I have been having this problem for a while. Every time I boot up my computer it will just sit there. I’ll wait like 50 minutes but still nothing. I cant get past it. There is no way I can access my PC. I will hold the power button and do it until it hits “Preparing Automatic Repair” but then the screen goes blank and nothing happens. Nothing. If you have a solution please respond. I would really like to get back on it.

Are you stuck on Windows loading screen? Are you facing the same problem as stated above? If yes, you have found the right guide! In this article, we will discuss the potential causes and the best solutions for Windows stuck on loading screen issue. Let’s get started with the guide and try out the following ways:

Part 1: Before We Start, Boot in Safe Mode:

You should enable the safe mode before proceeding, as many of the methods given below will require your system to be accessible in safe mode. Your computer must be unusable as you are stuck at the loading screen, so you must ensure it is accessible safely. Here is how you can boot your PC in safe mode:

  • Restart your computer and press the F8 key unless you see the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE).

  • Click ‘See Advanced Repairing options’, go to Troubleshoot, and choose Advanced Options.

    fix windows stuck on loading screen in safe mode
  • Click Startup Settings and then Restart

    fix window stuck on loading screen and click startup setting
  • Now, from the list of available options, choose the boot in safe mode with networking by pressing the F5 key.

Wait for your PC to restart and check if it boots successfully. Once you have logged into the computer successfully, you can easily proceed with further troubleshooting.

Part 2: Common Solutions to Fix Windows Stuck on Loading Screen Issue Under Safe Mode:

Solution 1: Perform System Startup Repair

The Startup Repair tool can detect and resolve many Windows startup problems due to which you can stuck on Windows loading screen. You can use the Windows startup repair tool as follows:

  • On the lower right corner of the Welcome screen, you will see a power icon. Click on it.

  • Now, press the Shift key and choose Restart from the options. You will see the Windows Advanced Recovery Options.

  • Click Troubleshoot.

    click on troubleshoot
  • Click on Advanced options.

    click on advanced option
  • Choose Startup Repair.

    windows 10 stuck on loading screen by performing system startup repair
  • The Startup Repair tool will start looking for the problems. After resolving the issue, it will restart your computer automatically. Now, choose the user.

    perform system startup repair and choose the user
  • Enter the local account password and click Continue.

    click continue

Windows will start diagnosing any possible startup issues, and you will be notified about any potential problems. You can then choose how Windows handle them.

Solution 2: Run System File Checker

You may face Windows stuck on loading screen issues if there are any missing or damaged startup files. However, you can always run a System file check to detect and repair those files easily. Here is how you can do that via the command prompt.

  • Enter the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE) by restarting your computer and pressing the F8 key.

  • Open the command prompt by following the path: Troubleshoot -> Advanced options -> Command Prompt.

    run system file checker command prompt
  • Type sfc /scannow. Hit the Enter key.

    type sfc command

Now, wait for the process of file checking complete. The system will automatically repair any corrupted or damaged files while scanning. Once done, exit the command prompt and restart your computer to ensure you are no longer stuck on the Windows loading screen.

Solution 3: Run the DISM Command

When you have corrupt or damaged files in other parts of your computer except for the C drive, you have to repair them through DISM commands as they cannot be repaired through SFC. Like SFC, the DISM tool scans for corrupt files and automatically restores them to resolve problems.

  • Enter the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE) by restarting your computer and pressing the F8 key.

  • Open the command prompt by following the path: Troubleshoot -> Advanced options -> Command Prompt.

  • Run DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth command to start scanning.

Solution 4: Disable Fast Startup

The fast startup feature helps your computer startup more quickly by keeping your computer awake even after you shut it down. It can be harmful as it sometimes interrupts some shutdown and startup routines. To resolve Windows 10 stuck on loading screen no spinning circle, you should try turning this feature off

  • Boot your computer into safe mode by following the steps defined in Part 1.

