How to Use PassFab for ZIP

Follow the guide below to learn how to choose the optimal attack types to unlock encrypted Zip files with this software.

Step 1: Import Encrypted ZIP File

Launch PassFab for ZIP after installation. You will see the main interface.

zip password recovery

Then, click "Add" button to import the encrypted ZIP file you need to decrypt.

import zip add file

Step 2: Select Appropriate Attack Mode

Something will help you to choose an appropriate attack type:

Brute Force Attack: If you can't remember anything about your password at all, you are recommended to select this type. It will try all possible combinations by default, no need to define any setting.

Brute Force with Mask Attack: If you can provide any clue about the forgotten password. Later click "Settings" to define the settings by yourself according to the possible password clues you may remember.

mask attack settings

Dictionary Attack: If you have a dictionary that is a text file listing common character combinations that you may frequently use for passwords. Click "Settings" >> "Add Dictionary" to quickly find the password from inbuilt or customized dictionary.

dictionary attack settings

Note: There is a pop-up window showing upgrading the dictionary library. This step is necessary and will take a while.

upgrade dictionary

Step 3: Start to Recover ZIP Password

Now hit "Start" button to start Passfab for ZIP. After the progress completed, just close the box and exit the program, then use this password to access to the target or locked ZIP file.

start check password found