How to Create A Bootable Windows 10/8/7 USB on Mac with or without Bootcamp

If you are facing any kind of problem in your Mac or Windows PC and you want to create Windows 10/8/7 bootable USB on Mac, then this article can help you a lot. It will help you to learn a lot about creating bootable Windows 10/8/7 USB on Mac with or without Boot Camp. It's not just about creating a bootable Windows USB; it's about efficiently learning the process and executing it properly so that you don't face any problems while doing it. With Bootcamp or without Bootcamp, this article can really make you an expert in this thing.

Part 1. How to Create A Bootable Windows 10/8/7 USB on Mac with Bootcamp

Creating a bootable Windows 10/8/7 USB with Bootcamp is really easy. All you need to do is follow the right process and your job will be done. Here is how you can do it:

Step 1. Insert an 8GB USB Flash drive into your Mac.

Step 2. Now run Bootcamp Assistant, select the box for "Create a Windows 7 or later version install disk" and uncheck "Install Windows 7 or later version." Click Continue to go for the next step.

boot camp assistant

Step 3. Download a Windows 10/8/7 .iso file and keep it in the Downloads folder.

Step 4. Bootcamp will automatically locate the .iso file in your Downloads folder. Also you can make sure by using the "Choose" button and locating the file.

Step 5. Now click continue and it can take some time to format and set up the USB installer on the Mac.

format iso in usb

Step 6. When the process is complete, the USB drive will be renamed to "WININSTALL". Now click "Quit" to exit the app and then "Eject" the USB drive from your Mac.

wininstall windows 10 iso

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Part 2. How to Create A Bootable Windows 10/8/7 USB on Mac without Bootcamp

This process is a complicated one so it's highly recommended that you follow each and every instruction properly. Here is a clear and precise instruction on how to create a bootable Windows 10/8/7 USB on Mac without Bootcamp:

Step 1. Download a Windows .iso file.

Step 2. Connect your USB flash drive into your Mac and you must make sure that it has 8 GB space in it.

Step 3. Format the USB flash drive to FAT32 by using "Disk Utility" feature. Ensure you select FAT32 and Master Boot Record in the options:

erase usb drive

Step 4. Open Terminal and run command: diskutil list.

Step 5. Now from the output, find out the name of the USB drive. It should be something like – /dev/diskX. X is the number of the drive.

create windows 10 usb on mac

Step 6. Then type command: diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk2

It will print something like this: Unmount of all volumes on disk2 was successful.Then type: sudo dd if=/path/to/win-iso-file of=/dev/disk2 bs=1m

This will also ask for your Mac password. Type it in and click on return.

create windows 8 usb on mac

Step 7. The process will start but there will be no output for a while. It might take quite some time so you need to be patient. Once it's complete, it will output records in/out and bytes transferred.

Step 8. Type: diskutil eject /dev/disk2

Now, re-plug the USB drive and check its contents. It will have files and folders but especially a setup.exe and an autorun.inf file. The process is fully complete.

create windows bootable usb without bootcamp

Part 3. How to Create A Bootable Windows 10/8/7 USB on Mac with 4WinKey

It's not an easy way to create a bootable disk without professional tool, right? No worries! There is a highly recommended thing that will be a very useful tool for you, It's PassFab 4WinKey. It enables you to create bootable disk on Mac and reset/remove passwords for Windows within 5 minutes, and you don't need to enter the complicated code or search for a specific folder. Keep reading to know more.

Step 1. Download, install and run 4WinKey for Mac to an accessible Mac machine.

Step 2. Insert a USB to the Mac and choose the option to burn from USB flash drvive.

choose usb

Step 3. Wait for a moment, this Windows password recovery tool for Mac will pop up a window to alert it successful.

burn usb successfully

Video Tutorial about How to Create Bootable Windows USB on Mac

Final Verdict

It doesn't matter if you want to know how to create Windows bootable USB on Mac with/without Bootcamp, you will get the solution in this article. All you need to do is follow the full process carefully so that you don't make any mistake. So it's definitely going to be useful to a tech geek like you! By the way, if you are interested in create Windows 10 bootable USB on Windows computer, just check out this post.

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