"I have 2 iPhone 4S purchased on a 2 year contract with AT&T about 1 year ago. These are running the latest IOS - 6.1.3.We are traveling to the Philippines and want to buy local SIM cards for Globe of Smart while we are there. Can they actually be unlocked from AT&T's network for use with local SIM cards?"

AT&T, as a protocol, locks your iPhone to their carrier when you buy an iPhone on monthly installments. As long as you're locked with AT&T network, you won't be able to make use of any other SIM carriers like Sprint, Verizon or T-Mobile. If you are facing the problem which force you to change your SIM card such as travel to other countries, what should you do to unlock unlock AT&T iPhone? Well, let's keep reading tocheck it out!

Part 1. Something You Should Know before Unlocking AT&T iPhone

Before we get started with unlocking AT&T iPhone 6/6s or any other iPhone models, there are few pre-requisites that must be fulfilled in order to be eligible to apply for the unlock service.

  • You must own/possess the AT&T locked iPhone.
  • Your iPhone must be a legit device. Implies, it must not been reported as lost, blocked, stolen or involved in any sort of fraudulent act as per the AT&T database.
  • Your AT&T account must be free from any kind of financial obligations. For instance, all your installment plans or service bonds for your iPhone must have been paid in full.
  • You can apply for unlock service only after a certain period of time. It is the longest for AT&T i.e. 60 days, for Sprint it's 50 days and 40 days for T-Mobile.

Alternatively, you can simply browse on to the Att official website to check detailed eligibility and pre-requisites to apply for iPhone unlock.

Part 2. How to Unlock AT&T iPhone by Using Official Way

So you've confirmed that your iPhone is eligible to apply for unlock service. Well, there are several ways to unlock AT&T iPhone you can simply call the AT&T helpline or logon on to the AT&T device unlock page to submit a request. Let's get started with how to unlock AT&T iPhone using your iPhone itself.

  • Head on to the AT&T device unlock page and then you're required to fill up the unlock request form.
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  • Once you're through with the details, submit the application form. You'll then be notified about your unlock request number via a confirmation email.
  • Now, within 24 hours you need to confirm your unlock request. For this, sign in to your email and head to the inbox to open the confirmation email. Then, proceed with opening the link supplied in the email and you're done.

It usually takes 2 business days from the AT&T to respond. So be patient and wait for the email about your unlock request approval. If approved, you'll receive all necessary instructions over an email. Moreover, you'll also be notified about the expected time frame required, post which your iPhone will be unlocked.

Part 3. How to Unlock AT&T iPhone with Third-Party Tool

A yet another way to unlock AT&T iPhone 5/5s or other iPhone models, you can simply seek help of a Third party tool, doctorSIM, Cellunlocker.net, iPhoneiMEI.net etc. Here's how to make use of doctorSIm to unlock AT&T iPhone.

  • Head to the doctorSIM's iPhone Unlock page and opt for the iPhone model you wish to unlock.
  • Now, you'll be redirected to a new page where you need to opt for your network provider and punch in other required information about your phone and contact details.
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  • Once done, you'll be notified about the unlock code via e-mail along with how to unlock AT&T iPhone instructions. Carefully follow down the streak of instructions and you're done. You can then make use of any carriers as per your preference.

To find the IMEI number of your iPhone, simply dial the "*#06#" code on your iPhone. A pop up will come up on your screen displaying the IMEI number. Or, head to "Settings", then "General", opt in "About" and the IMEI is right there. Alternatively, you can also look on the back of your device or over the box in which your iPhone as supplied.

Part 4. What Do You Think about AT&T Lock iPhone

Since, you've received the confirmation email that your iPhone has been unlocked, be it from AT&T or IMEI unlocking services. To facilitate the process smoothly, get your iPhone connected to a WiFi network so as to download any pushed updates. Let's now check the AT&T lock iPhone has been unlocked or not.

Note: Before you can make use of the new carrier, you need to factory reset your iPhone in the first place.
  • Turn off your iPhone completely and then plug out the AT&T SIM card.
  • Next, plug in the SIM tray with your new carrier's SIM card back into your iPhone.
  • Lastly, boot up your iPhone and proceed with on-screen instructions to setup your device.
  • You can now either try to send text message or make a call to your friend or relative to check if the new carrier's SIM card is operating properly.

Final Words

Moving towards the end of the discussion, we now firmly believe that you've successfully unlock AT&T iPhone. Now, just in case, while going through the process of how to unlock AT&T iPhone, you've forgotten your iPhone lock screen passcode or Apple ID. And are unable to find IMEI or get your iPhone factory resetted, you can always look up to the powerful tool PassFab iPhone Unlocker which can help you to remove Apple ID or iPhone screen lock effortlessly and that too in just a matter of few clicks.

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