  • Go to the Start menu. Open Control Panel.

    disable fast startup and open control panel
  • Choose Power options and click choose what the power button does in the left navigation.

    choose power option choose what power option does
  • Click Change settings currently unavailable to turn off the fast startup.

    change setting currently unavailable
  • Uncheck the ‘Turn off fast startup (recommended)’ option, and it will be turned off.

  • Save settings and restart your PC.

The problem will no longer appear if the fast startup feature was causing it. However, your computer will take a little more time on startup.

Solution 5: Boot your System in Clean Boot Mode

Any third-party service that interrupts the system services can cause significant damage to your computer. So, to see if any third-party service is the cause behind the problem, you can boot your system only with the system services and start other services manually afterward.

  • Boot in Safe Mode.

  • Open the Run dialog, type msconfig, and hit Enter.

    open run dialog
  • Go to Services and Hide all Microsoft services boxes to see all the third-party services.

    hide all services
  • Click Disable All.

  • Click Apply and then OK. Restart the computer.

Now, your computer will startup without any third-party service. To restart any service, you only have to open the corresponding program.

Part 3: Other Solutions to Fix Windows Stuck on Loading Screen Issue:

Solution 6: Reset RAM

If your RAM is not fixed in the RAM slot or has moved from its place, it may cause startup issues. To fix this, open the CPU, take out the RAM, clean it and place it in the RAM slot properly.

Solution 7: Reset BIOS

Resetting the BIOS is another option if resetting the RAM does not work. First, take out the CMOS cell and put it back. Now, remove the battery from the motherboard and place it back properly. Start the computer and see if Windows is still stuck on the loading screen.

Solution 8: Reinstall Windows

Reinstalling Windows is the last option you are left with if none of the above methods helped you. After you reinstall Windows, the problem will be fixed for sure. However, you may lose some data and applications.

All the solutions mentioned above require some technical knowledge regarding computers and are not so friendly for non-technical users. You may end up with damaged hardware or lost data files while following the above ways. What to do now? Check out the next part!

Part 4: The Easiest Way to Fix Windows Stuck on Loading Screen Issuenew

The quickest and most reliable solution to all your Windows-related problems is PassFab Computer Management , a Windows repairing tool specifically programmed to resolve all your PC problems with a few clicks without risking data loss, security, or privacy. This amazing tool automatically looks for the problem and repairs it. You can fix any blue/black screen errors, PC crashing issues, and startup problems. Here is how to operate this incredible Windows repairing tool.

  • Install PassFab Computer Management on any other computer. Launch it and insert a USB drive.
  • Click Create boot disk now button. creat boot disk now
  • Choose your USB and click Next. select boot media
  • Wait for the program to burn instructions on the USB. Once done, plug it out and switch to the problematic computer.

  • Restart the faulty PC and press the boot key to enter the Boot menu.

    Usually the boot key are ESC or "F12", press it continuously

  • Set your USB drive on priority. Save settings and exit. enter into boot menu
  • Click Automated repair when you see PassFab’s interface. click automatic repair
  • Choose the disk partition that you doubt might have issues. Click Start repair. selcect partition
  • Click Restart after repairing completes. repair complete

After following the above steps, your Windows will start up properly, and you will no longer get stuck on Windows loading screen.

Part 5: FAQs

1.Why Windows Update stuck on the loading screen?

There could be various reasons, including:

  • Pending updates
  • Faulty drivers
  • Damaged system files
  • Incompatible/damaged hardware
  • Buggy programs

2.What does Windows 10 stuck on loading circle mean?

When you start your computer, you see a circle circulating on the screen for a while. This circle is called a throbber and is sometimes called the loading circle.

Final Verdict

Windows stuck on loading screen is a problem that many face on startup. However, the issue is resolvable in many ways, some of which are mentioned in this article. Out of all the ways, we recommend you use the PassFab Computer Management , especially if you do not know much about computers.