How to Use PassFab for Excel

First of all, free download and install PassFab for Excel to your computer that is running on Windows operating system.

Part 1: Recover Excel Open Password

Step 1: Open PassFab for Excel

Double click the desktop shortcut of PassFab for Excel and open it directly. You will catch sight of its main interface, click on “Recover Excel Open Password”.

passfab for excel recover open password guide

Step 2: Add Encrypted Excel File

Click on "Please import Excel file" button to import password protected Excel workbook to this software, or move the Excel file directly to the add box. After that, it will detect the encryption algorithm and password complexity automatically.

add password protected file to passfab for excel navigate to your computer to import excel guide

Step 3: Choose Password Recovery Mode

You can see list of password recovery modes, which are Dictionary Attack, Brute Force with Mask Attack and Brute Force Attack. Dictionary Attack is the default option. Just pick up one of them based on your actual situation.

1. Dictionary Attack

When to Use: If you know what passwords you've ever used, and they may be your Excel file password, then please put them in a txt file and import it to our software, it will automatically find out the correct one. If you have no idea about such files, this program provides a latest password dictionary for you.

How It Works: When you choose this type, you are capable of downloading the latest password dictionary built from our software as long as you click on “Settings” option.

choose dictionary attack in passfab for excel

In the Dictionary Attack Settings, click on “Download Dictionary” button and start to download the latest and full-scale dictionary. Hit on “OK” and start to run the software.

passfab for excel dictionary attack settings guide downloading dictionary in passfab for excel dictionary downloaded from passfab for excel

For Example: Put all the possible passwords in a text document, insert the document into PassFab for Excel and then run this software, it will get your password back. Otherwise, it will recover password from built-in dictionary.

2. Brute Force with Mask Attack

When to Use: If you know any clues about your password, such as length, characters, specify prefix or specify suffix, this is your better choice, then this mode is strongly recommended.

How It Works: Choose “Brute Force with Mask Attack” and hit on “Settings”. In the Settings panel, set up the best combination for your lost password. Single click on “OK” button and exit Settings. Click on “Recover” button to begin recovery.

choose brute force with mask in passfab for excel passfab for excel brute force with mask settings

For Example: Suppose your password is five-figure, includes “8”, “h” and “_” and the first character is “h”, then you are suggested to tick:

  • Minimal password length: 1
  • Maximal password length: 6
  • All lowercase letters (a-z): h
  • All numbers: 8
  • Special symbols ([email protected]#): _
  • Specify prefix: h

After these settings, you are going to get password back smarter and quicker.

3. Brute Force Attack

When to Use: If you really have no idea about your lost Excel file password, then this is the last but not least option.

How It Works: Click on “Brute Force Attack” in the main user interface and then hit “Recover” button to perform Excel password recovery.

choose brute force attack in passfab for excel

Step 4: Recover Excel Workbook Password

The program will start recovering Excel password. In a few minutes, the correct password will be displayed in a pop-up window.

start recovering open password in passfab for excel excel password found using passfab for excel

Part 2: Remove Excel Restriction Password

Step 1: Open PassFab for Excel

Double click PassFab for Excel on your computer to run the program, you will see the two options and select "Remove Excel Restriction Password".

remove excel restriction password guide in passfab for excel

Step 2: Import Excel File

Now you will see the add box, click on "Please import Excel file" or move your Excel file to the add box. Now, hit "Remove" to start removing the password.

import excel file in passfab for excel go to your computer to import excel file when using passfab for excel click remove in passfab for excel

Step 3: Remove Restriction Password

In the end, wait for few seconds and your restriction password will be removed. Click on "Open Folder" option and you will see the new file named after the beginning of text. It’s the same file but have no restriction password anymore.

remove restriction password successfully via passfab for excel
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