If you own a Redmi 5A smartphone and want to remove your MI account from the device, you're at the right place. In this guide, we're going to share the step-by-step process to remove your MI account from a Redmi 5A or any other Xiaomi device. Irrespective of your reason to remove your account, the following guide will help you understand the right Redmi 5A MI account remove method. So, without any further ado, let's start with the guide.

Part 1: How to Remove Xiaomi Redmi 5A Mi Account

It is important to understand that removing MI account from a Xiaomi device isn't rocket science. By following a couple of easy steps, you can easily remove the MI account from your smartphone.

When it comes to Redmi 5 plus MI account removal, you can follow one of the two approaches, i.e., either sign-out from an account or delete it permanently. Let's discuss each of these methods individually.

1. Remove Xiaomi Account from a Device

If you're planning to temporarily log-out from a MI account, you can directly do it from the device itself. Once signed out, you can either create a new account or sign-in with an existing one to access different MI services like the MI cloud.

Follow these steps for removing MI account from a device.

Step 1. Go to the "Settings" window and select "MI Account".

mi account button

Step 2. Tap the "Sign Out" button at the bottom of the window to remove your MI account.

sign out

Step 3. You'll be asked to confirm the action by entering your MI account password. Enter your password and you'll be logged out from your account instantly.

2. Delete MI Account Permanently

If you are switching to a different brand, you can also delete your MI account permanently to remove all your personal data from the server. To do so, however, you'll require the registered mobile number you have used to create the account.

Follow these instructions to permanently delete your MI account on a Xiaomi Redmi device.

Step 1. For permanent Redmi 5A MI account remove, visit the Xiaomi.com.

Step 2. Login into your MI account by entering the right credentials.

sign in mi account

Step 3. Now, you'll receive a pop-up asking you to confirm the account deletion. Tap "Delete MI account" to continue with the process.

Step 4. You'll be prompted to the final verification window with your registered mobile number displaying on the screen. Tap the "Send" button to receive the code on your phone number.

verify phone number

Step 5. Enter the received code and tap the "Publish" button. That's it your MI account will be deleted permanently.

Extra Tips: How to Remove Screen Lock in Xiaomi Redmi 5A

Apart from the Xiaomi MI account remove, another fearful sight for an Android user is to get locked out of the device. Fortunately, there's a dedicated tool that can help you remove a screen lock on Xiaomi or any other Android device and start using it again.

Whether you have forgotten your screen lock pattern or have made too many unsuccessful attempts while trying to unlock the device, PassFab Android Unlocker will help you unlock your device. PassFab can be used to unlock any Android device, irrespective of the screen lock it's being protected with.

Follow these instructions to use PassFab to remove the screen lock from your Xiaomi Redmi 5A.

Step 1. After successfully installing PassFab on your desktop, connect your smartphone to the computer using a USB cable. Now, launch the software and choose "Remove Screen Lock".

passfab android unlocker interface

Step 2. Tap the "Start" button to initiate the process. You'll receive a confirmation message reminding you that removing the screen lock will wipe-off the entire data from your device. Only move ahead with the process if you are willing to lose your data.

erase android data

Step 3. Be patient as it may take a couple of minutes for the screen lock to remove completely. Once the lock is removed, your device will reboot and you'll be able to use it again.

remove screen lock

In addition to unlocking the screen on an Android device, PassFab Android Unlocker can also be used to bypass Factory Reset Protection (FRP). If you have performed a factory reset on your device and are stuck at the Google verification window, it will help you unlock your device.


We hope that the above guide helped you understand the right Redmi 5a mi account removal method. Whether you want to temporarily sign out from your account or delete it permanently, the above-mentioned methods will help you get the job done. Also, if you've been locked out of your device, make sure to install the professional tool to remove Android screen lock from your device and start using it again.