Duplication of files on Mac is normal, however, it isn’t a pleasant thing to have. Not only its counterproductive as it creates confusion, it is also a useless burden on your Mac hard drive. At 90% storage usage, your mac would also start to slow down. In such a situation, you need the best duplicate file finder mac can save you.

Duplicate file finder mac is meant to locate duplicate files in your mac and remove them for you. But finding the right duplicate file finder mac on your own can become a challenging task for you especially given the overflow of substandard and unsafe duplicate file finder mac in the market. The question arises, then, what is the best duplicate file finder for mac? Well, keep reading as this ultimate post will answer all of your questions.

Part 1: Why Do I have Duplicate Files on My Mac?

Duplicate files on mac is a common phenomenon and it happens involuntary and no one is prone to it. Just scan you hard drive and you will find the truth. By why does it happen in the first place? Duplication can happen because of plenty of reasons such as :

  1. You download the same file for multiple times
  2. Creating a file back up for more than once
  3. You transfer same files from you mobile phone to your mac for multiple times
  4. Saving files from an application for more than once.

It is said that little drops make the mighty ocean. In the beginning, there are just a few duplicate files that are not really a problem. However, as the time passes and you keep using your mac, the duplication of files simply gets ginormous and unmanageable.

Therefore, duplicate file finder mac is one thing that almost everyone is going to need for efficient mac use.

Part 2: How do I get rid of the Duplicate Files on My Mac?

There are various solutions about remove duplicates on Windows online, here we would like to share the most useful ways with you.

Way 1: Use Smart Folders

Smart Folders is just like an index which allows you to locate not only the original files but also help you find their duplicates. Basically, smart folders use the search criteria on your Mac and in turn make the required information accessible to you.

  • First of all, click ‘File’ on the menu bar of your Mac desktop screen.

  • duplicate-file-finder-mac-smat-finder1
  • Click ‘ New Smart Folder’ from the drop down menu.

  • duplicate-file-finder-mac-smat-finder1
  • A new window will appear, choose to click “+” icon in the top right corner.

  • smart-finder3
  • Now, select a file type such as photos or videos from the menu that will appear after you will click ‘kind’. Now you can sort the files by name and all the original and duplicates could be seen by you.

  • smart-finder4
  • Once you have located the duplicate files, right click on the duplicate file that you want to remove and then click ‘move to bin’.

  • smart-finder5

That’s pretty much it. Repeat the process for each duplicate file to get rid of it on your Mac.

Way 2: Use Mac Terminal

The Mac Terminal is a command-line interface that allows you to swiftly take command of your operating system and make changes. People who are aware of most of Apple features can make Mac Terminal work as duplicate file finder mac if they are familiar with its functioning.

The following are the steps.

  • To begin, open Mac Terminal from the menu utilities in Applications.

  • Use cd command to go to the folder you want to scan for duplication. For example, you can type cd ~/Downloads if want to scan downloads folder for duplication of files.

  • Copy paste the following command as it is and then hit enter “ find . -size 20 \! -type d -exec cksum {} \; | sort | tee /tmp/f.tmp | cut -f 1,2 -d ‘ ‘ | uniq -d | grep -hif — /tmp/f.tmp > duplicates.txt “

  • best-duplicate-file-finder-mac

    The steps to employ Mac Terminal as duplicate file finder mac are a bit on the technical side. If you are not an expert at Mac Terminal, using it as the best duplicate file finder mac be a tiring as well as annoying task for you.

Part 3: What Is the Best Duplicate File Finder for Macnew

Well, no more wait as the best duplicate file finder mac is here for you in the shape of PassFab Duplicate File Deleter .

The software will assist you in decluttering your storage disk and get rid of duplicate files from your collection of audio, documents, videos, and images. This is hands down one of the most hassle-free methods to reclaim unnecessarily occupied storage space.

It is user-friendly that can be used to locate and eliminate unnecessary duplicated files on your Mac. You can use this fantastic software for all file types, including photographs, movies, audio, documents, and others.

PassFab Duplicate File Deleter is also the best duplicate file finder mac since it employs complicated and advanced level algorithms to discover duplication in your mac, allowing it to complete the task faster and more efficiently than any other approach.

  • Download PassFab Duplicate File Deleter on your mac.
  • click to add a folder
  • Add the folder for which you want to delete duplicates.
  • add scanning folders
  • Click on the setting icon to set scanning mode shown at the bottom left corner.
  • a. General scanning mode:

    You can scan the file by size in MBs, and then move duplicates to the recycling bin or delete them immediately from your mac.

    set general

    b. Ignore scan mode:

    You can choose to scan hidden files, system files, files with zero bytes, and files that are not in the path. These are choices that are usually left out of the process of looking for duplicate files.

    set ignore scan

    c. Duplicate Scanning mode:

    You may scan by either content or file name. Meanwhile, you may select a file type such as music, video, document, and so forth.

    set file type
  • Click scan duplicate or scan similar images to start the scanning.
  • All the duplicate files on you mac will show on the left side at the end of scanning. Click ‘Remove’ to delete unwanted files from your mac.
  • deduplicate

It is extremely simple to use, fast, safe and secure solution. Apart from finding duplicate files, you can also use this fantastic software to find and remove duplicate photos and videos.


Duplicate files on mac pile up involuntary and it happens with almost all of us. Not only it slows down your mac, but it also negatively impacts your productivity. People often ask as what is the best duplicate file finder for mac . Mac Terminal and Smart Folders can be used as duplicate file finder mac, however they have restrictions.

Taking about the best duplicate file finder mac only one software comes in mind i.e., PassFab Duplicate File Deleter. PassFab Duplicate File Deleter's user-friendliness and security make it the ideal solution.