No One Tell You This: 3Utools MDM Bypass Does It Really Work?

By Andy Samuel to Alternative Tips | 2024-02-27

MDM (Mobile Device Management) is an iOS built-in tool enabling organizations and institutes to remotely manage their devices. It allows them to restrict certain app usage on provided iDevices. While it prevents misuse, it also limits access to useful features for users. Moreover, MDM profiles monitor buyer activity if the device is sold.

Therefore, you may need to bypass these remote management profiles. Therefore, this article will share 3utools mdm bypass. Does it really work? Does it have drawbacks? How to use 3utools on iOS 14/15/16/17? You will find out the answer in this 3utools full review.

Part 1: Overview About 3utools

1.What is 3utools?

3utools is a free, one-stop solution to all your iOS management needs. This tool allows you to manage your data, convert files, create backups, and jailbreak your iPhone. Moreover, it allows you to bypass the MDM lock with minimal effort.

2.How to use 3utools bypass MDM?

Using 3utools to bypass the MDM lock on an iPhone is straightforward. All you need is a Windows computer with 3utools installed (as it does not support Mac yet), a USB cable, and an MDM-locked iPhone. Once you have all these things, follow the steps below to unlock iPhone with 3utools:

Step 1: Launch Settings and head over to General.

Step 2: Scroll to Transfer or Reset iPhone and choose Erase All Content and Settings.

erase all settings

Step 3: Open 3utools on your computer and connect your iPhone. Wait unless the program detects your device.

use mdm bypass now

Step 4: Click Toolbox under the top menu and choose Skip MDM Lock.

choose 3utools skip mdm lock

Step 5: On the popup menu, click Skip Now, followed by Deactivate to confirm the operation.

skip now choose deactivate

Once the 3utools MDM bypass is complete, you can use your iPhone/iPad without restrictions on any features or apps.

3.Where to get 3utools MDM bypass download?

You can easily get the 3utools MDM bypass download from its official website, It is compatible with iOS 4 through iOS 11 and Windows.

4.Pros and cons of 3utools MDM bypass

Every tool comes with its benefits and drawbacks. Before you use 3utools skip mdm lock, please consider the following pros and cons:

Easy to use and has no learning curve.It has a low success rate compared to other similar tools.
Removes MDM locks for free.It is not entirely free, and other features come at a cost.
All-in-one tool for all your iOS management needs.It can irretrievably damage your device.
No data loss after MDM bypass.It can cause privacy leakage.
Available for iOS and Windows devices.Compatible with only iOS 4 through iOS 11 and does not support MacOS.
 MDM profiles reappear after you factory reset the device.

Does 3utools MDM bypass really work?

With a 3.3 star rating on Trustpilot, 3utools seems to be a reliable software. It worked for many users, whereas some found it useless and harmful. Reportedly, the 3utools skip mdm lock caused severe data loss and installed viruses in their PCs and mobiles, as can be observed in the following comments:

3utools mdm bypass review 3utools mdm bypass how people think about 3utool

However, as a free tool, users also find it helpful in dealing with specific issues with their iDevices.

people's comment about 3utool mdm bypass

Using software with privacy and security risks is not a wise choice, and you should look for better alternatives.

Part 2: The Best Alternative Of 3utools MDM Bypass

Given all the negative reviews and cons of 3utools, you can use the PassFab iPhone Unlock for a secure and reliable MDM bypass.

PassFab iPhone Unlock is designed to help users regain access to their locked iPhones. it can bypass MDM (Mobile Device Management) restrictions and remove Apple IDs in few clicks. It also can be used to remove various types of screen locks, including passcodes, Touch ID, and Face ID.

Here are some of the key features of PassFab iPhone Unlock:

  • Bypass mdm easily as the best alternative of 3utool
  • 100% success rate to remove different kinds of screen lock
  • Easy to handle even for non-technical users
  • It supports all versions of iOS, including the latest iOS 17. Can be used in both Windows and Mac OS.

How to bypass MDM with the best MDM bypass tool?

  • Install and launch PassFab iPhone Unlock on a PC or Mac.

  • Choose MDM bypass on the following screen:

    choose mdm bypass
  • Connect iPhone to computer with data cable.

    connect device
  • Click Start button to initiate the MDM bypass.

    start bypass mdm
  • Wait patiently for the program to finish bypassing.

    bypass mdm with 3utools mdm bypass alternative bypass mdm successfully

The MDM profile will be removed successfully. Please note that after factory resetting the device, these profiles may reappear. But you can again remove them with PassFab iPhone Unlock while your license is valid.

FAQs about 3utools MDM bypass

1.Can 3utools remove MDM?

3utools can't deactivate MDM permanently, but it can remove it from your device unless you factory reset it.

2.Can you remove remote management from the iPhone?

You can remove remote management from your iPhone if you have a valid username and password. However, if you cannot access valid MDM profile credentials, you must use third-party applications like 3utools and PassFab iPhone Unlock to bypass MDM.

3.Is there a 3utools for Android?

3utools for Android are unavailable but can be used on iOS or a Windows PC.

4.Can I still receive official iOS updates after using 3utools MDM bypass?

Yes, the 3utools MDM bypass does not prevent you from receiving the official iOS updates.

5.Does using 3utools MDM bypass void my device warranty?

Although the 3utools does not affect your device warranty, jailbreaking an iPhone using it may cancel the warranty.

Final Words

3utools is an effective tool for managing iOS devices. It is a complete suite with incredible features that allow you to control your device efficiently. Therefore, we have demonstrated how to unlock iPhone with 3utools MDM bypass. Although it seems pretty helpful, the 3utools MDM bypass has several associated risks, such as security and privacy breaches.

Therefore, we have also suggested the best alternative to it, i.e., PassFab iPhone Unlock, which is 100% safe, secure and successful in bypassing different iPhone locks.