"Windows 11 update - won't boot into the Windows after the update. On my Dell Inspiron 13" I got a massage so I can finally update to win 11. I downloaded it and then installed it - and now it won't boot. I can't even access the safe mode. I see a popping command prompt window, and the DELL logo appears again. Maybe there is any way to fix it?"

Windows 11 is a great evolution. But still many people get into some troubles during using. Some people said they forget the password after update , and any people reported that they cannot boot their PC after installing the Windows 11 update. Windows 11 not booting may be caused byvarious reasons, such as incompatible hardware, incomplete installation, etc. However, you can easily eliminate Windows 11 booting problems by following any of the methods proposed in this article. First off, let's see the signs of the Windows 11 won’t boot Issue.

Part 1: What are the Symptoms of Windows 11 Won't Boot Issue?

If you observe any or some of the following symptoms, it means that your Windows 11 system is facing problems in booting.

  • Power lights are not working, and your PC does not show any sign of power.
  • Your system boots but won't start and shuts down immediately.
  • You see a black/blue screen on boot up.
  • Your PC is stuck on the Windows logo or the login screen.

These systems show that your Windows not booting after upgrade unless you take some measures or solve the issue causing it.

Part 2: How to Fix Windows 11 won't Boot Issue?

Fix 1.Eliminate External Factors First

The simplest solution that you can try to fix the said issue is unplugging all the external devices. These peripheral devices include the USB-powered mouse, external hard disk or storage devices, secondary monitor, etc. After removing all the devices, try to start your computer. If it boots successfully, start plugging each peripheral device one by one while restarting your computer unless you find the faulty device.

Fix 2.Use PassFab Computer Managementnew

PassFab Computer Management is an incredible tool for fixing Windows 11 not booting problems.It can repair your computer and resolving OS issues automatically. You can use this tool to repair any blue/black screen or Windows crashing issues within the minimum time and with less effort. Here is how you can use PassFab Computer Management.

  • After installing and launching the tool on any other PC, click Create boot disk now button. create-boot-disk-now
  • Insert a USB drive and select it from the list. Click Next. select-boot-media
  • Let the tool create a bootable device.

  • Now, plug out the USB drive, switch to the problematic PC, and plug the bootable device into it.
  • Reboot the faulty PC and press the boot key to boot from the USB drive.
    Boot Key Desktop Laptop Motherboard
    F12 ASUS, Acer, Founder, HP, Hasee, Haier, Lenovo, THTF Acer, BenQ, Dell, Emachines, eMachines, Fujitsu, Founder, GIGABYTE, Gateway, IBM, Lenovo, SAMSUNG, ThinkPad, Hasee, TOSHIBA, THTF, MSI Great Wall, Dell, TOSHIBA, Foxconn, GIGABYTE, Fujitsu, Gamen, Haier, IBM, Lenovo, Topstar, SONY, THTF, SAMSUNG, ThinkPad, Acer, HP, Hasee, Founder
    Esc Dell ASUS, Sony Great Wall, Foxconn, ESC, SOYO, MAXSUN, Colorful, SONY, SAMSUNG, Spark, UNIKA
  • Set your USB on priority, save settings, and restart the computer.
  • Click Automated repair click-automated-repair
  • Choose the disk partition where Windows is installed. Click Start repair select-partition
  • After successful repair, click Restart to see if the issue is resolved. repair-complete

By using the PassFab Computer Management , you can repair your Windows not booting after update.

Fix 3.Run CMD Command

If the MBR (Master Boot Record) file gets corrupted, it causes startup problems. You can resolve problems with MBR by running the CMD commands via Windows installation media:

  • Insert the Windows Installation media and boot your PC through it.
  • Click Repair your computer. fix-windows-11-wont-boot-by-using-command-prompt
  • Click on Troubleshoot, go to Advanced Options and open the Command Prompt. fix-windows-11-wont-booting-by-pressing-command-prompt
  • Type bootrec /fixmbr, and press Enter
  • Now type bootrec /fixboot and bootrec /fixboot, respectively, and press Enter after each command. using-command-prompt
  • After the commands have run successfully, restart the computer to see if the problem persists.

    Fix 4.Enable Secure Boot

    You can enable the secure boot to boot your computer properly as follows:

  • Restart your computer and go to the boot menu.
  • Go to Boot tab.
  • Go to Advanced mode and look for Secure boot.
  • Once found, enable it, save settings and exit the boot menu.
  • Your computer will boot automatically when you exit the boot menu. See if it boots successfully or if it is still having issues.

Fix 5.Run Startup Repair

Windows provide us with many automatic repair options that could be used to resolve different problems in your computer. You can run the startup repair utility to solve Windows 11 won't start problem as follows:

  • Boot your PC with Windows Installation media, and go to repair options.
  • Click Troubleshoot, go to Advanced options and choose Startup Repair. startup-repair
  • Let the Windows system detect and resolve the problem.

This may take some time. Wait patiently unless the process ends. Your computer will restart after the process completes.

Fix 6.Reset Windows 11

After trying all the above methods, the last option you will be left with is resetting Windows 11. Resetting Windows will remove all the custom settings and system data. We recommend that you back up all your data before performing a system reset. Here is how to reset Windows 11:

  • Go to Windows Recovery Environment using Windows Installation Media.
  • Select Troubleshoot and click Reset this PC. troubleshoot-and-reset-this-pc
  • Choose to Keep my files when you see the following two options on the screen. choose-to-keep-my-file
  • Tips:

    This way, you will save your data from losing.

Now let the system complete the reset process. Once done, the Windows system will boot successfully without creating any boot problems.


1.Why my Windows 11 won't boot and show black screen?

The possible reasons behind your problem are:

  1. Any peripheral device interfering with the operating system prevents it from booting.
  2. Damaged or corrupted system files.
  3. Any problem with the major hardware devices such as CPU, motherboard, hard drive, etc.

Although all these methods work when the system fails to boot, we recommend that you repair your computer with the PassFab Computer Management tool for better convenience as it can find and fix the problems automatically.

2.What to do if Windows 11 is not starting?

You can try out the following ways:

  • Remove external hardware
  • Use PassFab Computer Management
  • Run CMD commands
  • Enable Secure Boot
  • Run Startup Repair
  • Reset Windows 11

Although all these methods work when the system fails to boot, we recommend that you repair your computer with the PassFab Computer Management tool for better convenience and guaranteed results.

3.Does Windows 11 have a repair tool?

Like other Windows versions, Windows 11 has automatic repair tools. When your Windows 11 PC fails to boot, it enters into the Startup Repair interface, where you can run the troubleshooter to resolve the problems. However, it requires some technical knowledge and is not user-friendly enough to be used by new users.

Final Verdict

The most common problems that Windows user face occur at startup. Various factors can cause startup issues. However, these problems are always solvable. In this article, you have seen the best yet most effective ways to solve Windows 11 wont start problem. However, we recommend using the PassFab Computer Management to repair your computer without any risks with high success rate.