Stuck at the Windows login screen due to a forgotten password? Could not use your computer for a long time and now not recall the password? Did you buy a new PC with a preset login password unknown to you? If your answer to any of these questions is true, you must be thinking about how to reset password for Windows 8 using USB without losing any data or resetting the PC.

This happens to all of us sometimes that we forget our login password. We all have a habit of setting a difficult-to-guess login password so no one can get access to our files and computer. After setting it, we forget it if we do not log into our PC frequently. If you face this same situation, we got you covered in this article.

There are plenty of ways for Windows 8 password reset, such as resetting using the command prompt, booting the computer in safe mode, resetting the PC, reinstalling the Windows, etc. This article covers the top ways to reset Windows 8 passwords. Give a try to each way and have your password-related problem resolved!

Part 1: Reset Windows 8 Password with Bootable USB/CD Drivenew
Part 2: Reset Login Password on Windows 8 with Password Reset Disk

Part 1: Reset Windows 8 Password with Bootable USB/CD Drive

Resetting the Windows 8 password using bootable media is one of the best ways to Windows 8 password reset. Various tools could be used to create a Windows 8 bootable drive, but the best yet recommended tool is PassFab 4WinKey.

PassFab 4WinKey is the password reset tool specifically designed to resolve your problems related to Windows passwords. It provides access to your locked PC without losing any data or resetting or reinstalling the Windows. Here is how it works:

Step 1: Create a Bootable USB/CD Drive:

  • Download, install and launch the PassFab 4WinKey on any accessible PC and plug in your USB/CD.
  • Choose your device from the list and click Next.

    choose usb
  • Now, you will be warned that all the data on your device will be lost. Click Next.

    start burning
  • Let the instructions burn on your device. Once the process completes, your bootable media will be ready to use.

Step 2: Boot Windows System from USB/CD Drive

  • Plugin the bootable USB/CD drive into the locked PC.
  • Restart your PC and press F12to enter the Advanced Boot Options. Set your drive on priority and press F10.

    advamced boot option
  • When your PC restarts, you will see PassFab's interface.

Step 3: Reset Windows 8 Password Successfully:

  • Choose the Windows system, click Next.

    select system
  • Choose the user account for which you want to reset the password and choose Reset Account Password from the listed features:

    reset password
  • Enter the new password when the dialog box appears. Click Reset: After the password successfully resets, click Reboot to restart your PC.

    reset password successfully

Congratulations! You have completed Windows 8 password reset using the bootable USB/CD drive. When the login screen appears, you can enter the new password and log into your PC.

Part 2: Reset Login Password on Windows 8 with Password Reset Disk

A password reset disk is a USB device used to reset the Windows password in case of password loss. This way of Windows 8 password reset comes in handy when you do not have any other option to log into your PC.

This method's only drawback is that it could only be used if you created the Password Reset Disk Windows 8 before forgetting the password. Once you forget the password or lose access to your PC, you have no chance to create a Password Reset disk. However, we are going to see how to create a Password Reset Disk Windows 8 so you can create one after resetting the password:

Step 1: Create Windows Password Reset Disk

  1. Open the Control Panel, go to the User Accounts, and click on create Password Reset Disk option.
  2. Alternatively, open the Start Menu and search the User Accounts:

    start menu
  3. Once redirected to the Control Panel, click the Create Password Reset Disk link from the navigation menu.

    creat a password reset disk
  4. You will see the Forgotten Password Wizard. Click Next to continue the process.

    forgotten password wizard
  5. Plugin your USB and choose it from the list of options and click Next:

    create password reset disk
  6. Enter the current Windows Password and click Next:

    create account password
  7. You have successfully created a password reset disk Windows 8; click Finish to complete the process.

    complete the forgotten password wizard

Please note that the password reset disk is specific for each device and could be used by anyone to get access to your PC. Remember to keep it in a safe place.

Step 2: Reset Password on your PC

Assuming that you had created the password reset disk Windows 8 for the locked PC earlier, it is time to make use of it:

  1. Plugin your Password Reset Disk into the locked PC and restart it.

  2. Enter any random password. You will see the Reset Password link below the password field. Click on it:

    reset password
  3. You will see the Password Reset Wizard. Click Next to carry on: reset wizard

  4. Choose your Password Reset Device from the list. Click Next:

    insert password reset disk
  5. Type a new password and re-type it to confirm:

    type password
  6. Click Finish to complete the process of resetting the password.

    completepassword reset wizard

Bingo! You have done Windows 8 password reset using the Password Reset Disk. You can now enter the new password to log into your PC.

Final Notes

Forgetting the Windows password is a difficult situation when it comes to data and security. Many people panic in such a situation and end up resetting their PC or reinstalling Windows, resulting in data loss.

However, if you are one of those facing the forgotten password issue, you must be wondering how to reset password for Windows 8 using USB. This article covers two of the best ways to reset Windows 8 passwords, i.e., using Windows Bootable USB/CD and the Password Reset Disk Windows 8 . Although both methods are equally efficient in resetting the passwords, the recommended way is using the bootable USB/CD drive as it is applicable even if you did not create a drive before forgetting the password.