When you have the Windows user ID and password, you are authorized to access that particular computer. They are set up to maintain security of your computer and the underlying data. But, in worst case scenarios of forgetting or losing a password and being locked out of the computer is a pain in the neck. But, fear not! We are here to help you change another user's password on Windows 10 in multiple ways. Keep reading to explore the solutions.

Part 1. Free Methods for Changing Another User's Password on Windows 10/8/7

We've gathered two free ways to help you change another user's password on Windows 10/8/7, both way are easy to process. Now, follow the below steps and let's get started.

Note: Both way needs Admins right to move on, if you forgot your Administrator password, jump to part 2 to check how to reset Administrator password.

Method 1. Using Elevated Command Prompt

Using command prompt is pretty risky, if you are unaware of the system commands and not keen on learning tech stuff. This process is basically for people with working or sound knowledge of command prompt.

  • First of all, tap "Start" on your Windows system and key in "cmd". When command prompt appears on the results, right-tap and then select "Run as administrator" option.
  • cmd run as administrator windows10
  • Under the UAC elevation prompt, key in admin password and press "Yes".
  • For changing another user"s password on your Windows PC, feed "net user user_name *" followed by "Enter" key.
  • Note: Here, user_name is the user account name whose password you want to change.
  • When prompted to feed the new password or let it be blank followed by "Enter" key. Though, you won"t be able to see the password typed in just now due to security reasons.
  • cmd remove other user password  windows10
  • Alternatively, you can also complete the command by punching in "net user user_name new_password" followed by "Enter" button.
  • Note: Here, user_name is the user account name whose password you want to change and new_password is the password you wish to set for it now.
    cmd reset other user  password windows10

Method 2. Using Control Panel

You can also make use of command prompt for changing another user's password on your Windows 10 system. Here"s the step by step tutorial for your reference.

  • Hit "Windows + X" buttons altogether to launch secret start menu and then select "Control Panel" option from the following options.
  • control panel user  accounts
  • /powse "Control Panel" under "Large icons" view and then tap on the "User Accounts" option. Hit the "Manage another account" link (for Windows 8 and 10) afterwards.
  • On a Windows 7 PC: Press "User Accounts and Family Safety" and go to "User Accounts". Select "Manage another account" right after that.

    user account  manage account
  • For standard accounts, the UAC prompt enquires for an admin password. As it offers more privileges to you. Key in the password and then choose another account for changing password.
  • Tap "Change the Password" and then key in the new password. Confirm your selection followed by hitting the "Change Password" button.
  • change password  user accounts
    Note: For Windows 10/8 systems "Change the password" works fine. In Windows 7, you can find the "Change the password" and "Remove the password".

    Part 2. How to Reset Forgotten Administrator password on Windows 10/8/7

    If you have forgotten the administrator password on your Windows PC? What solutions do you have rather than formatting the system or reinstalling the OS? Well, in such a crucial time, you can effectively make use of PassFab 4WinKey to your advantage. This tool allows you create reset disk on Windows system and Mac OS and you can use it reset or bypass all your Windows password easily.

    Here is the detailed guide for resetting Windows 10 admin password, so that you can easily change another user's password on Windows 10:

    Step 1: First and foremost, you got to download and install PassFab 4WinKey on your computer. Right after running the program, plug in the empty USB flash drive. Now, press the "USB Flash Drive" option to proceed with.

    passfab main screen

    Step 2: You got to click on the "Burn" button afterwards. Hit "Yes" on the popup window for confirming. Once the process gets over, click "OK" and then remove the flash drive.

    Step 3: Get the USB drive now connected to your admin password forgotten system and hit "F12"/"Esc". It allows you to get inside the "Boot Menu" interface. After choosing your flash drive there, hit the "Enter" key.

    boot menu

    Step 4: Select "Windows 10" as the operating system under "Select Windows Installation" screen followed by tapping "Next". Choose the user account name that you wish to reset the password of and tap "Next".

    select operating system

    Step 5: Now, the program will reset the password in next couple of seconds. Hit on "Reboot" button lastly to /ping changes into effect. You can now gain access back to the user account whose password you've just reset.

    reset password


    This article showed us, how to change another user's password on Windows 10 in multiple ways. But, the earlier methods focused only on user accounts. If you need to or change Windows 10 Administrator  passwords or even reset Microsoft password on Windows 10, then there is none other than PassFab 4WinKey to be an ace.  Want to know more about Windows password? Tell us by leaving comment below.