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In everyone’s life there comes a stage where you start forgetting things. Passwords are the most important thing is life. As world has become a global village. Only password can protect your documents from hackers or unauthorized persons. But the most difficult situation is when you lose your password to your Excel file. It turns your file into trash but in order to recover that file we have developed a list of Excel password breaker software; you can download either of them to regain access to your file. These softwares have one thing in common, they all are easy to use.

1.PassFab Excel Password Recovery:

excel password recovery

Whenever you will think about breaking excel file password the first software that will come to your mind is PassFab Excel Password Recovery. PassFab Excel Password Recovery is one of the best solution for excel password breaking. It has the capability to recover and remove password protected excel file in safe, secure and fast manner. It provides users 3 main password breaking options that most of the excel password breaking software lacks. These are:

  • Dictionary Attack:
  • One of the password recovery methods is Dictionary attack. In this method software recovers password based on the words that can be found in the dictionary. In this method, you have to provide the password dictionary along with the encrypted excel file. This option guarantees a great rate of success.

    dictionary settings
  • Brute Force with Mask Attack:
  • If you remember some of the characters of your password they could be used to recover your password. In Brute Force with Mask Attack software gets the recalled characters and start searching for the full password. This option will check the customize number, symbols, and characters to find your password.

    brute force with mask settings
  • Brute-Force Attack:
  • It is the default option for Excel Password Recovery. In this method, the software tries all possible characters and numbers combination that password could have contained. This is time taking process depending on the length and strength of the password.

    brute force attack
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2.eSoftTools Excel Password Recovery:

esofttools  password recovery

After PassFab Excel Password Recovery, eSoftTools Excel Password Recovery is another software that is used to break excel password. eSoftTools Excel Password Recovery not only recovers Excel file password but also recovers Access and Word file password. It recovers Excel file password instantly through applying 3 methods:

  • Dictionary Attack:
  • If you have a password dictionary already, please import the dictionary file, it will help you sift the right password from the dictionary. Actually, this option guarantees great rate for success.

  • Brute Force Attack:
  • This option will check all characters one by one to find your password. It’s the default option for Excel spreadsheet password recovery.

  • Known Password Recovery Method:
  • Enter whatever you still remember in the password. This option will check the customize number, symbols, and characters to find your password.

eSoftTools Excel Password Recovery is easy to use. You just need to install and run the setup. After locating your encrypted file choose one of the above mentioned password breaking attack and let the software do the rest processing. eSoftTools Excel Password Recovery is little expensive with 4 buying plan:

  • Personal License:
  • Costs but can be used on 2 computers only. Apart from that Tech support is limited.

  •  Academic License:
  • Costs but can be used for Institutes & Multiple Machines. Tech support is Unlimited in this bundle.

  • Enterprise License:
  • Costs but can be used for Business, System Administrator. Tech support is Unlimited.

  • Commercial License:
  • Costs 9 but can be used For Commercial Use. Tech support is Unlimited.

Download Here:

3.THEGRIDEON Excel Password Recovery:

thegrideon excel password recovery

THEGRIDEON Excel Password recovery is one the popular software for breaking excel file password in the market. Write Protection / Workbook / Sheets / Ranges passwords are recovered or removed instantly. Highly optimized code (SSE, AVX, AVX2) guarantees maximum performance.  It uses 3 types of attacks for recovering excel file password:

  • Advanced Mixed Attack for precise search range setup.
  • Brute Force attack based on charset and length selected.
  • Dictionary attack with modifications.

Its highly optimized code supports up-to 64 simultaneous processing threads. It also supports all types of Microsoft Excel Files. Trial version allows you to setup and test run any password search for up to 15 minutes per set. Recovered passwords are hidden behind the asterisks. THEGRIDEON Excel Password consists of two buying plans:

  • Home User:
  • Costs .95 per PC.

  • Business Users:
  • Costs 44.95 per PC.

Download Here:

4.Passware Excel Key:

pasaware excel key

Passware Excel Key is another popular and fast excel password breaking software. Passware Excel Key recovers all types of password including modify protection, write reservation protection, workbook and worksheet protection, and range protection passwords. It also uses 3 types of Password breaking attacks that are:

  • Advanced Brute-Force Recovery for Excel 2007-2016 to open password.
  • Advanced Brute-Force Recovery and Instant Online Decryption for Excel 97-2003 to open password.
  • Instant Reset for Excel 97-2016 to modify the password.

Passware Excel Key is easy to use and does not recover password for VBA projects. It comes with 3 buying plans:

  • Demo Version:

Recovers only first 3 letters of the password. Allows each attack to work up-to 1 min.

