Imagine you have forgotten your Windows 10 password and have no reset disk. How would you recover your system password and get access to it? There are other ways too for resetting a Windows password without using the reset disk. If you are unaware of how to reset a forgotten password on Windows 10 without the disk. There is nothing to panic about. In this article, we are going to introduce some alternative methods as well for resetting Windows password.

Part 1. How to Reset Windows 10 Password Without Reset Disk

In this section, we are explaining how to fix your computer, if you forgot Administrator password for Windows 10 having no reset disk. In normal situations, you would think of a USB flash drive password reset disk to fix this issue. But, it's impractical to carry a password reset disk all the time with you. So, for situations like that, we have solutions for you. However,If you want to recover Windows password, you should purchase the password recovery tool.

Here we have collated 3 different ways of resetting Windows 10 password without reset disk.

Way 1. Reset Windows 10 password using a Windows 10 ISO file

In case of you don't have a Windows 10 password reset disk, this method helps you reset the locked Windows 10 PC password. Though, the inbuilt administrator won't support it.

  • Turn on another computer and download a Windows ISO image file. Connect a USB flash drive to the system and burn the downloaded ISO image file to it.
  • burn usb windows iso
  • Once you've successfully created a Windows 10 setup disk, disconnect the USB flash drive afterward.
  • Connect the USB to your locked PC and boot it using the setup disk. On the "Windows Setup" screen, hit the "Shift" + "F10" key. A new command prompt window will pop up.
  • Now, you need to punch in two commands here and then hit "Enter" button after each of them.
  • move d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe.bak

    copy d:\windows\system32\cmd.exe d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe

    cmd admin install disk
  • Eject the USB and reboot your PC normally. Hit the Utility Manager button from login screen and then punch in the following command in the command prompt window:
  • net user <username> <password>

    net user cmd windows 10

Way 2. Reset Windows 10 password with default built-in administrator

You can make use of the default in-built Administrator account for resetting the forgotten Windows 10 password sans any reset disk. Though, it's already in your system since system installation, it is hidden, disabled, named Administrator or has no password. The case might even be that it has highest authority of your computer.

  • You must have "Administrator" account enabled already for Windows 10 system or else you'll not be able to make use of this method. You can get to the login screen and check to see if "Administrator" account option is there or not.
  • Now, if you see the user name "Administrator" over the sign-in screen, it means you can have access to the built-in Administrator account.
  • admin login screen

Login using your Windows 10 credentials and reset the password for that specific password-forgotten account.

Way 3. Reset Windows 10 password with Security Questions

Apart from the above two methods of resetting Windows 10 password without a password reset USB disk, there is another option called the "Security questions". Windows 10 systems with Build 17063 are equipped with this feature. This method happens to be the fastest way for resetting the password on your Windows 10 PC"s local account. It will work if you have set security questions for your Windows 10 computer settings.

  • Go to the security questions section while resetting the password. Answer the security questions displayed on the login screen.
  • security questions windows 10
  • As soon as you give the right answers, you would be able to reset the system.
Note: This feature works only for Windows 10 system beyond Build 17063.

Part 2. Why People More Inclined Reset Disk?

When you have a Windows password reset disk, you get more power over the Windows accounts you have on your computer. Without a reset disk, your scope is restricted to reset local Windows 10 accounts only. Having a reset disk is better for fixing a forgotten Administrator account password on Windows 10 compared to no reset disk. The restrictions of not having a password reset disk would prevent you to reset network or domain passwords of your Windows account. So, you get to choose a reliable program like PassFab 4WinKey.

This amazing tool can not only reset your forgotten Windows password, but also recovers, changes and creates passwords for your Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista computers without any glitch. Moreover, you can reset both local and domain account passwords using it. You would require a reset disk or reset USB flash drive for resetting the various passwords.

Here is the detailed guide for PassFab 4WinKey.

  • Download, install and runt the software. Get an empty USB drive and connect to a computer, click the "Burn" button thereafter. Once the burning process is over, hit "OK" and then eject the USB flash drive.
  • burn recovery disk
  • Now, connect the USB drive to your password forgotten computer and reboot it. Click "F12" (Boot Menu) key and then select your USB drive from the options. Press "Enter" thereafter.
  • boot menu
  • You need to reset the Windows password now and for it, choose the desired "Windows 10" from the operating system section. Hit "Next" after that.
  • select operating system
  • Now, select the Windows account type i.e. Admin, Guest, or Microsoft account. View the account name next to it and hit the "Next" button.
  • remove password
  • Press "Reboot" and then the "Restart Now" button after keying in the new password.


From the above article, we conclude that retrieving forgot administrator password for Windows 10 with no reset disk is risky. To avoid that, you can always look for a reliable solution just like PassFab 4WinKey.