It is not uncommon to forget your password, especially since we have signed up for most social media sites, different websites and mail service providers. Taking into account that using the same password for multiple sites makes you vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Failing to set up your browser to remember your login credentials, is a sure way of forgetting one of your many passwords. This article mainly explains how to recover yahoo password.

Usually, you can easily recover Yahoo password with the security questions. However, if you forgot Yahoo password and security question, you will need to recover yahoo password using Email address or mobile number.

1. Forgot Password and Security Question? Use Email Adress Recovery

Wondering how to bypass Yahoo security question or what to do if you have forgotten Yahoo password and security questions? The procedure below explains how to reset Yahoo password using your email address or mobile number.

Step 1: Visit and attempt to sign in either by clicking the "Sign In" button or the Mail icon located on the top right of the website's interface.

Step 2: Click the "Trouble signing in?" link.

recover yahoo account using email address

Step 3: Enter either your sign-in email address or recovery email address. And click "Continue".

enter your email address or phone number to recover

Step 4: If you have access to the email you entered, click on "Yes, send me an Account Key" and the key will be sent to your email address. If not, which is what this post is all about, click "I don't have access to this email". Follow the instructions and provide correct information.

choose to send account key to verify yahoo account

Step 5: Yahoo will send you a text and code to enter Yahoo account recovery page. Enter the code and recreate password in password creation page.

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2. Forgot Password and Security Question? Use Phone Number Recovery

Then what if Yahoo mail forgot password and security question and don't have access to sign-in email or recovery email? You can use your mobile number, the code will be sent to your phone number.

Step 1: In the Sign In page, click "Trouble signing in".

Step 2: Enter your sign-in phone number or recovery phone number.

Step 3: Then Yahoo will send you an OTP. Enter the OTP, it will take you to Yahoo password recovery page where you can reset your password.

3. Forgot Password and Security Question? Use Password Manager

This method is for the person who has ever saved Yahoo account: Email address and login password, to their iPhone or iPad. Here we introduce the third-party software, PassFab iOS Password Manager, which is professional software to find mail account password, Wi-Fi password, website and app password, screen time passcode, Apple ID and password, credit card information. With this software, you can easily get password back if you forgot Yahoo password and security question. Let's see how to recover yahoo password without phone number and alternate email:

  • Step 1. Download, install and run this tool, connect your iPhone or iPad to it.

    connect your device in ios password manager
  • Step 2. Click on "Start Scan" button and wait for a while.

    start scan via ios password manager
  • Step 3. You email account address and password will be displayed immediately.

    recover yahoo account password using ios password manager

You can reset Yahoo password with the recovered password.

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In this article, we disscuseed how to recover password if forgot Yahoo security question. You can either use email address or phone number to reset your foggotten password. But if you have no access to neither one, Yahoo won't support you to change forgotten password without security question. If you haved saved it on browser, you can find it in fullfill settings. Or if you have saved your Yahoo account and password on iPhone or iPad, PassFab iOS Password Manager can help you recover them without losing any data.

passfab ios password manager box
  • Recover Screen Time passcode, Wi-Fi password instantly
  • Retrieve website & App, Email account password in minutes
  • One click to show Apple ID and password, credit card information
  • Export saved iOS passwords to CSV
  • Support iPhone/iPad and iOS 14.4