Forgetting Winrar password is very common and everyone faces, it is difficult to get access to the Winrar file or a particular file again if that is password protected and you have managed to lose track of it conveniently. Here in this article, I will discuss 2 parts on unlocking WinRAR password: unlock known WinRAR password and unlock forgotten WinRAR password.

Forgotten WinRAR Password? Best 4 Ways to Crack RAR Password

The whole files that are compressed with RAR compression are known as RAR files or WinRAR Compressed Archives. What to do if you forgot the password to access a RAR file? Luckily, you can unlock the RAR files protected with a password even when you have lost or forgotten the RAR password and even in an effortless way.

Way 1: Quick & Safe: Use RAR Password Cracker Tool - PassFab for RAR

To get back your WinRAR password quickly, your best choice is to use WinRAR password cracker, that's a credible third-party software program - PassFab for RAR. It's a WinRAR password unlocker to open password protected RAR files. This software offers you three powerful attacks: Brute-force with Mask Attack, Brute-force Attack and Dictionary Attack to recover the lost password at full speed.

Here is a video tutorial about how to recover your WinRAR password:

Here are all the steps to unlock RAR password with PassFab for RAR software:

Step 1: Download this RAR password recovery program, and install it on your PC.

Step 2: Double click on PassFab for RAR icon on your desktop to launch it.

passfab for rar password unlocker

Step 3: Click the Add button on the main window in this RAR password recovery tool to load your locked WinRAR archive.

import winrar file on passfab for rar

Step 4: Choose an attack type from 3 attacks and then define each attack setting.

Note: If you choose Brute-force Attack, then the program will automatically search the password for you after having a click on Start button.

dictionary attack type on passfab for rar password unlocker

Step 5: Click the Start button. After you finish the steps mentioned above, PassFab for RAR starts to unlock the password of your WinRAR archive. Within minutes, you will get past WinRAR password in a box.

recover password to unlock winrar with passfab for rar

Way 2: Remove RARPassword Online

WinRAR is an active archive manager. It is able to make RAR archives natively to backup your data and reduce the size of email attachments, decompress files downloaded online, etc. To secure the WinRAR documents from unwanted people, many WinRAR creators set a password for the file to prevent others from reusing, viewing, editing or even printing documents included in the archives. If you have protected your WinRAR document and unfortunately forgot it, how to crack a RAR password and extract files from the file that is compressed?

In this method, I will share how to recover your password from an encrypted RAR archive online. Below are the steps to take.

Step 1: Launch your browser on your computer.

Step 2: Navigate to a Winrar password unlok webpage such as:, or

unlock winrar password online

Step 3: Upload the RAR file you want to unlock.

Step 4: Click Unlock file, then wait for a while for the website to finish the unlocking process.

So when it is done, download it back to your computer, then open the file to access the RAR file.

Way 3: Unlock WinRAR Archive Password with Notepad

In this method we will unlock a password protected RAR File with a batch file. You can efficiently use it to open any RAR file password when you can't remember it. So I will how to crack a WinRAR password using Notepad. It is very straightforward and fast.

Step 1: Open Notepad

Open your Notepad [Start >> Run >> Type "Notepad" >> Enter]

Step 2: Create Batch File

Copy The Following code in notepad.

@echo off
title Rar Password Unlocker
copy "C:\Program Files\WinRAR\Unrar.exe"
SET/P "NAME=File Name : "
IF "%NAME%"=="" goto ProblemDetected
goto GPATH
echo You can't leave this blank.
goto RAR
SET/P "PATH=Enter Full Path (eg: C:\Users\Admin\Desktop) : "
IF "%PATH%"=="" goto PERROR
goto NEXT
echo You can't leave this blank.
goto RAR
goto PATH
echo File couldn't be found. Make sure you include the (.RAR) extension at the end of the file's name.
goto RAR
echo Retrieving Password...
title Processing...
RD %TMP% /Q /S
Del "Unrar.exe"
title 1 Password Found
echo File = %NAME%
echo Stable Password= %PASS%
echo Press any key to exit.

Step 3: Save it

Save it as .bat extension[ e.g "RarPSWDCracker.bat"]

unlock winrar password with notepad

Step 4: Run

Now run it and input your file name and path, then press Enter.

Step 5: Wait

Wait for some time until it unlocks the password.

Step 6: Cracked

That's done! Your password has been successfully unlocked. Now you can launch your RAR file using this password. Note that it can only crack numeric password.

Way 4: Guess WinRAR Password with Your Frequently-used Ones

Sometimes we forgot a password just because of an unpleasant mood. If we calm down and relax, later we might think to recall the password. So, if you are still facing the WinRAR password forgotten issues, why not rest your mind first?

Sometimes, password-protect RAR files can be too much hassle and need to be unlocked. So, if you don't know the password, you can unlock it to access the file by guessing the password. Below is the step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Open the WinRAR software utility and right click on the RAR file that has the password you want to unlock, it will display the dialog box to type the password then you can guess with 1234 or 0000 that is the universal password to use.

guess frequently used password to unlock winrar

Step 2: Click the RAR file's password in the window that appears and click OK.

This may not work for you in the first few tries or not work at all. Once, you have successfully unlocked WinRAR password protected file, the file in the folder will be added. When WinRAR finishes creating the archive file, you can access the Winrar file.

How to Open WinRAR When Known Password

To unlock the unknown WinRAR password for an archive which was downloaded from the internet, you can ask for the Webmaster who allowed you to download that file. Here are the steps to follow to let Win rar password crack when you know the password.

1. Double-click protected RAR file and open it in WinRAR etc. compression software.

2. Click on Extract to button on the toolbar, and confirm location to save the RAR files after unraring archive. Click OK.

3. Input RAR file password in the input box and click OK to unrar RAR file.

unlock known winrar password

Instantly, encrypted RAR archive is unzipped successfully, and you can edit documents stored in it.


Maybe it seems to be a complicated task when you have to unlock a RAR file protected with a password. Moreover, if the encrypted RAR file is protected with a complex password, one computer is not enough to find WinRAR password in a short period of time. So to unrar encrypted RAR file in quick succession, PassFab for RAR is the best Winrar password unlocker with 3 amazing password finding attacks.

passfab for rar box
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