I bought a phone, but it is locked by the previous owner's Google account. How do I bypass this or remove it?How can I bypass FRP?Is there any way for me to change it?

We can see many people asking these questions on the internet, which shows that it has become a huge problem that must be resolved. This issue has cost many people huge money, but now the time has changed, and there is no need to invest a lot to bypass the FRP . Now we have a lot of solutions to this problem, and we will try to tell you all of them one by one. Sit tight and read the article to understand the whole procedure.

Part 1: What is FRP Lock on Android Phones?

Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is a built-in security feature in android phones which is installed in the phones to protect the data and the phone. It is the most amazing feature, and in this world where there are a lot of hackers around, such a feature is not less than a blessing.

First of all, let us tell you how this feature protects your phone. Once you register your phone on the Google account, the FRP is automatically enabled, and after the activation, it will prevent the factory data from reset through some untrusted channels. If your phone is stolen and someone is trying to reset your phone using the recovery mode or hard recovery, FRP will be there to protect your data, such as screen locks and other ones, from this unauthorized reset attempt.

Part 2: How to Remove Google FRP Lock on any Phones?

Let's come to the important part where we will tell you all the possible steps you can take, and that will be an answer to "How to Remove Google FRP lock on any phones."

Way 1: Using Google Credentials

Let's start with the simple method of using Google Credentials. You can easily use this method to remove the FRP lock if you remember your email but not the password. You will have to follow the following steps:

  • First of all, open the Google browser, and at the top right corner, you will see the button Sign in, click it. brower-sign in
  • Now it will ask you to put your details like an email address or username, put these details and hit the enter button, and it will now ask you to enter the password. If you do not remember the password, so you will have to click "forget password".

  • After clicking the forget password, Google will offer you different ways by which you can recover your password, and you can select the best one that suits you.

  • Once the password is reset, Google will link the password to your account, and now you will have to sign in using your locked phone through these credentials.

Way 2: Via Google Account [Need Preconditions]

This is another valid method where you will have to disable the activation lock before applying the factory reset. Here you will understand how to bypass Google account, and in this method, the important part is that you will have to disable the FRP lock before applying for the factory reset; otherwise, it will not work. You can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Log in to the Google account, and you will find the option "Device activity and notifications" clicking it will take you to the option "Review devices," and from here, you can select the device you want to remove.

    activity and notifications
  • Remove the access of the selected device from the Google account.

    review devices
  • After that, you will see a confirmation window where you can select the "Remove," and the FRP lock from your mobile will be removed. access removed
  • After following all these steps, you can proceed with the reset.

Way 3: Best FRP Lock Removal Tool

If you have tried all the methods mentioned above, but the issue persists even in that case, you don't need to worry as we have a solution available for you. Suppose the methods related to the Google account fail. In that case, you will have to use some FRP lock removal tool, and we have a powerful android unlocker tool in the form of PassFab, which has been specially designed to counter such situations.

It is one of the most amazing tools in the market, with the help of which you can bypass FRP lock within a few minutes. The FRP and any other lock like Fingerprint, password, pattern, etc., can be removed using this tool.It is quite simple to use this tool, and let us tell you the steps.

  • Use a USB cable to connect the device to the system and select "Remove Google Lock (FRP)."

    Remove Google Lock
  • You will be asked to select the OS version of your device, select it and click "Start."  If you don't know the version, then click "Don't know the device OS version?"
  • Select Device OS Version
  • Check the on-screen notes and confirm. Then click on "Start." PassFab Android Unlocker will send a notification to the locked Samsung phone that has been connected to the PC. sending a notification
  • Click on "View" to go to Samsung Galaxy Store on the locked device.

    sent a notification
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to go to Galaxy Store and download the "Alliance Shield" app.

    alliance shield
  • Open Alliance Shield and go to the login page. You need to register a new account for this app. shield-register
  • After signing in, enter the device model and tap on Next.
  • Follow the steps to turn on "Device admin" and "Knox." Then go to App Manager and search for "service mode." service mode
  • Turn on Service mode and check "MTP+ADB." It is important to check this option and allow USB debugging on your phone. Then unplug and replug the USB cable to your Samsung device. MTP+ADB
  • Next, PassFab Android Unlocker will start removing the Google lock; please wait for it to finish. lock removing
  • After the program removes the lock, you can enter the home screen on Samsung. Go to Settings > General management > Reset, and factory reset your device to bypass the FRP completely. bypass the FRP

Way 4: Using Android Device

You can directly disable Google FRP lock on your Android device. You are stuck on the following screen when you forget your account credentials. Just follow the below guidelines to understand how to disable the Google FRP lock.

  • Firstly, connect your device to the WIFI and make sure you have chosen the Google Keyboard option.
  • Now, tap on @ and tap on the 'settings' icon. After that, open the 'Google Keyboard setting.'
  • Click on 3 dots at the top, select 'Help and Feedback,' and then tap on the 'Search Google and send results from your keyboard' option.
  • Now select the word from the screen and click on 'Web search' at the top and open it via Google App and you will see search results.
  • After that, search S, and see the System Setting Icon. Click on that icon, open the Backup and reset menu, and tap on 'Factory Data Reset.' The process will complete in a couple of minutes.
  • Your welcome screen on the mobile will no longer ask for Google account credentials, and you could 'Skip' or add 'New Google Account' to regain access.

Way 5: Using FRP Bypass APK

If you have the question "how to remove Google account from android phone after factory reset," or ''Google lock my phone and I do not have idea how to deal with it'' then follow the following steps:

  • Download the FRP bypass APK first. You will need an OTG cable for this process.
  • Connect the pen drive to your device using the OTG cable when you are on the verification screen.
  • The File Explorer should open the file automatically. Locate the folder where you copied the FRP bypass APK file and tap on it to install.
  • After the installation, click Open to launch it. It will take you to the settings menu next.
  • Now select "Back & Reset > Factory Reset" to reset your device
  • When you complete the reset, you can now add a new Google account to your device, and you can start using the device without limit now.

Part 3: What Can You Do After Removing Google FRP?

This is an important question asked by many people so let us tell you about this. You will be getting the following benefits:

  • Regain full access to your phone or tablet immediately.
  • Get the previous Google Account removed completely from your device.
  • Log in to another Google Account of yours to enjoy all Google services.
  • Use your device freely as you like without any limit.

What Can You Do after Unlocking Samsung FRP?

  • Fully access your device and enjoy all features
  • Use a different Google account
  • Remove your device from the previous account


In a nutshell, we can say that there are many solutions to the issue of FRP lock in your phone, and we have tried to list all the methods by which you can do this. It is strongly suggested to all the people facing this issue first to follow the steps involving the Google account and if they do not get results, immediately try the FRP lock removal tool like PassFab Android Unlocker. We are quite sure that issue will be resolved within a few minutes by following the methods listed above.