please go ahead to check the steps .

  • After burning. Link the drive to the system for which you are trying to restore the password. Next, enter your computer's boot menu by clicking the button key (e.g., F12 key)

    Windows 7 password genius torrent - boot menu
  • Select the drive from the boot menu and then hit the enter key.

    Windows 7 password genius torrent - boot menu
  • Choose a Windows version. For example, you're using Windows 7, choose the Windows 7 edition. And, also choose "Reset Account Password", press the "Next" button then.

    Windows 7 password genius torrent - reset account password
  • Choose the aacount you want to reset and type a new password in the box and press the "Next" button.

    Windows 7 password genius torrent - enter a new password
  • Wait for the reset to complete before restarting the system.

    Windows 7 password genius torrent - reboot your computer

FAQ: Is It Safe to Use Windows Password Recovery Tool Crack?

No, it is not safe to use Windows password recovery tool crack. The main reason is that the cracked version never goes through security checks for viruses and other malware. So, it better to download the paid version which is safe and easy to use.


In conclusion, the Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0 provides a reliable and efficient solution for recovering forgotten Windows passwords. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, this tool simplifies the password recovery process, allowing users to regain access to their Windows systems with ease.

If you are looking for a windows password key professional full version free download, then I would recommend you to use PassFab 4WinKey weibsite to get passfab free download for pc.