Have you ever been unable to remember your Windows 8 login password? Isn't it a horrible feeling? It relates to the majority of us, but creating a Windows password reset disk ensures that you will never have to stress about it again.

In this article, we will discuss the process of making a password reset disc for Windows 8. Therefore, the next time you are unable to log into Windows 8 at the login screen, you should insert this password reset disk into your system and reset your Windows 8 password.

Part 1: What Is Windows Password Reset Disk?

The Windows password reset disk enables you to regain access to your Windows system if you have been locked out. Create a password reset disc in advance in case you are always easy to forget or are unable to remember your Windows password.

Calling Microsoft support would be ineffective, and they cannot assist you in regaining access, so you should take precautions by creating a Windows password reset disk.

A password reset disk is basically a bootable media (USB or CD/DVD) that can be used to easily reset the Windows login password. However, it is limited to a single local Windows account on a single device and a single Windows edition.

Part 2: Why You Need Windows 8.1 Password Reset USB?

It happens almost with everyone in their life that they forget their Windows password or misplaced it after changing. So, if you don’t want to be among those people who forget their Windows 8 password and struggle to log in again, then you should definitely create password reset disk Windows 8.1.

The password reset disk's primary function is to fully erase the old password and replace it with a new one in the user system. So, it is important to take the precaution before it happens with you that you forget your password.

Moreover, it gives you a free hand to change your Windows 8 password without the fear of forgetting it later.

Part 3: How to Create a Password Reset Disk Windows 8?

Are you wondering about how to create a password reset disk Windows 8? Well, you don’t have to stress over it because, in this section, you will learn about how to create Windows reset disk on Windows 8. So, without further delay, let’s begin with this:

  • Launch "Search" by tapping "Windows" + "S" and then key in "Control Panel" to access it. It will open in a new window.

    how to create a password reset disk Windows 8 - settings
  • Hit "View by" drop down from the top-right corner and assign to "Category" here. Tap on "User Accounts and Family Safety" link here.

    how to create a password reset disk Windows 8 - forgotten password wizard
  • Now, click the "User Accounts" link in green and then press the "Create a password reset disk" from the left link. You will land on "Forgotten Password Wizard" followed by "Next".

    how to create a password reset disk Windows 8 - create a password reset disk
  • Select your flash drive in this section and tap "Next" and then key in the existing password. Enter "Next" again and let the wizard make a password reset disk.

    how to create a password reset disk Windows 8 - current user password
  • Hit the "Finish" button and exit the "Forgotten Password Wizard" and you are done.

Part 4: How to Use Password Reset Disk Windows 8.1

Once you've created a password reset disk, you can safely use it the next time you lose your password. Now, let’s say you know how to create a password reset disk Windows 8, and you want to reset your password using Windows 8.1 password reset USB.

So, follow the steps below to use the Windows 8.1 password reset disk:

  • When you enter an incorrect password, Windows 8 will show a "Reset password" link underneath the login box.

    Windows 8.1 password reset USB - reset password
  • At this stage, your USB should be plugged in, so press the Reset password button; this will launch a wizard; click next to proceed.
  • If you have more than one disk, clack drop-down button to select.

    Windows 8.1 password reset USB - password reset wizard
  • Now you'll need to create a new password and, of course, a new password hint.

    Windows 8.1 password reset USB - new password
  • That’s it. Your account password has been reset.

    Windows 8.1 password reset USB - finish the password reset.

Now you can safely store the USB key so that the next time you lose your password, and you’ll have it nearby.

Extra Tip: How to Create Win 8 Password Reset Disk When You Can't Access Windows

As you now understand what a Windows 8 password reset disk is and how to make one. However, what if you never created a reset disc and consequently lost your password?

Then you don't have to worry; we have a backup plan for you as well. This can be done by the use of the PassFab 4WinKey. This is a tool that enables you to easily reset and delete every password from your device if you forgot it and have no other way of retrieving it.

Use this method to gain access to your device using a password reset disk windows 8.1 by following the steps below:

  • Use a password reset disk windows 8.1 by following the steps below, and please download PassFab 4Winkey on your computer first.

    password reset disk windows 8.1 - PassFab 4WinKey
  • Eject the drive from the computer system when the process is finished.
  • Now, link the drive to the computer whose password you're attempting to reset. Enter the boot menu of your computer by pressing the function key (e.g., F12 key).

    password reset disk windows 8.1 - boot menu
  • Select the drive from the boot menu and then press the enter key. You'll be directed to the software's user interface. The interface will prompt you to choose the Windows version. Since you are using Windows 8, so select the Windows 8 version.

    password reset disk windows 8.1 - reset account password
  • Select "Reset your Password" from the functions list and then press the Next button.
  • The Manage Account tab will appear on the following page, where you must choose the account whose password you want to reset and also type a new password in the window. After that, press the Next button again.

    password reset disk windows 8.1 - enter a new password
  • Now, wait for the reset process to complete, and then you will have to reboot your computer.

    password reset disk windows 8.1 - reboot your computer

Once your computer restarts, you will be able to log in using the new password.


No doubt, create a password reset disk Windows 8 is so much beneficial if you forget or lose your account password. However, you might be confused about how you can create one for your computer.

So, in this article, I have explained all the methods of how to make a password reset disk Windows 8. Moreover, I have also explained how you can use the password reset disk after creating it.