Samsung FRP Bypass APK Free Download & Guide[Latest]

By Andy Samuel to Android Tips | 2024-06-21

The factory reset option is a common feature in all Android smartphones. However, when you try to perform a factory reset on your Samsung device, you might encounter Factory Reset Protection (FRP), a security feature that requires your Google account credentials to access your phone.

This can be trouble if you don’t have access to the connected Google account’s password. Fortunately, the Samsung FRP Bypass APK is a solution that allows you to bypass this security measure and regain access to your device. This guide will list best Samsung FRP bypass APK you can’t miss.

Part 1. Overview of Samsung FRP Bypass APK

The Samsung FRP Bypass APK is an effective tool to help users bypass FRP on their Samsung devices. FRP is a security feature that prevents unauthorized access to your device after a factory reset by requiring your Google account credentials.

While this protects your data, it can be frustrating if you forget your login details or don’t have access to the credentials of the connected account for some reason. The Samsung FRP Bypass APK allows you to bypass this lock, enabling you to regain access to your device without needing your Google account information.

Part 2. Samsung FRP Bypass APKs List & Download Link

Below are some of the most effective apps for bypassing the FRP lock on Samsung devices. Each of these APKs has unique features that cater to different user needs.

1.Easy Flashing FRP Bypass 8.0 APK

Easy Flashing FRP Bypass 8.0 APK is an effective tool to bypass Google Account verification on Android devices after a hard reset. It allows temporary access to your data, making it a convenient tool for those who have forgotten their login details.

2. Fixfirmware FRP Bypass APK

Fixfirmware FRP Bypass APK is another reliable tool for bypassing FRP restrictions on Android devices. This APK is particularly useful for unlocking phones that are otherwise inaccessible. To use this tool, ensure you have a working Google account to search for Fixfirmware apk.

3. FRP Bypass APK

FRP Bypass APK is a straightforward solution for bypassing the Google Account lock on Samsung devices. This tool is essential for users who need to regain access to their devices after a factory reset without their Google credentials.

4.VnROM FRP Bypass APK

VnROM FRP Bypass APK is an effective tool for removing FRP locks on various Android devices, including Samsung. It is easy to use and helps users regain access to their devices quickly and efficiently.

vnrom bypass

5. Quick Shortcut Maker APK

Quick Shortcut Maker APK is a versatile tool that not only helps in creating shortcuts for installed apps but also assists in bypassing FRP locks on Android devices. This tool is user-friendly and highly effective for Samsung devices.

6. Easy Samsung FRP Tool

Easy Samsung FRP Tool is specifically designed for Samsung devices. It provides a seamless way to bypass the FRP lock, allowing users to regain access to their phones without the need for Google account credentials.

7. Samsung FRP Hijacker Tool

Samsung FRP Hijacker Tool is a powerful Samsung FRP bypass APK that helps bypass FRP locks on Samsung devices. It is particularly useful for advanced users who need a robust solution for FRP bypassing.

Part 3. How to Bypass FRP with Samsung FRP Bypass APK

If you are facing the FRP lock on your Samsung device, you can use the Samsung FRP bypass APK to remove the lock and regain access to your phone. Bypassing the FRP lock on your Samsung device using the Samsung FRP Bypass APK is straightforward. Here's how:

  • Open a browser on your computer and download the Samsung FRP Bypass APK file.

  • Copy the downloaded APK file to a USB flash drive.

  • Use an OTG cable to connect the USB drive to your Samsung device.

  • On your Samsung device, open the file manager and locate the APK file on the USB drive.

  • Install the FRP Bypass APK (you may need to enable installation from unknown sources).

  • Open the installed APK, which will give you access to the device settings.

  • Navigate to Reset or Backup and Reset and select Factory Data Reset.

  • Confirm the reset to erase all data and bypass the FRP lock.

Part 4. Is It Safe to Use Samsung FRP Bypass APK

While Samsung FRP Bypass APK can be an effective way to regain access to your device, it's important to consider the potential risks and drawbacks. Although the method is widely used, it might not be suitable for everyone and could pose certain challenges. Here are some key drawbacks:

  • The process is time-consuming.
  • Requires a USB drive and OTG cable.
  • Not compatible with all Samsung models.
  • Security concerns with using unofficial APKs.
  • Risk of download failure for auxiliary packages.
  • Potential exposure to malware.
  • May void device warranty or violate terms of service.

Part 5. Best Samsung FRP Bypass Tool You Can’t Miss

While Samsung FRP Bypass APKs can provide a temporary solution, they often come with potential risks, such as security vulnerabilities, compatibility issues, and the possibility of bricking your device. If you're looking for a safe, reliable, and hassle-free way to bypass the Google FRP lock on your Samsung device, PassFab iPhone Unlocker is the tool you can't afford to miss.

PassFab Android Unlocker is a professional and powerful tool that can bypass the FRP lock on Samsung, Vivo, Xiaomi, Redmi, Huawei, and OnePlus devices without any problems. Its user-friendly interface and reliable performance make it the best choice for anyone seeking a safe and effective solution to unlock their Android device.

  • Easily bypass Android locks like pattern, PIN, or password with a single click.
  • Work seamlessly with major Android brands including Samsung, Google, Motorola, LG, and more.
  • Quickly bypass FRP lock on Samsung and supported devices without needing a Google account or password.
  • Instantly remove Samsung screen locks in just a few steps.

How to Bypass Samsung FRP without Google Account

  • Open PassFab Android Unlocker, and then click Remove Google Lock (FRP).

  • Now connect your Android device to your computer via USB cable.

  • Choose Samsung version

    an unauthorized attempt to factory reset
  • PassFab Android Unlocker is removing FRP lock now.

    bypass google account samsung without pc
  • Bypass Google FRP lock Successfully.

  • google account manager 9.0 apk frp bypass


Navigating Samsung FRP lock issues can be daunting, but tools like PassFab Android Unlockoffer a straightforward solution if you can’t follow the complications of Samsung FRP bypass APKs. With PassFab’s ability to bypass FRP on Samsung and other major Android devices without hassle, it stands out as a reliable choice. If you're facing FRP challenges, consider using PassFab Android Unlock for a quick and effective solution.