Getting a forgotten Wi-Fi password from your phone or any other devices like laptop or PC sure is possible but it is time consuming as well. When you get stuck in such a scenario it becomes very annoying as you lag behind a lot of tasks for which you require internet connectivity. Here are some Wi-Fi password show applications using which you can recover a forgotten Wi-Fi password in a quick and easy way and gain access to the internet.

Part 1: Top 5 Wi-Fi Password Show Apps on Android

When you connect using the Wi-Fi password for a particular wireless network, it gets automatically stored in your device. You can easily get these Wi-Fi passwords from there if in case you forget it. Below are the details of the top 5 Wi-Fi password show applications which can be downloaded from Google Play on your Android device and show Wi-Fi password Android.

1. Wifi Password Show

This particular application is so popular that it has already been downloaded by more than 5 million users across the world. This application works only if you have rooted your Android device. Root your device first and then run this application to find out the password of a wireless connection. By using Wifi Password Show you can simply copy the password from the clipboard and paste it in the required place to connect to the network. Through this application you can even share the password through your email.

Download it from

wifi password show

2. Wifi Password [Root]

Wifi Password is yet another amazing Wi-Fi password show which is great at overcoming the security restrictions and providing you with the required password. As the name suggests, you will need to root your android device prior to using this application so that it functions effectively.

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wifi password root

3. Wifi Password Recovery

Wifi Password Recovery application will only display the password of those wireless connections to which your Android device was previously connected. With this application you can even find any nearest free Wifi connection and then get connected to it without the requirement of a password.

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wifi password root

4. Wifi Password Viewer

With the help of this application any Android device user can easily recover and find the password of their Wi-Fi connection. This is only possible if in case the Android device was previously connected to that particular wireless connection. You can copy the password which are shown through Wifi Password Viewer and then paste it to the required location to get connected to the wireless network.

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wifi password viewer

5. Show Wifi Password - Share Wifi Password

The best part about this application is that it helps you get the forgotten password of a wireless connection without the requirement of rooting your Android device. With the help of Show Wifi Password - Share Wifi Password you can easily copy the shown Wi-Fi password and then share it with anyone through your email. This application employs easy simple steps to reveal the password.

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show wifi password

Part 2: Top 5 Wi-Fi Password Show Apps on iPhone

Wi-Fi passwords are every essential to protect the wireless networks used at home, offices and public places. These days wireless connection is used extensively due to the various connectivity benefits it offers. Below are the best 5 Wi-Fi password show applications which you can run on your iPhone or iPad and get the forgotten password of a wireless connection and show Wi-Fi password iPhone.

1. PassFab iOS Password Manager

PassFab iOS Password Manager is the top-ranked iOS Wi-Fi password recovery tool that you can go for. It is extremely easy to use and offers superior security as well. You can easily find Wi-Fi passwords on your iPhone from any Mac device or Windows computer. You can also retrieve previously saved websites and app login passwords. It also acts as a password manager as well.

find wifi password in passfab ios password manager

2. WiFi Password

To use WiFi Password, first you will have to download Cydia which is an iPhone jailbreak application and from there search for "WiFi Password" and then download it. Once this is downloaded, you can go back to the Cydia application and click on "WiFi Password" icon to begin recovering your forgotten Wi-Fi password.

Download it from

wifi password cydia

3. iSpeedTouched

To access iSpeedTouched, you will have to search for this on Cydia and then download and install it just like it was mentioned in the previous application description. Apart from showing the forgotten password, this application also scans for the nearby wireless networks and help you crack their password to connect to it.

Downoad it from

ispeedtouched cydia

4. Dlssid

This application is free to download and use on Cydia. Dlssid can help you crack the password of any wireless router and give you internet access through that. It can easily get the Wifi password from your iPhone by tracking and retrieving wherever the password to the wireless connection was stored when you first connected your device.

Download it from

dlssid cydia

5. Speedssid

Just like the other applications mentioned above, Speedssid can be downloaded and installed from Cydia and then used to recover the forgotten Wi-Fi password on your iPhone. This application also has the ability to hack nearby wireless networks.

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speedssid cydia

Part 3: Top 4 Wi-Fi Password Show Apps On Mac

Below are the top 4 Wi-Fi password revealer applications which can be used on your Mac system to show Wi-Fi password Mac.

1. 1Password

We know that Mac system has an inbuilt application called Keychain which can be effectively used for password recovery. If, in case, this stops functioning, 1Password can be a very good alternative to get the forgotten password of a Wi-Fi. It is a very powerful application and is pretty simple to use as well.

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1password appication

2. PasswordWallet

PasswordWallet not only remembers and stores the Wi-Fi password which you would have previously used to connect to a wireless network, but it also remembers all other passwords to several other accounts of yours. So, next time when you forget the password to your Wi-Fi or any other account you can simply use this application to get the password on your Mac system.

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passwordwallet application

3. Wallet

This is a great password saver as well as a good password generator. Wallet can store almost all the keyed-in passwords of all your accounts including the Wi-Fi connection.

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wallet application

4. Pastor

This tool is similar to Keychain in many ways. Pastor can remember all the encrypted passwords of several accounts and if, in case, you forget any of the passwords you can easily access this application on your Mac to get it.

Download it from

pastor application

Part 4: Top 6 Wi-Fi Password Show Apps on Windows

If, in case, you have forgotten your Wi-Fi password, then you can recover it on Windows PC or laptop as well by using these top 6 applications. These applications show Wi-Fi password Windows 10/8/7,etc.

1. PassFab Wifi Key

PassFab Wifi Key has been a simple, convenient and brand-new Microsoft Surface or Windows Wi-Fi password recovery tool since 2019. You just need once click to recover lost wireless password in your Windows-based computer. Download, install and open it, it will show your Wi-Fi password immediately.

passfab wifi key

2. WiFi Password Revealer

This application allows the user to effectively search and display the forgotten Wi-Fi password of any wireless connection which was connected to the Windows device. As soon as WiFi Password Revealer application is launched on the laptop or PC, the password is revealed which can be then used to connect to the wireless network.

Download it from

wifi password revealer

3. Password Viewer

Any of you who have trouble remembering the password to your wireless connection can access and use Password Viewer. It can be even used directly from the Internet Explorer or any other browser as well. The best part about this application is that it is completely free to use.

Download it from

password viewer

4. WiFi Password Decryptor

With the help of this application you can easily recover any lost or forgotten Wi-Fi password for your wireless connection. WiFi Password Decryptor ficiently scans your Windows PC or laptop and decrypts the access keys for the particular wireless networks and then ultimately gives out the password which can then be used to access the internet after a secure connection is established with the wireless network.

Download it from

wifi password decryptor

5. WiFi Password Dump

Your Windows device stores a lot of passwords in the background including the wireless connection password. You can use WiFi Password Dump application to easily access these hidden passwords and you can even delete them if you wish. It is completely free to download and use. It is a very handy utility application.

Download it from

wifi password dump

6. SterJo Wireless Passwords

This is an application which has been exclusively designed for the Windows device users. It is a free password cracking software which can be used to find out the Wi-Fi password of your wireless connection if and when you forget it. In addition to this, SterJo Wireless Passwords even detects the nearby free Wi-Fi connection networks and lets you connect to them.

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sterjo wireless passwords


There may be many cases when you suddenly are unable to remember the password of your Wi-Fi network, in such cases the applications mentioned above prove very handy and useful. These are the applications which can be used to recover lost or forgotten passwords on Android devices, iPhone, Mac systems as well as Windows systems. Most of the applications which are highlighted in this article are absolutely free to install and use.