You might not want to lose Apple ID but still if had choose some complex password and now you are unable to recall, here is the time you might need to recover it. No need to panic on losing password as you can reset Apple ID password while performing couple of steps. Although Apple doesn't straightforwardly tell you the password you might need some information depending on the procedure chosen. Solutions described later are the answer to the question how to reset Apple ID password.

Way 1: Reset Apple ID Password on iPhone/iPad

Apple provides multiple ways to recover your lost password. If you are out and you don't have access to your computer and want to recover password immediately, then here is your solution. You just need to remember security questions and you are good to reset your Apple ID password. First of all, follow the instructions below:

For iOS 10 or later

1. Go to your main system "Settings".

iphone setting

2. There you will see your Apple ID username, tap on it.

3. Now navigate to "Password & Security".

password security

4. There you will see "Change Password" option. Tap on that option.

iphone change password

5. If asked answer the security questions pertaining to that Apple ID, and follow the onscreen directions to complete the process.

For iOS 10.2 or Earlier:

1. Go to System "Settings".

iphone setting

2. Now scroll and look for "iCloud" and tap on it.

apple icloud

3. Tap on the email at very top of iCloud setting.

4. Now you will see "Forgot Apple ID or Password" option. Tapping on it gives you two options:

  • If you remember your Apple ID then enter your Apple ID and click next to get on with the procedure.
  • If you have forgotten Apple ID then tap on "Forgot your Apple ID?"
iphone apple id password

5. Now answer the security questions and follow onscreen instructions.

6. Now here is the point where you can choose new password for your Apple account. After setting new password you might need to re-login your account. Re-Login and enjoy using your device.

Way 2. Reset Apple ID Password on Mac

iPhone is not the only product that need Apple ID. Your MacBook also needs it. But if you have forgotten your Mac's Apple ID password, there is no way to worry. As for its other devices apple facilitates its Mac users with password change facility from MacBook itself. Now you just need to follow the instructions and in no time you will recover your Apple ID.

1. Open your MacBook's Apple menu and look for "System Preference".

system preferences

2. There you will see iCloud, click on that.

remove preference icloud

3. Now look for "Account details" and select.

account details

4. Now you might be asked to enter your Apple ID password, you don't need to enter that instead click on "Forgot Apple ID or Password".

mac forgot password

5. Click "Security" and then "Reset Password". Now follow the on screen instructions.

You will be asked for MacBook's password before changing your Apple ID password. After providing the correct details your password will be reset. Now login with new credentials and resume your work.

Way 3. Reset Apple ID Password from Web

There are multiple ways to recover you Apple ID password through web.

Section 1. No Two-Factor Authentication Enabled

Change password with Email Address:

You can change Apple ID password with your email address if you don't want to answer security questions.

1. Go to in your web browser. This is link for recovering email or password.

2. It will ask for Apple ID email address. Enter that and press Continue.

enter apple id

3. Now select "I need to reset my password" and click Continue.

reset password option

4. Two options will be provided, select "Get an Email" and click Continue.

get an email

5. Now open you email in another tab and open Apple's mail titled as "How to reset your Apple ID password". And click "Reset Now" button.

reset email

6. You will be asked to enter and then re-enter your new password. After selecting new password for you click "Reset Password".

enter password

Congratulation you have successfully recovered your account now you can login with new credentials.

Changing Password with Security Questions:

You can also reset password with the security questions that you selected at the time of account registering.

1. Go to in your web browser. This is link for recovering email or password.

2. It will ask for Apple ID email address. Enter that and press Continue.

enter apple id

3. Now select "I need to reset my password" and click Continue.

reset password option

4. Two options will be provided, this time select "Answer Security Questions" and click Continue.

get an email

5. You will be asked security questions, answer them and click Continue.

security questions

6. If you details are right then you will be asked to set new password for your Apple ID. Set your password and click "Reset Password".

enter password

Section 2. Two-Factor Authentication Enables

Now if two-factor authentication was enabled you can recover your password with the following steps.

1. Go to "" from your browser.

2. Enter your Email ID and click Continue.

enter apple id

3. Now enter the phone number that is associated with Apple ID.

enter phone number

4. Now pick the device that has been associated with iCloud account.

5. A pop-up will appear on your phone asking "Reset Password". Tap "Allow".

6. Now enter the passcode that has been chosen earlier.

phone password change

7. Chose new Apple ID password for yourself and tap on "Next".

reset password

8. After getting Password Changed confirmation message tap on "Done".

Bonus Tips: Recover Apple ID with iOS Password Manager

If none of the above solutions worked or you don't want to get into some messy procedure, then this is the only solution that will help you. Get PassFab iOS Password Manager software. It is third party user-friendly software. iOS Password Manager facilitates its users to find, view, export and manage all your saved passwords with simple steps. The main features that PassFab iOS Password Manager offers are: finding Wi-Fi password, recover lost website and App password, view mail account password, Apple ID login account and credit card information. Not just recovering them but also exporting them in different formats.

Here is a short guide to use iOS password Manager to reset Apple ID password:

Step 1. After installing PassFab iOS Password Manager, connect your Apple device to Windows or Mac computer and execute it.

connect device

Step 2. After successfully connecting your device, you will see "Start Scan" button. Click on that and wait.

start scan

Step 3. Wait for the scan to complete. Remember not to disconnect device during any phase of recovery.


Step 4. After scan has completed, you will see list of all password information including Wi-Fi password, website and app password, mail account password, Apple ID login information and credit card information by this iOS password finder.

find apple id

Step 5. Now if you want to save these passwords you will see "Export" button at the bottom. Click on that and you passwords will be exported as csv.

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export password

Here is a video tutorial about how to find and view your lost Apple ID password:

The Bottom Line

With these solutions, losing or forgetting Apple ID password is not a big deal anymore. Now you can buy Apple devices without having fear of losing its ID. Or if you friend lost Apple ID you can easily recover it and he will be forever in your debt.