Google Slides offer the most intuitive and convenient way to create, edit, collaborate, and present web-based presentations. A recent upgrade lets users add their voices, music, or sound effects to the Slides. However, there’s no official way to record Google Slides for posterity.

Luckily, there’re many third-party tools for how to record in Google Slides. To help our readers out, we’ll walk you through the most comprehensive and professional software for recording unlimited Google Slides along with voice.

Is It Possible to Record Audio on Google Slides Itself

The answer is No. Google Slides doesn’t offer a built-in feature of recording a voice. Users can record a voice separately and then, add the audio file/s to Slides.

Putting it differently, you’d need another application for recording your voice on Google Slides. Worry not as this article will discuss how to record audio in Google Slides.

How to Record on Google Slides with PassFab Screen Recorder

PassFab Screen Recorder is top-ranked screen recording software for capturing Google Slides in high-quality. Its straightforward and intuitive interface makes it an ideal choice for all users, regardless of their skill set, to record Google slides without any hassle. What makes it a go-to screen recorder is its ability to record unlimited Google slides as well as highlight the important details while recording.

Checkout yourself how to record a presentation on Google Slides via PassFab Screen Recorder:

  • Once installed, launch PassFab Screen Recorder on your computer.

  • On its Home interface, hit on Record Screen.

    how to record audio on Google Slides – record screen
  • Start Google Slides and align the rectangular box to cover the screen area you want to record.

    how to record voice on Google Slides – select the screen area
  • On the top-left corner, hit on the Start recording icon to begin recording Google Slides.

    how to voice record on Google Slides – start recording
  • Click on the Stop recording button when you’re done recording. The program will automatically save your recorded video.

    how to record your voice on Google Slides – save output video
  • Use the Trim option if you want to edit the output video. Once done, click on Open output folder to access the final video.

    how to record on Google Slides – edit output video

And just like that, you can capture unlimited videos using PassFab Screen Recorder. Note that the free version contains watermark, so we recommend users to install the premium version to avoid bookmark and also access some impeccable premium features of this remarkable tool.

How to Record Voice on Google Slides with PassFab Screen Recorder

If you want to record voice on Google Slides, then start recording with PassFab Screen Recorder and click on the voice icon at the left of PassFab icon to enable the sound option.

how to record your voice in Google Slides - enable volume

How to Record Yourself on Google Slides with PassFab Screen Recorder

You need to connect a microphone to your computer if you want to record yourself on Google slides. Luckily, PassFab Screen Recorder is amongst the very few tools that empower users to record themselves on Google Slides as easily as it can get.

Here’s how to record yourself on Google Slides using PassFab Screen Recorder.

  • After connecting a microphone to your computer, launch PassFab Screen Recorder.

  • Now, start the Google slides and hit on record screen.

    how to record audio in Google Slides - record screen
  • Now, make sure both the volume and the microphone are enabled. Click on the respective icons to enable them, if they aren’t already.

    how to record your voice in Google Slides - enable speakers

That’s easy and simple it is to record both your voice and Google Slides using PassFab Screen Recorder.

Can You Record Google Slides with Yourself, Voice and Audio?

Yes, PassFab Screen Recorder allows users to record Google Slides along with voice and audio. For that, you need to first connect a Webcam to your computer. After that, follow the below steps to learn how to do that:

  • Launch PassFab Screen Recorder and hit on the PIP mode at the top bar.

    how to record voice in Google Slides - pip mode
  • Select your Webcam in the Webcam settings and them adjust the PIP position and size settings as needed.

  • Now, click on Start to begin recording the Google Slides. Speak as you work on the Slides. The program will show you both the desktop and webcam screen.

    Make sure both the sound and microphone options are enabled.

  • Hit on Stop when you’re done recording. Use the Trim option to cut the unnecessary part.

Final Words

To wrap it up, this article has presented a detailed guideline on how to record your voice in Google Slides using PassFab Screen Recorder. Whenever you want to record Google Slides, with or without voice, including yourself, then this software comes to your rescue.

With this tool installed on your computer, recording Google Slides or anything on your desktop is just a click away. Feel free to ask any questions.