Windows Hello now takes personalized access to another level. Relying on face recognition & fingerprint technology makes you able to gain immediate access to your Windows 10 device & enhance your security. Though lately, multiple users reported that Windows Hello stopped working properly after Update or Windows Hello camera not working, suddenly on Windows 10. Windows Hello not working situations, can be associated with numerous different causes. There are some other possible reasons.

windows hello not working

Part 1: Why Windows Hello Not Working

Multiple causes make Windows Hello not to work. These causes can be tied to multiple factors. The following can be the reasons:

  • Different environment for Windows Hello face: Random authentication errors occur from utilizing data that does not match population diversity that uses the feature. For instance, focusing on faces without glasses, beards, lenses, or unique facial characteristics.
  • Not Trusted Platform Module (TPM): TPM requires to be set & run on devices for it to allowing PIN login for the domain users. Users usually resolve this issue by setting it up on their PC.
  • Not Authorized login PIN: In some cases, Windows Hello setup not working after an update. The update may have disabled the PIN login authorization you were using before. Make sure to enable it again in the registry editor.
  • Old drivers: One of the main reasons for Windows Hello drivers such as webcams, fingerprint sensors, and iris scanners not to work is that they are old and outdated.
  • Error from updates: Multiple users have reported that switching on to the latest update of Windows 10 caused issues with Windows Hello.
  • You have corrupted system files: One of the possibilities is that that something on your PC has been corrupted, which often leads to issues with Windows Hello.

Part 2: How to Fix Windows Hello Not Working

Many users reported cases related to malfunction of Windows Hello, including system crashes, not recognizing fingerprint, data loss, failure to boot up, & application crashing, among other problems. Try using the following methods for fixing Windows 10 issues.

1. Improve Recognition

In this situation for Windows Hello not to work is different. If Windows Hello fingerprint not working, you are required to improve the recognition to make it work.

  • Go to Start > Settings > Accounts.
  • Under Sign-in options, find Windows Hello click to improve recognition.

    improve recognition in sign in options

After setting up for Microsoft Hello, attempt using your face or fingerprint for login again.

2. Disable Fast Startup

To turn off Fast Startup, follow these steps:

  • Tap Start > Settings > System > Power & Sleep.
  • Tap on Additional Power Settings. Then tap the Choose what Power button does.
  • Tap Change Settings that are currently unavailable and untick the Turn on fast startup box if selecte. Then save changes.

    uncheck turn on fast startup box and save changes

3. Check Hardware and Devices Troubleshooting

This method helps scan and detect any possible hardware or devices issue, i.e., Windows Hello camera not working presently in the system.

  • Go to Start > Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot.
  • Select one of your hardware and devices, and click Run the troubleshooter to check them one by one. And your Windows Hello may work again.

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4. Set up Trusted Platform Module

Trusted Platform Module technology requires setting up to run on your device for using Windows Hello. TPM can be disabled on accidentally or while updating Windows, which made your Windows Hello setup not working as intended.

  • Press the Windows + R keys from your keyboard in order to bring up Run. Then, type “tpm.msc” and tap the OK button.
  • Tap on “Action" from the top menu. Choose the “Prepare the TPM…” option.
  • Choose “Restart” button and follow on-screen instructions. Check if Windows Hello works after completion.

5. Authorize PIN Login

Here’s how you authorize a PIN login to the device:

  • Choose Settings from Start menu. Then select Accounts in the Settings.
  • On the Acctounts page, tap Sign-in options in left panel. Then click Add below Windows Hello PIN.
  • Verify your Microsoft account password and tap OK.
  • Then enter a PIN for the device and click OK.

    set up a pin to authorize

If you need to change the PIN at any later time, come back to the accounts screen from the Settings. Tap Change under PIN.

6. Update Device Drivers

Device drivers can be updated by clicking Start and search Device Manager. Open it and find relevant drivers under Biometric devices, then right-click the driver and select Scan for hardware changes. Then your system will detect and install the driver again.

7. Check Biometrics In Group Policy Editor

  • To enable biometrics, type group policy editor in the search box and click open. Then tap on Administrative Templates in Computer Configuration.
  • Double-click on Windows Components. Double-click Biometrics on the right side to make sure all its settings are configured.

    check biometrics to fix windows hello not working
  • Right click on each Biometric option, check if they are enabled and then click Apply > OK.

8. Check for Updates

  • Open up Settings from the Start menu or press Windows + I on the keyboard shortcut. Then tap on Update & Security.
  • In the Windows update tab, tap on Check for updates button. If an update is available, tap on the Install button. An update will be installed.

9. Check System Files

  • Enter CMD in the search box and right clic Command Prompt, select Run as administrator. Then in the command prompt dialog box, enter SFC /scan now and press enter for running the Command.
  • The system files will be then scanned; after that, you will be able to restart your PC and see if the issue is resolved.

10. Restore or Reset PC

You can fix Windows issues by restoring your computer. Just type system restore in the searching bar and open Create a restore point. Here you can restore your system.

Also, you can reset your computer to fix Windows Hello not woring problem. Go to Start and open Settings. Select Update & Security, choose Recovey option. Here you can see Get started under Reset this PC, click it to reset.

Part 3: How to Bypass Windows Hello

PassFab 4WinKey could help you create a Windows password reset disk using a CD, DVD, or USB flash drive. You can follow the below listed instructions to kone how to use it.

Step 1: Insert your USB and launch the software. Select your USB to burn. Click next to confirm, it will start creating a bootable USB drive.

brun a bootable usb with passfab 4winkey

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select system to bypass login password

Step 3: Then select your locked account, and check Remove Account Password below. Click Next.

remove account password

Step 4: When the process ends, reboot your computer.

restart computer after removing password


Windows Hello enables its user to take personalized access to another level. Recently multiple users reported that Windows Hello stopped working correctly after an update or Windows Hello camera not working on Windows 10. Windows hello, not working situations, can be associated with numerous different causes. Above are the possible reasons and their fixes. Forgetting the password of Windows is very common. PassFab 4WinKey is one of the most powerful password recovery tools that makes you able to recover lost or forgotten Windows User Passwords.

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