If your iPhone has a great deal of data not in need, then now is the ideal time to get a backup and clean your iPhone's extra room for other stuff. Nonetheless, certain people don't have the foggiest idea of "can i backup my iphone if it's disabled"or "how to backup locked iphone".

Therefore, This guide focuses on how to backup a disabled iphone.

Part 1: Can I Backup My iPhone if it's Disabled/Locked?

If you wonder, "can I backup my iPhone if it's disabled" the answer is Yes; if you don't remember the password or, for reasons unknown, the phone is corrupted, you can back up all its data.

Assuming you are locked out of your iPhone and need to back it up, you'll have to know how to unlock it and get into the iTunes settings. You can decide to backup your iPhone with iTunes whenever you've done that. This technique possibly works if you trust the PC you're using. You need to enter the password to back up your iPhone. This technique is the most effective choice if you would instead not recover the phone after being locked.

The initial thing is to switch off the auto-lock and unlock the side button. Connect your iPhone with WiFi and plug it into power. To back up your iPhone when it's locked, you can likewise turn on iCloud backup. It requires a couple of moments to finish. After following the steps above, the answer to your "can you backup a disabled iPhone" might be answered.

Part 2: How to Backup a Disabled/Locked iPhone with iTunes or iCloud

Way 1: How to backup disabled/locked iPhone with iTunes

If your iPhone has been recognized by iTunes previously and you haven't restarted your iPhone after that, then, at that point, iTunes will remember the passcode. So iTunes will not request that you unlock your iPhone when you associate with it. Along these lines, you can backup your locked iPhone with iTunes.

  • Open iTunes and ensure your iPhone is connected to the PC.
  • Click "Summary" on the left half of the window and tap on "Back Up Now" to start.
  •  If the backup is finished, you can find your iPhone backup and check your documents.
  • Since you have backed your data, you can place your iPhone into Recovery Mode with iTunes to unlock the screen. You can press the Home button and the Power button simultaneously, seeing the Apple logo. Release the Power button and keep pressing the Home button until your screen shows that your iPhone is in Recovery Mode. In other words, you delete your iPhone secret key. And that's how to back up a disabled iPhone.


 If you haven't previously connected your iPhone to iTunes, it is outside the realm of possibilities for iTunes to back up data on a locked iPhone.

Way 2: How to backup disabled/locked iPhone with iCloud

 If you need an answer to "can you back up a disabled iPhone," you can find one in this section of our comprehensive guide. If you have set iCloud backup previously, iCloud will naturally backup your phone data when there is a WiFi connection available.

Part 3: What to Do if I Forget iTunes Backup Password?

Passfab iPhone Backup Unlocker is an advanced tool to recover iTunes backup passcode. This product's design and user interface give an impeccable experience to the clients. It utilizes three effective recovery modes for iTunes backup passwords. It can effectively sidestep the screen time passcode for each Apple model and gadget while following little steps.

PassFab iPhone Backup Unlocker will rapidly assist with retrieving the iTunes backup key and eliminating encryption settings for all iOS gadgets. The program will effortlessly assist you with escaping any irritating iTunes backup password. Follow the steps below to recover the backup with considerably more accuracy:

  • Click the "Retrieve iTunes backup password" option from the homepage.

  • There you will find all your backup documents on your PC.

  • There are 3 attack modes displayed on the primary display.

  • Press "Start" to begin the process. Kindly stand by and let the program track down your secret key. 

  • A spring-up window with the code will show up, which you can utilize to decode the data.


It is baffling to figure out that your iPhone is locked out, and you can't back up your data. But the best thing is that you can, in any case, backup your locked iPhone to iTunes. That is possible when your iPhone is synchronized with iTunes. In any case, you must enter the recovery mode to sidestep and eliminate the password.

The most productive strategy for "how to backup disabled iPhone" is to utilize Passfab iPhone Backup Unlocker. This software guarantees that all your files are saved and protected from loss.