How to Use PassFab for RAR

Step 1: Download and Install

In the first place, secure download this reliable RAR password unlock tool to your desktop or laptop. Then, install it by following the wizard instruction without hesitation.

rar password recovery

Step 2: Import RAR Archive

Run this application and get ready to import the encrypted RAR archive. It will auto detect the file’s algorithm and password complexity, and then show them to you instantly.

rar password recovery

Step 3: Select Recovery Type

Choose one of the three password attack types: Dictionary Attack, Brute Force with Mask Attack and Brute Force Attack.

Mode 1. Dictionary Attack

dictionary attack

In this mode, you may figure out your password from a customized or inbuilt dictionary. Once you get the full version of this software, it will download latest password dictionary file automatically. You are also allowed to add dictionary on your own.

dictionary attack

Mode 2. Brute Force with Mask Attack

dictionary attack

In this option, you are welcomed to customize the possible password, from password length, character set, to affix set.

dictionary attack

Mode 3. Brute Force Attack

brute force attack

If the first two attack types couldn’t work, this type is worth a shot.

Step 4: Start Recovering RAR Password

Once you have selected the password recovery mode, you can take action to click Start button and wait for your RAR password to be found.

start check start check