Forgot the password for your Word documents? A MS Word password recovery like PassFab for Word will become necessary and can save a lot of trouble. It offers easy and quick solution to unlock Word document (*.doc, *.docx). With the built-in acceleration technique and advanced algorithm support, Word password recovery has never been easier.

How to Recover Word Open Password

Step 1: Choose the Password-Protected Word Document

  1. Launch PassFab for Word. Click on "Recover Word Open Password".

    recover word open password
  2. Click on "Add" to import password-protected Word document.

    click add passfab for word guide add encrypted word file passfab for word guide

Step 2: Select One of Attack Modes to Recover Word Password

3 password attack modes are listed for your choice. Check one that suit you best to continue. You can also define the specific settings to help shorten the password recovery process, like password length, possible characters.

word password attack type passfab for word guide
  1. Dictionary Attack: Automatically try thousands or millions of possible password combinations in provided dictionary.
  2. You can also add your own dictionary library by clicking the Settings button.

    add dictionary to recover password passfab for word guide

    You may be prompted with upgrading the dictionary library. This step is necessary and will take a while.

    upgrade dictionary attack library passfab for word guide
  3. Brute-force with Mask Attack: Suitable for those who still have a vague impression of the password. Users can define the Min/Max Length, frequently used letters and numbers, special characters to help decrypt accurately.

    add dictionary to recover password passfab for word guide
  4. Brute-force Attack: Run exhaustive matching of every combination of letters and numbers, characters and symbols. This will take the longest time.

Step 3: Recover Word Document Password with PassFab for Word

  • After selecting one of attact modes, click on "Start" button to find the file password.

    start recovery passfab for word guide
  • After that, you can use the found password to decrypt the document file.

    word password found successfully passfab for word guide

Note: Please be patient till the program finds your password. Depending on the password complexity, the process may take minutes to hours.

How to Remove Word Restrict Editing as Easy as 1-2-3

After using PassFab for Word, you can easy access the document to perform edit, copy, and other operations. Let’s see how to remove the read-only state easily.

  1. Launch PassFab for Word. Click on Remove Word Restrict Editing.

  2. Click on “+” to import the Word file, and then press “Remove” button.

    import-the-read-only-document import-the-read-only-document
  3. Congrats, your file has been removed Word Restrict Editing successfully. Click “Open Folder” to find the file.