Have you upgraded to the android 12 phones and are unsatisfied with the screen clock? Or does your phone’s clock size frustrates you and makes you uncomfortable? No matter what problem you have with your clock, changing the lock screen clock on Android 12 can be tricky if you are a non-techie.  

With the recent updates, Google has increased the screen lock size. The update has made many Pixel phone users unhappy, and they are looking for ways to change the screen lock. 

So, how to change the lock screen clock on Android 12? We will discuss different methods that can help you do that. Also, we will share tips on handling the Android 12 lock screen . Let’s get started!   

Part 1: How to Change Lock Screen Clock on Android 12 

Way 1: Change Lock Screen Clock Android 12 By Turning On Screen Saver

One of the best methods you can follow to change android 12 lock screen clock is the use of a screen saver. Although the screen saver does not guarantee to turn off the lock screen clock, there are high chances the screen saver feature will turn it off automatically to save power.  

  • Go to your phone’s Settings.
  • Tap the Display option by scrolling down the list.
  • tap-the-display-option-by-scrolling-down-the-	list
  • Find the Screensaver option by scrolling down the list.
  • find-the-screensaver-option-by-scrolling-down-the-list
  • Turn the Screen Saver option ON. 
  • turn-the-screen-saver-option

Since the lock screen clock consumes extra battery, the phone automatically shuts it down once the screen saver is ON. However, this might not happen if your screen already has some higher sources of energy consumption. So, to make sure your phone’s screen saver works properly, remove every extra energy consumption source. 

Way 2:Change Lock Screen Clock Android 12 By Keeping Unread Notifications

Do you know you can remove the lock screen clock on android 12 by simply keeping the notifications? Most people are not aware of this fact. Once your Android 12 locked screen has several notifications, it won’t be able to display the lock screen clock. 

The notifications force the lock screen clock to compress in size. This results in an immediate position change and it shifts to the top left side of the lock screen.  

The image above shows exactly how the lock screen clock works with and without notifications. The first image has the full-sized clock without any screen saver or Always On Display settings. The second one indicates the change in color of the locks screen, but still, the clock is present because of the energy-saving on other platforms. However, the third image has a notification with the lock screen clock shifted to the top.  


Keeping the notifications unopened is surely the best way to get rid of the unorthodox lock screen clock. If you have a habit of removing the notifications as soon as they arrive, you can open the song player in the background without playing it. This will help to change android 12 lock screen clock and you won’t be able to see it.   

Way 3: Change Lock Screen Clock Android 12 By Switching Off AOD

Switching off Always On Display (AOD) is another easy way to get rid of the android 12 lock screen clock. When you turn off AOD, your phone restricts every activity your phone carries out with an off display.    

  • Go to your phone’s Settings.
  • Click the Display>Lock Screen option. 
  • click-the-display
  • Turn OFF the Always Show Time & Info option. 
  • turn-off-the-always-show-time

Way 4: Change Lock Screen Clock Android 12 By Changing Wallpaper

The best method to change the lock screen clock on Android 12 is by replacing the clock with a lock screen wallpaper. This method is one of the most reliable ones of all. Google Pixel phones have the default settings of a lock screen wall clock. However, they give you an option to replace it with the wallpaper you like. 

  • Go to your phone’s Settings and click Display>Screen Saver. 
  • Click Current Screen Saver, which will be set to clock as default. 
  • click-current-screen-saver
  • Click Photos from the available options. 
  • click-photos
  • Choose the folder from where you want your phone to show photos. 
  • choose-the-folder

Once you complete the steps, the phone will not display a lock screen clock. Instead, it will highlight the photos of the album you selected one by one. The choice of folder completely depends on you. However, we highly recommend using albums that do not contain personal photos.


Part 2: Extra tips: How To Unlock Lock Screen On Android 12?

Changing the lock screen on Android 12 is always possible when you are logged into your phone and able to access the settings. At this time, there are not many tools available in the market that can help indirectly remove the lock screen or even push notifications on the lock screen. So, the only way to change the lock screen clock on Android 12 is through settings.  

But what if you just forgot the password or can’t log in to your phone for some reason? This can be frustrating for you since you won’t be able to change the lock screen clock. Most importantly, you might also face data loss issues. The easiest way to solve the issue is the PassFab Android Unlocker. The tool will help you open your phone's lock without much effort.

  • It unlocks a locked phone no matter what security features are enabled. It is also capable of unlocking the phone with a broken screen. 
  • Provides different ways to deal with the situation with easy factory reset options.
  • The software is compatible with different operating systems.


So, what’s the most accessible and most reliable android 12 change lock screen method? It is surely the one that tells you about setting another lock screen wallpaper. Although it is the most reliable method, most people still don’t consider it since they don’t want to highlight their gallery photos on the lock screen. If you are the same, it is better to consider other options. 

However, if you are unable to access the settings because of a phone lock issue, changing the android 12 lock screen clock is surely the best option. The tool can play an integral role in changing the android 12 lock screen clock if you can’t unlock the phone for some reason.