How to Use PassFab iOS Password Manager

You may can't remember your connected Wi-Fi password, or even forgot website and App login password, mail account login password, Apple ID password, screen time passcode and credit card information in your iPhone or iPad. Now with PassFab iOS Password Manager, losing password is not a big deal anymore. Let's see how to use this software to find iOS password back with one click.

Step 1: Connect iDevice to Computer

Connect your Apple device to the computer that has downloaded and installed iOS Password Manager. Run this program and go ahead.

connect device

Note: If this is the first time to connect your iOS device to computer, then tap "Trust" button on iPhone or iPad. If there is a passcode to unlock your device, then type correct one to accomplish connection.

unlock device

Step 2: Scan Passwords in iOS Device

After that, you will see the "Start Scan" button, click it and continue to next step.

start scan

Note: If there is a backup password in your device, iOS Password Manager will ask you to enter the password.

enter backup password

Note: If your device is installed with iOS 13, then it will pop up a window to confirm whether to continue scanning.

ios 13 system require

Wait for a while to analyze and scan password information in your iPhone or iPad. Please do not disconnect your device during the process.


Step 3: Find iOS Password

After scanning, you will see all the password information, including Wi-Fi password, website and app password, mail account password, screen time passcode, Apple ID password and credit card information.

1. Recover Screen Time Passcode

find screen time passcode

2. Find Wi-Fi Password

find password

3. Retrieve Website & App Password

website and app password

4. View Email Account Password

mail account

5. Display Credit Card Information

credit card

6. Show Apple ID and Password

apple id

Note: If you have scanned your device before, then just click "To view previous scan records" link and continue.

view previous records

Step 4: Export iOS Password

Click on the "Export" button on the bottom right corner and then you can choose to export password for 1Password, Chrome, Dashlane, LastPass, Keeper, etc.

export password