3 Best Ways to Perform Windows 7 Professional Password Reset

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Losing your Windows 7 Professional laptop/desktop password is a dreadful scenario as you would no longer have access to all your important data stored in your laptop. If in case you use this same laptop for work related purposes then all your work gets delayed and it affects your professional life. To avoid such a scenario this article will help you overcome the problem related with forgetting your password. Read ahead to find out three different ways through which you can easily perform Windows 7 Professional password reset!

Way 1: Use Previously Created Password Reset Disk

This method must be used only in emergency situations when you have forgotten the password and cannot access your device. The password reset recovery disk must have been set before forgetting the password for this method to work. This method is only applicable to Windows 7 laptop. Use the steps below to know how to reset password on Windows 7 Professional with the help of previously created password reset disk.

Step 1: Open your Windows 7 laptop/desktop and enter the wrong password for five times to get the option of "Reset Password" at the screen's bottom and then click on this.

get reset password link

Step 2: take the previously created password reset disk and insert it into your Windows 7 device and the Password Reset Wizard will open up.

password reset wizard

Step 3: Select the password key disk and then enter the new password.

create new password

Reboot your Windows 7 device and then enter the newly created password to access your laptop.

Way 2: Remove/Reset Windows 7 Professional Password Using Recovery Tool

If you want to perform Windows 7 Pro password reset without the use of reset disk, you can try using PassFab 4WinKey which is one of the highly recommended software which has been designed specifically for this purpose. You can perform Windows 7 Professional Administrator password reset with the help of this amazing software by following the steps below.

Step 1: Download and launch 4WinKey and select CD as boot media. Both CD/DVD or USB is applicable.

create disk

Step 2: Hit "Burn" to get the bootable disk. Just confirm clicking "Yes".

burn successful

Step 3: Insert this disk to your device.

Step 4: Now, restart device and tap "ESC" or "F12" to enter Boot Menu.

boot menu

Step 5: Find and enter the selected device.

boot from disk usb

Step 6: Open PassFab 4WinKey software and go to "Select Windows" option.

Step 7: Once this is done, select Windows 7 operating system and click on "Next" option flashing at the bottom.

select windows 7

Step 8: Click your user account from the list of user accounts which are displayed on the screen and then click on "Next" again.

select the relevant user account

Step 9: The password of your Windows 7 laptop will be reset to blank and then you would have to restart your laptop by clicking on "Reboot" option.

reboot windows 7 laptop

Step 10: a prompt windows will pop up, from where you will have to click on "Restart Now" option.

restart windows 7 laptop

Your Windows 7 laptop will restart and you can use and access your laptop normally again.

Way 3: Windows 7 Pro Password Reset With Command Prompt

This is a slightly lengthy process of password reset of Windows 7 and may take anywhere between half an hour to one hour for finishing the whole process. Follow the step by step guide as given below to know how to reset Windows 7 Professional password with the help of Command Prompt.

Step 1: Take the Windows 7 installation or repair optical disk or a flash drive and connect it to your laptop and restart the system.

Step 2: Your laptop will now restart with flash drive or disc and you will then have to click on "Next" from the displayed window.

Step 3: From the options available, click on "Repair your Computer" link to proceed further.

Step 4: Wait for a while for the Windows 7 installation on your device to get detected.

Step 5: After the installation is found on your laptop, check the location address of it and take note of the drive in which it is stored.

Step 6: Select Windows 7 from the drop down menu displaying the various choices in operating system and click on "Next" again.

Step 7: You can now see the options under System Recovery Options, choose Command Prompt from this.

Step 8: Enter the below commands and press "Enter" after each command.

copy d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe d:\

copy d:\windows\system32\cmd.exe d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe

Step 9: Answer "Yes" to the overwrite question which is asked while executing the commands.

Step 10: Remove the flash drive or disc inserted into your Windows 7 laptop and reboot the system.

Step 11: You can see a small pie structure on the bottom left corner of the login screen on your laptop, click on it.

Step 12: The command prompt will now be open again and you can create your username and password by entering the following commands.

net user myusername mypassword

Step 13: Close command prompt window and restart your Windows 7 laptop and login with your newly created username and password.

password reset with command prompt

The password of your Windows 7 laptop will now be reset.


While Method 1 requires a previously created password reset disk and the third method involves a rather lengthy and time consuming procedure, the second method is the best way to reset your Windows 7 Professional password. The second method uses the highly recommended PassFab 4WinKey software which provides an easy and fast password reset of your Windows 7 laptop.


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