What’s the best Android unlockers? I think Passfab Android Unlocker is worth a vote. Because it’s compatible with almost all Android phones to unlock screen. Besides, we have updated the method to remove the Google lock on Samsung, it is easier to use.

If you want to know more about it, then continue reading.

Part 1: Why is PassFab Android Unlocker the Best Android Unlocker

Honestly, there may be hundreds of Android lock screen removal out there that claim to remove Android screen locks within minutes. So what makes PassFab Android Unlocker any different from these other software?

Here are some reasons:

Advantages of the software itself:

  • It offers a higher success rate, making it the ideal software for removing the screen lock from your Android phone.
  • It helps you bypass all sorts of Android screen locks, such as PIN, password, pattern, and even fingerprint!
  • It can unlock old Samsung devices without data loss.
  • It can also remove Google Factory Reset Verification lock on 99% Samsung phones.
  • This tool has proven effective for various Android phone models, such as Samsung, Google, Motorola, LG, Huawei, HTC, Xiaomi, and many more!

Other external advantages:

  • 100% security and safe
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Good customer service
  • Free tech support

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about buying it and don’t know how to use it.

Part 2: When Do You Need PassFab Android Unlocker - Screen Lock Bypass App

There are some scenarios you may need this Android lock screen removal software. See if you have a need.

  1. User forgets the Android lock screen password and has lost access to their Android device.
  2. The phone is bought in second-hand condition and the previous owner forgot to turn off the screen lock.
  3. The original owner is about to sell or give away the Android phone and must remove the Android lock screen to let the new user operate the device when forgot screen lock.

If you can relate to any of the above scenarios, then using PassFab Android Unlocker, could be the best choice for you. Stay tuned to understand how you can use this software to instantly remove the Android lock screen with minimum effort.

Part 3: How to Use PassFab Android Unlocker to Unlock Android Phones

Here are the detailed guide to use this screen lock bypass App.


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PD805 for Windows

PD806 for Mac

For early Samsung phones:

  • Download and install PassFab Android Unlocker on your computer.
  • After successfully installing the software, launch it and tap on “Remove Lock Screen” from the home page.

    remove lock screen android
  • Tap on “Remove Screen Lock without Data Loss” and connect your phone with the computer by using a USB cable.

    remove screen lock without data loss
  • Hit “Start” to initiate the process. Afterward, select the accurate device information for your Samsung phone and hit “Next”.

    remove lock screen android remove lock screen android
  • Wait for the package to complete downloading. Then hit “Next” and follow the on-screen instructions to put your Samsung phone in Download Mode.

    remove lock screen android
  • Lastly, hit “Start” and wait for the screen lock to be removed successfully.

    remove lock screen android

For other Android phones:

  • Select “Remove Screen Lock” in this interface and connect your Android phone to the computer via a USB cable.

    remove lock screen android
  • Then click "Start" to begin. A message will appear prompting you that all data will be erased. Hit “Yes” to continue. Next, simply wait for the process to complete.

    remove lock screen android remove lock screen android
  • Then reset your Android phone according to the on-screen instructions. After a while, the Android screen lock will be removed from the phone. You can now set up your Android phone as a new device.

    remove lock screen android

FAQs about PassFab Android Unlocker

Q1: Is PassFab Android Unlocker safe?

Yes. Don't worry about it. PassFab Android Unlocker is very safe and pure.

Q2: Can a locked Android phone be unlocked?

Yes. You can use PassFab Android Unlocker to unlock locked Android phone without password. Just need to follow the above steps.


PassFab Android Unlocker can help you unlock Android lock screen and remove Google FRP lock. It's easier and more convenient than other methods. If you meets some questions about Android, just try this Android lock screen removal.

passfab android unlocker

PassFab Android Unlocker

  • Remove Android lock screen password
  • Remove Sumsung Google Lock(FRP) on Windows
  • Support pattern, PIN, fingerprint, etc
  • Support all Android versions

PassFab Android Unlocker has Recommended by many medias, like macworld, makeuseof, appleinsider, etc.

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