After installing Windows 11, many users said that their PC crashes and show blue screen. Actually it is not something new to us. Most of the time, it is because of hardware or software conflict, system files damaged or missing. But it is not a big deal. This article will show you the best ways to stop your Windows 11 keeps crashing. If you are facing the same problem, try these ways to repair your PC.

Fix 1: Check for Hardware

As mentioned earlier, Windows 11 crashes may be raised by incompatible hardware. So, to check if there is an issue with your hardware, you can remove the external hardware devices and check if this solves the problem.

This hardware includes any external monitor, gaming device, docking station, keyboard, mouse, hard disk, etc. If the PC runs appropriately after the removal, some faulty driver must be causing the problem. If the crashing issue persists, you can move on to the next fix.

Fix 2: Automatic Repair by PassFab Computer Managementnew

PassFab Computer Management is an incredible PC repairing tool that has the power to resolve any issue your computer might be facing. It detects and resolves the problem automatically. You can use it to eliminate any issue, including blue/black screen or PC crashing. Here is how you can use the PassFab Computer Management tool when Windows 11 keeps crashing.

  • Install the tool on any computer and launch it. Insert a USB drive into your computer.
  • Click Create boot disk now button. fix-windows-11-keep-crashing-problem-automatically
  • Choose your USB drive and click Next. use-third-party-to-fix-winodws11-crashing-problem-automatically
  • Remove the USB and plug it into the faulty computer. Restart it.
  • Press the Boot key unless you enter the boot menu.
    Boot Key Desktop Laptop Motherboard
    F12 ASUS, Acer, Founder, HP, Hasee, Haier, Lenovo, THTF Acer, BenQ, Dell, Emachines, eMachines, Fujitsu, Founder, GIGABYTE, Gateway, IBM, Lenovo, SAMSUNG, ThinkPad, Hasee, TOSHIBA, THTF, MSI Great Wall, Dell, TOSHIBA, Foxconn, GIGABYTE, Fujitsu, Gamen, Haier, IBM, Lenovo, Topstar, SONY, THTF, SAMSUNG, ThinkPad, Acer, HP, Hasee, Founder
    Esc Dell ASUS, Sony Great Wall, Foxconn, ESC, SOYO, MAXSUN, Colorful, SONY, SAMSUNG, Spark, UNIKA
  • Set your device on priority, save settings, and exit the boot menu.
  • Click on Automated repair when you see the following interface. click-automated-repair
  • Choose the disk partition you want to repair, and click Start repair. select-partition
  • Click Restart when repairing completes. repair-complete

After completing all the above steps, your Windows 11 will no longer crash. You can now use your computer in peace.

Fix 3: Scan Corrupt File with System File Checker

Windows 11 crashes will occur when there are system files that have been corrupted or damaged. To know if this is the problem, you can run the System file checker that checks and recreates any damaged system file that might be causing the operating system to crash. Here is how to run SFC.

  • Press Windows + R and type cmd in the Run dialog.

  • Type sfc /scannow. Press the Enter key.


Let the system check for corrupt files. After scanning, it will display the message. Now restart your computer and check whether Windows 11 crashes still exist.

Fix 4: Check your RAM

When there is anything wrong with the system memory, it may cause Windows 11 crashing constantly. To check if this is the reason, you can run the memory diagnostic tool as follows:

  • Open the Run dialog, type mdsched.exe, and hit Enter.

  • When the Memory diagnostic tool starts, click the " Restart now and check for problems" option.

  • Let your computer restart. This time it will boot into the memory diagnostic tool's interface, checking your RAM for issues.


After the check is complete, your computer will restart, and the system will show the test results on the screen.

Fix 5: Scan for Malware

Any virus or malicious software can cause big trouble as it may harm your hardware and the software and operating system. Although Windows perform the virus scan from time to time, sometimes, your computer needs a deep scan to detect malware and malicious programs. Here is how you can check if there is any harmful software or virus in your computer as follows:

  • Go to the Start menu and, search for Windows security in the search bar, hit Enter

    . scan-malware-and-go-to-start-menu
  • Open the Windows Security application, and click on Virus and threat protection on the left navigation menu.

  • Click Quick Scan.

  • The application will start scanning your Windows11. If it finds any suspicious program, it will show you a message. However, if the quick Scan does not change anything, you can perform a deep scan as follows:

  • Click the Scan options link. Choose any of the 4 options and click Scan now


The deep Scan might take some time to complete and it will detect and remove any malware from your computer.

Fix 6: Perform a Clean Boot

When multiple applications clash, they cause the operating system to fail. To avoid such a situation, you can perform a clean boot as follows:

  • Type msconfig in the Run dialog. Press Enter.

  • Switch to the Services tab. Check " Hide all Microsoft services".

  • Select the remaining services, and click Disable all.

  • Switch to the Startup tab. Click the Open Task Manager link.

  • In the Task Manager Windows, go to the Startup tab.

  • Select all the programs that might cause the problem while startup and disable them.

  • Restart your Windows.

After performing the above steps, no unnecessary program will run on startup unless you start it manually.

Fix 7: Reset your Computer

Resetting your computer is the last option you will be left with after trying all the above methods of fixing Windows 11 crashed. You may lose your data while performing a system reset, so we recommend that you back up all your data. Here is how to factory reset the system

  • Go to Start -> Settings -> System -> Recovery -> Reset this PC.

  • Choose whether to keep your files or remove everything.


Final Words

Windows 11 keeps crashing problem is common in new Windows 11 users. However, this problem can be resolved very quickly. This article suggests you the best ways to stop Windows 11 from crashing. The most recommended way to repair your computer is using the PassFab Computer Management as it can diagnosis and fix the error automatically.