Google Play Services is surely the best in the business. It provides enhanced security features and immediately sends you a notification when something is not normal. Google Play Services Account Action Required is one of the similar notifications that Google sends to your connected phone if Google Play fails to synchronize the phone properly. There is nothing to worry about this as there can be different reasons why this might happen. Let’s discuss the possible reasons for google play services account action required issue and how you might be able to resolve them. 

Part 1:Why does Google Play Services Require an Action?

There can be different reasons why Google Play Services Required Action won’t go away. One of the major ones is the failure to successful synchronization of the Android phone to the connected Google Play account. There can be other different reasons for this problem as well. Let’s take a look at some of the other reasons for this notification.

1. Google Account not Working 

One of the major reasons for the Google Play Services Action Required notification is because of some faults in your connected Google account. Typically, Google accounts can face different issues. One of the common ones is the shortage of storage. So, you must first check your Google account by logging into your personal computer before proceeding to any next step. 

2. Password of Gmail Account Changed  

If you have changed your Google account password, you must reconnect the account to your phone. As Google is very strict regarding the security of the users, it will automatically disconnect the connected phone. So, you should reconnect it again with the new password. 

3. Gmail Account Deleted  

Most people delete their accounts for different reasons. While deleting the account, they forget about the connectivity of their Google account with the phone. This eventually results in an issue with your connected phone 

4. Cache Data  

Your phone stores cache over time. This can be either in the cloud storage of the space provided by Google or directly in the phone’s storage. The issue is common on the phones of people who don’t have a habit of clearing the cache at regular intervals, which can eventually result in account synchronizing issues. 

5. Synchronizing Issue with your Phone   

Synchronizing issue is probably the major reason why you might see account action required notification. There can be different reasons that might result in the failure of the successful synchronization of the phone. 

Now that you know the common reasons for the Google Play Services Account Action Required notification, let’s discuss ways to resolve the issue. 

Part 2: 5 Common Ways to Remove Account Action Required

There are different ways to remove the Google Play Services Account Action Required notification. However, you must follow the steps precisely to get the job done. Let’s take a look at the five best ways to remove this notification from your phone. 

1. Clear Cache from the Playstore 

As discussed, the presence of cache in your Playstore account is one of the major reasons Google Play Services Account Action Required notification issue. So, you must clear cache data from the account before proceeding to the next step. Here are the steps to get this done. 

Step1: Go to the “Settings” of your phone.  

Step2: Scroll down to find the “Apps” option and tap on it. 

Step3: Find “Play Store”, and click on it. 

Step4: Click on the “Storage” option, and tap the “Cache” option. 

Step5: Tap the “Clear Cache” data from the pop-up. 

wear os google play services account action required

2. Remove Google Account and Add New One 

Another great way to fix Google Play Services Account Action Required notification issue is by removing the old Gmail account and adding a new one. This solution only works if the account already linked to your phone is corrupted or closed for some reason. But before adding a new account, remember that the data associated with the previous account will be lost completely. 

fix google play services account action required

3. Update your Google Account Password 

Another great way to fix Account Action Required by Google Play Services is by rehanging the password on your phone. If you are facing connectivity issues with your Playstore account, there is a high chance that the account associated with the phone has recently been set up with a newer password. This might be done by you, or someone else might have accessed your account. So, it is always better to update your Google Account password. 

4. Uninstall PlayStore Updates 

Uninstalling Playstore updates is also a great option for removing google play services account action required . However, your device might start malfunctioning as most of the updated applications require the latest updates of Playstore. You might also realize a complete closure of some of the already installed applications. The uninstallation of the update will also stop your device from uninstalling the latest version of some of the apps.

That said, the Google Play Services Account Action required notification will be removed completely as your Google account won’t require the connectivity of the account for updating. Let’s discuss the steps to uninstall Playstore updates.  

Step1:Go to your phone’s settings and access the available “Apps”.   

Step2: Search for “Playstore” and tap it.  

Step3: Click “Uninstall Updates” option.  

5. Switch off and on Google Playstore Notifications 

If your Playstore is working fine without any issues, there are high chances of glitches in your phone’s notifications. Here is how you can turn ON and OFF the notifications of your Playstore.  

Step1: Go to the “Settings” of your phone.  

Step2: Tap the “Apps and Notifications” option from the list. 

Step3: Search for “Google Play Services” and open it. 

Step4: Turn off the notifications. 

Once you have turned the notifications “OFF”, wait for a while after closing the phone’s settings. After a while, you can simply turn the notifications “ON” again through the same procedure.

account action required notification

These are some of the best methods that you can use to resolve the Google Play Services Account Action Required notification. However, any of these methods won’t work if you have forgotten the password of the Google account linked to your device. Although you might be able to add a new account on some android devices, you won’t be able to restore the data associated with the previous Gmail account. 

So, if you are willing to get rid of the notification without any data loss or account closure, using Passfab Android Unlocker is the best choice for you.

Part 3: Fix Account Action Required without any Passwords [Quickly]

The best tool to resolve Google Play Services Account Action Required issue is PassFab Android Unlocker . The tool offers a wide range of features that adds value for the customers. The best thing about PassFab Android Unlocker is the availability of fast speed, the accuracy of performance, and the affordable price.

1. Complete Android Unlocker

It enables you to unlock your device no matter what issue it has encountered. If you have forgotten your password, or willing to re-open the device after it is blocked for some other reason, the PassFab Android Unlocker is surely the right choice for you

2. Best FRP Lock Remover

Removing an FRP lock is a hassle free experience with PassFab Android Unlocker. The tool allows you to unlock any of your phone without any issues, even if you fail to verify the associated Google, Samsung, or any other similar account.

How to Use PassFab Android Unlocker to Remove Google Play Services Account Action Required?

  • Lauch PassFab Android Unlocker
  • Launch the product and select the feature "Remove Google Lock (FRP)". After that, connect your Android device to computer by USB cable.

    google play services account action required
  • Select Start on the following screen 
  • account action required google play services
  • Choose your phone brand and model on the following screen and hit Next.
  •  fix account action required without any passwords
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to enter your phone into Recovery Mode and click on "Next".
  • remove account action required
  • Wait for a while until the tool finishes resetting your device. 
  • google play services account action required deleted account


Google Play Services Account Action Required is a common error notification that can appear on your phone for so many different reasons. So, you must identify the reasons first before making any fixes. If you have identified the reasons, but can’t remember the password of the associated Google Account, PassFab Android Unlocker is probably the best fix to solve the issues related to the Google account on your Android device.