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  • Compatible with Mac

    I forgot my Reddit user name and password. And can't recover my password or user name. I used this password manager on my Mac, it showed me my accounts and passwords successfully.

    Nathan Hall 2020-10-28
  • Worth to buy

    I lost my Instagram password, but I used a fake email and changed my phone number before. So I could not reset my password with the help of Instagram. I can't prove it's me. Fortunately, I logged in to Instagram on my iPhone and saved its password. I scanned my iPhone with PassFab iOS Password Manager on my Windows laptop, it showed me all my passwords saved on my iPhone.

    Heman Nelson 2020-10-28
  • nice ios password manager

    This is a nice and cool ios password manager, I use it to find out my Wireless password, gmail login password and Apple ID! So wonderful it is! Thank you passfab, it deserves to buy.

    Thais Gomes 2020-09-30
  • i love passfab ios password manager mac

    Thanks to passfab ios password manager mac, i am able to recover the wifi password on my iphone xs, i don't know why the wireless incorrect after i update to ios 14.0.1, but finally i use your software, the registered version to recover it, thank you passfab, it should be a nice ios password finder, not just ios password manager!

    Kikidog Rista 2020-09-29
  • thank you for creating it

    thank you passfab ios password manager, it solved my problem, it find out my Instagram login password.

    Rosea Hlene 2020-08-31
  • show me the wifi password quickly

    This ios password manager mac is able to show the lost wifi password to me. i am so happy to see that. thank you passfab and your customer service is nice.

    Landsay Cat 2020-08-31
  • rescue my linkedin account

    I forgot the password of my Linkedin account for a few days! But thanks to this PassFab iOS Password Manager (Mac) application, I can find the account and password back! Thanks to rescue my Linkedin account!!!!! :D

    Holly Higher 2020-07-31
  • thanks to recover my Instagram password

    I forgot my Instagram account password and want to get it back. I hope I can do that but the password reset link from instagram is not working. I want to get my Instagram account back. Thanks God! I find this PassFab iOS Password Manager to rescue my Instagram account.

    Keithe Seam 2020-07-28
  • found my skype password

    I used to log in my skype password in my iphone 6s that has been put aside and hasn't been used for quite a long time. A few days ago I bought a new iphone se 2 and wanted to find my skype account and password back. This tool did exactly what i wanted. Now i can log in my skype account on my new iphone.

    alva m 2020-06-22
  • Found my yahoo mail account

    I used to have a yahoo email account and log into my old iPhone. As a matter a fact, I have forgotten this yahoo email account and password since I haven't used my old iPhone for a long time. And I was disappointed because I can't recover the password when I wanted to use this email. Luckily I found this program. It recovers my yahoo email account and password without any trouble! I like this program.

    Tom. W 2020-06-01
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