Microsoft has announced that the latest Windows 11 builds version will have brute force protection enabled by default. This means that you will no longer be able to enter the login password after a certain number of attempts, and your PC will be locked for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, you will again be able to try the password if you ever forget it. Although this sounds safe and secure, it may cause problems if you ever forget or lose your login password. In this article, you will learn about brute force protection and how to recover the forgotten Windows 11 password.


Part 1: Windows 11 brute force protection

In a recent Windows 11, Microsoft has made significant changes, including the brute force protection enabled by default for the first time. In the previous versions of Windows, you had the option to enter the incorrect password as often as you wanted, making it relatively easier for intruders to get into your PC in less time. But now, Windows 11 will not allow you to enter an incorrect password more than 10 times and will block you from entering the password for 10 minutes.

Windows 11 brute force protection will protect you from brute force attacks usually made through the Remote Desktop Protocol. This change will delay the brute force making it difficult for the attackers to get into your system and access your PC remotely. Besides stopping the intruders from accessing your PC, this change will also influence the users in the following ways:

  1. Protection from cyberattacks
  2. Difficult password recovery if the users ever forget it

Part 2: What is Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)?

Remote Desktop Protocol is used to access a system remotely. With the help of the Remote Desktop application, you can access a PC from anywhere in the world. This facility lets you control your equipment remotely. However, attackers widely use RDP to gain remote access to your machine. Microsoft noticed that Human Operated Ransomware used RDP brute force attacks to break into user accounts, so they decided to enable brute force protection in all versions of Windows by default.

Although the feature is currently launched for Windows 11 insider builds but will soon be available for all Windows 11 devices providing an extra level of security to the users.

Part 3: How to Configure Account Lockout Policy in Windows 11?

Windows 11 provides the facility for you to control the number of login attempts on your system. If you are an IT administrator at your company, you can use the Windows Account Lockout policy to determine the number of failed sign-in attempts and set a limit for password attempts. After someone has tried the wrong passwords enough times, the user account will be locked until you reset it or the time duration expires. This utility has been made to protect your system from malicious activities.

Here is how to configure the account lockout policy to impose a restriction on the number of login attempts:

  • Open the Run dialog and type secpol.msc. Press Enter.

  • In the Local Security Policy, go to Security Settings\Account Policies\ Account Lockout Policy.

  • Double-click the Account Lockout Threshold policy.

  • When the properties window appears, the default value would be 0, meaning there is no limit to the failed login attempts.

  • Change the property value from 0 to the number of failed login attempts you want to allow. Click Apply.

  • Set the Account Lockout Duration and Reset Account Lockout Counter to the suggested settings and click Ok.


Now, you have successfully implied the Account Lockout Policy, and no suspicious user will be able to make login attempts more than the specified times. This is the simplest way to impose Windows 11 brute force protection.

Part 4: How to Reset Windows Password When Forget it Accidentally?hot

Next Windows 11 delays brute force attacks by default. Great news! Right?

Although Microsoft has taken this step to make its operating system more secure, users may get into trouble if they accidentally forget their login password. However, when it comes to PassFab 4WinKey, this is the best yet superb password recovery tool designed to help the user recover or manage their user accounts even if brute force protection is enabled by default.

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As the latest OS version, Windows 11 is getting better and better with each update. Windows 11 will adapt brute force protection by default. This is good news for all Windows 11 users as it will protect them from one of the major Human-operated Ransomware attacks--brute force cyberattacks. However, this update may bring problems for those who forget their login passwords and reset them frequently. But still, you do not have to be worried about this, PassFab 4WinKey , the best password reset tool can help you reset your password if you forget your password by accidentally.