When we come to Apple's devices' security, it has always ensured its user's safety with a useful "Find My iPhone" service and Activation lock. Speaking of Activation Lock, it's mainly to keep your iOS device and data within it safe when it gets stolen or lost. So, no one can use it until they remove iCloud lock.

Moreover, the iCloud lock protects your device and data even you forgot to sign out and restore or erase the device. However, I will show you how to remove iCloud lock when you forget the password or purchase a second-hand iOS device whose owner forgot to sign-out from the iCloud account.

Part 1: What is an iCloud Lock?

Before proceeding to remove iCloud lock, we should know what is an iCloud lock and how it works. Usually, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and iPod touch come with an iCloud activation lock feature to prevent others from using your iOS device in case if it gets stolen or lost.

icloud activation lock

With the help of iCloud lock, you can find your lost device by enabling or activating the "Find My iPhone" service. Besides, it protects your essential data on your iPhone or iPad even after a restore or factory reset. No one can access the data until they provide the correct iCloud account credentials.

However, it can create some problems for you, like when you purchase a second-hand mobile from a shop and find activation lock is enabled. So, you would not be able to use it until you remove iCloud lock or activation lock. However, here are below some useful methods that can solve your problem.

Part 2: 3 Methods to Remove iCloud Lock

What would happen if you forget your iCloud password and stuck with an activation lock problem? So, the question pops-up in your mind about how to remove iCloud activation lock without password. Don't worry; there are 3 methods to remove iCloud lock.

Let's start to discuss them one by one.

1. Use Device Passcode Instead

If you are using iOS 11 or newer, you can remove iCloud lock with the device passcode. It's because these iOS versions protect iPhones or iPads with two-factor authentication and have a Touch ID activated. On the activation lock page:

  • You have to tap on "Unlock with Passcode."

    click unlock with passcode
  • Afterward, select the option "Use Device Passcode."

    tap use device passcode

2. Ask Previous Owner to Disable iCloud Lock

If you are lucky enough to contact the previous owner, it's the simplest and straightforward way to remove iCloud lock iPad or iPhone. Ask the person to bypass iCloud Activation Lock remotely.

First, visit the iCloud official site and sign in with their Apple ID and password. Afterward, click on the "Find My" button and select the device that needs to be removed from the All Devices drop-down menu.

Now Click on "Erase iPhone or iPad" to proceed further.

select device and erase iphone

Then tap on "Remove from Account."

click remove form account

When the previous owner removes the iPhone or iPad from their iCloud, you can set it to normal.

3. Remove iCloud Activation Lock with PassFab Activation Unlocker

If you are not lucky enough to contact the previous owner and don't have iOS 11 or a newer version with two-factor authentication and Touch ID activated. Don't worry; you can remove iCloud lock with PassFab Activation Unlocker.

Besides, it's quick, and even you can remove the activation lock within a few clicks. Also, it's one of the best and safest methods to remove iCloud activation lock without password. So, pay close attention to the following steps;

  • If you have already PassFab software, then launch it. If you don’t have, then first go PassFab’s official site to download and install it.
  • When you press the start button, you will see an agreement, so first read it carefully. Click Next to agree terms.

    click start
  • Then connect your iOS device to the computer or laptop.
  • After making a successful connection, PassFab automatically downloads the jailbreaker tool leading you to remove iCloud lock.
  • After the download process, now insert a USB flash drive to burn the jailbreak environment.
  • So, now you have to click on the start button to proceed further. A small pop-up will appear to ask for your permission to erase all the data in the flash drive. So, click on, Yes.
  • Here comes a full tutorial of how to jailbreak your device. Follow the guide to jailbreak your device.

    read the tutorial
  • After jailbreaking your device, click on the Start Remove button.

    click start remove button
  • Congratulations, the iCloud Activation Lock has been removed successfully.

    removed icloud activation lock successfully

FAQ: You May Want to Know about iCloud Lock

Q1: Does restoring an iPhone remove iCloud lock?

No, because Apple serves its users with an Activation lock that protect their devices from anyone else using them after they get stolen or lost. After a restore or factory reset, even no one can access your data until they remove iCloud lock.

However, if you forget your iCloud password or purchased a second-hand iOS device and found iCloud lock is enabled. Don't worry; with PassFab Activation unlocker, you can remove iCloud Activation Lock without password.

Q2: Is it possible to unlock an iCloud locked iPhone?

Of course, because sometimes we can forget our iCloud password and get stuck with this issue. If you have iOS 11 or a new version, then you can unlock it with the device passcode. Otherwise, you can contact its previous owner. In addition to all, Use the PassFab Activation unlocker to remove iCloud lock within a few clicks.

Q3: How do I factory reset my iPhone when it is locked?

Put your iPhone into recovery mode first, connect it to your computer. Open iTunes, follow the prompts, you can restore your iPhone.


Ensure to follow the above methods because these are safe and proven ways. If we come to PassFab Activation Unlocker, it's used by many users, and they have reviewed and proved it the safest way to remove iCloud activation lock without password. It keeps the trust of the users and does nothing with personal information and security.

passfab activation unlocker box
  • Remove activation lock on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
  • Turn off Find My iPhone/iPad without Apple ID password.
  • Unlock Apple ID without password.
  • Removing iCloud Activation Lock supports iOS 12-14.7.
  • Removing Apple ID or FMI is now available on iOS 12-15.
  • Compatible with Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7, MacOS 10.11-11.1.