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1. Yes, don’t worry about that. Your privacy is guaranteed by us when you are browsing our website, downloading our product or making an online purchase.

2. The online ordering is 100% secure! All data exchanged during the payment process is SSL-secured.

3. Note that we won't send any E-mails that use Bitcoin as a transaction to you in any form. Please do not believe.

1. Download Protection is service that you can download the product version up to 24 month(s) after receipt of your payment by going to "My Account" in the Customer Care Center.

2. Please note there would be an item in the shopping cart named “Download Protection” which is selected by default.

3. You can simply remove this item by clicking the button in the shopping list, or ticking the “Remove” checkbox.

1. Legally recovering your own password is certainly a legitimate practice!

2. However, recovering someone else's password without their permission is quite probably illegal!

3. We do not advocate, do not support and even do not agree with this behavior at all. Please think carefully before you act.

1. Our system will automatically send the registration info to your e-mail address once your order is validated.

2. If you don't receive the Email due to instable network or other impersonal reasons, please view Spam at first then contact us.

3. Please add support#passfab.com (replace # with @) to your white list to ensure our emails get to your inbox.

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