  • Single Use License:

Costs and is available for a single file only.

  • Full License:

Costs and as the name suggests it contains all the features.

Download Here:

5.Free Word and Excel Password Recovery Wizard:

free word and excel password recovery wizard

Free Word and Excel Password Recovery Wizard is one of the easiest Excel password Breaking software. It not only supports Excel files but Word file passwords can also be removed in no time. Free Word and Excel Password Recovery Wizard facilitates its users with 2 types of password breaking methods:

  • Dictionary Attack
  • Brute Force Attack

Password recovery time depends upon the complexity of the password. The more complex the password, more time Free Word and Excel Password Recovery Wizard will take to crack it. Maximum length of password that can be recovered by Free Word and Excel Password Recovery Wizard is 8. The tool is free to use.

Download Here:

6.SysTools Excel Password Recovery:

Systool password remover

SysTool Excel Password recovery is a standalone application that breaks the excel protection in no time. SysTool Excel Password recovery is easy to use and breaks password with 0 data loss. SysTool Excel Password recovery supports all Microsoft Excel versions starting from 200 to 2016. Along with multi-lingual password recovery feature it also allows user to set new password after password breaking. Keeping in view the user’s need, SysTool Excel Password recovery comes with two buying plans:

  • Personal License:
  • Gives you the right to use the software in non-business, non-commercial environment (at home), or in non-profit organizations (schools, universities). It is available only for .95.

  • Business License:
  • Gives you the right to use the software in a corporate, government or business environment. Available for .85.

Download Here:

7.Advanced Office Password Recovery:

advanced office password recovery

Advanced Office Password Recovery is one of the profession Excel passwords breaking tool. Not only Excel but Advanced Office Password Recovery can recover passwords for Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, Project, Money, PowerPoint, Visio, Publisher and OneNote, all OpenOffice applications, and all applications comprising the Hangul Office suite. It also provides its user with 3 types of Password Attacks:

  • Advanced Dictionary Attack
  • Brute Force Attack
  • Advance Brute Force with Mask Attack

When you run Advanced Office Password Recovery after locating file and selecting breaking method, it starts from looking previously found passwords and passwords that area in computer cache. If not found it start one of the attacks mentioned above. Breaking excel file password time depends on the complexity of password. As great things come with great price. It has 3 buying plans:

  • Home Edition:
  • Costs .

  • Standard Edition:
  • Costs .

  • Professional Edition:
  • Costs 9.

Download Here:

8.iSunshare Excel Password Remover:

isunshare  password recovery

iSunshare Excel Password Remover is another software to break excel password. It can crack a password instantaneously, regardless of its length and complexity. It also uses 3 Password breaking attacks that will break excel protection in no time. These are:

  • Advanced Dictionary Attack
  • Brute Force Attack
  • Advance Brute Force with Mask Attack

 It has user friendly interface. It guides user what to do next. You just have to locate your file and then select one of the attack mentioned above. Software will start breaking the password depending on its complexity. After successful breakage, completion message will be displayed on screen. The free trial version is also available but most of the features are disabled in free trial version. Paid Version consists of all the features and costs .95.

Download Here:

9.Easy DO Excel Password Recovery:

alt: easydo password breaker
Easy Do Excel Password Recovery software is also used to decrypt excel file in no time. Its user friendly interface makes Easy Do Excel Password Recovery easy to use. It removes all types of protection from the Excel file. It comes with two method of breaking Excel file password:

  • Decrypt with Known Password:

In this method you can specify the length of the lost password or the characters you might think it would contain.

  • Decrypt with Password Dictionary:

With large wordlist dictionary and high decryption rate it can remove restrictions of Excel file.

Another feature of Easy Do Excel Password Recovery is that it opens the decrypted file after decryption. Free version is also available for users but not all features are enabled in it. For all features enabled you have to spend .95.

Download Here:

10.CrackIt Password Recovery:

crackit password recovery

CrackIt Password Recovery is the small piece of software that does not need any kind of installation. You just need to download and run the software. It is one of the lightest software with 0.01 mb size. The limitation of CrackIt Password Recovery is that the files created by Excel 2007 and newer versions are not supported. Only XLS and DOC files are supported by CrackIt Password Recovery. It uses brute force attack method to break the Excel file password. But the decryption time depends upon the length of the password. Apart from that, CrackIt Password recovery is free for all users.

Download Here:

Now its easy for you to decide which software meet your requirements. Also, with the buying plan it has made easy for you to decide whether you can afford required software or not. Some of the software mentioned above are free also and some are freely available for trial version. Download links are available also to download easily.

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