How To Find BitLocker Recovery Key?

By Andy Samuel to Bitlocker Tips | 2023-12-27

BitLocker is a built-in security mechanism that you can enable to encrypt your files and data. When enabled, it asks you for a password each time you try to access your system. If you ever forget your password, you can decrypt the data using the recovery key, auto-generated and stored in a safe place.

So, how to find the BitLocker recovery key if you lose it?

In this article, you will learn how to find your BitLocker recovery key in a Dell laptop or any other PC.

Part 1: What Is BitLocker And BitLocker Recovery Key?

BitLocker is a disk encryption tool in Microsoft Windows version 8.1 and later. It makes sensitive data safe and secure so that no data can be accessed without authentication. BitLocker encrypts all the data in a drive and generates a 48-digit recovery key automatically so you can recover your data in case you lose your password.

Because the recovery key is a long and complicated password, users cannot remember it. Therefore, storing it in a safe place in a soft or hard copy is recommended.

Part 2: How To Find The Bitlocker Recovery Key With Key ID?

When you enable the BitLocker encryption, you are asked to choose a location to store your BitLocker recovery key for Dell laptop. If you chose a USB or a File, the recovery key would have been stored as a txt file on your chosen location.

To find the recovery key, open the file whose name starts with BitLocker Recovery Key followed by the key ID. This key ID should match the ID on your blue screen. If the IDs match, you can unlock your encrypted disk using the Recovery key mentioned in the text file.

 how to find bitlocker recovery key with key id

Please note that the recovery key can only be stored on the drive, which is not encrypted with BitLocker. If you do not remember where you stored the key, run the following script in PowerShell:

Get-ChildItem -Path d:\ -Filter 'Bitlocker Recovery Key*' -Recurse

The above script will look for the recovery file in the D drive. Remember to change the drive name and re-run the script if it is not found in partition D.


Users must have recorded the Key ID before encrypting the drive; otherwise, this method may not be feasible.

This method is quick and accurate if the Key ID was recorded during the encryption process.

Part 3: How To Find BitLocker Keyword In Microsoft Account?

Finding the BitLocker key in Microsoft account is one of the most recommended options for personal devices. In this case, you can easily access your account from your phone and another device.

If you wonder how to find my BitLocker recovery key for Dell Laptop in Microsoft Account, follow the steps given below:

  • Go to Microsoft Account, click the Sign In button and log into your account.

  • Look for your computer under the Devices and click View Details.

    click view detail
  • Scroll down and click on the Manage recovery keys link under the BitLocker data protection.

    click on manager recovery key
  • Here, you will find the recovery key. If multiple keys appear before you, choose the last one or ensure the Key ID matches.

    choose on or ensure the key id


Users must have and use a Microsoft account, which may not be suitable for those without or unwilling to create one.

Part 4: How To Get BitLocker Recovery Key Without Microsoft Account [Easy And Quick]?Hot

PassFab 4Winkey is an incredible tool that enables you to get BitLocker key without a Microsoft Account. Due to its simple and user-friendly interface, even a beginner can use it efficiently. It is a comprehensive tool that rescues you when you forget any Windows password and lose access to your files and system.

To find out how to find recovery key for Dell laptop without a password and recovery key, follow the steps below:

  • Download and install the PassFab 4Winkey on another accessible computer and plug in a USB.

  • Download the ISO file by clicking on Start password reset.

    start password reset
  • Now, choose your USB Flash Drive and click Start burning.

     make a boot disk
  • Wait until the burning of the bootable disk is complete, then switch to BitLocker encrypted PC.

  • Boot your password-locked Windows system with the bootable USB created in the last step.

    enter into boot menu
  • When the PassFab’s interface appears with the BitLocker encrypted drives, click the To close button.

  • Choose Automatic as the Unlock Mode.

    elect unlock mode
  • Click To close again, and a pop-up window with the Close BitLocker button will appear on the screen. Hit it.

    click close bitlocker
  • Wait until the PassFab 4Winkey closes the BitLocker permanently.

    remove bitlocker successfully

Now, you can access your drives easily without any password. The best part about using PassFab 4WinKey is that there is 0 chance of data loss and it is the easiest methods metioned above, it do not required your recovery key or Mirosoft account and suitable for all users..

Part 5: How To Find BitLocker Recovery Key From CMD?

  • Press Windows + R keys to launch Run dialog box.

  • Now, type “cmd” here and hit the Ctrl + Shift + Enter keys to launch Command Prompt in elevated mode.

     how to find my bitlocker recovery key with cmd
  • Type the following command and hit the Enter key:

    manage-bde -protectors C: -get

    The 48-digit password will appear on the black screen. You can use it to decrypt the hard drive.

    You should save this BitLocker recovery key on an external device or write it on paper and keep it safe for the future.


It may be less user-friendly for those unfamiliar with command-line interfaces.

Part 6: How To Find BitLocker Recovery Key In Active Directory?

Here is how to find BitLocker recovery key in Active Directory:

  • First, go to the Active Directory Users and Computers.

  • Now, click on the computer with BitLocker encryption.

  • Switch to the Bitlocker recovery tab. It will show the Recovery Password under Details.

    how to find recovery key for dell laptop

You can use this recovery password to decrypt your locked drives.


This method is only primarily for organizations with Active Directory in a domain environment.

Part 7: How To Find The BitLocker Recovery Key In Azure?

If you use a device your organization administers, the IT administrator can find the BitLocker recovery key through Azure AD. The following steps will help you get your recovery key:

  • Visit the Azure Portal.

  • Click on Azure Active Directory and choose the Devices from the left navigation menu.

  • Click on All Devices and choose your device.

  • Now, scroll down to the end of the Properties page. You will find the BitLocker recovery key there. In case of multiple keys, use the one whose key ID matches the one on the blue screen.

    find the bitlocker key under the screen


Users need an Azure account, making it less suitable for those not using Azure services.


1. Is there a BitLocker Recovery key generator?

No, there is no specific BitLocker Recovery key generator. However, you can find the recovery key from the Active Directory, Azure AD, or CMD described above in this article.

2. What happens if you can’t find your BitLocker Recovery key?

If you lose access to your BitLocker Recovery key and can’t change the settings that enabled the encryption, you need to reset the device through one of the Windows recovery options. Please mind that you will lose all your files and data after resetting your device.

Wrap Up

How do I find my BitLocker recovery key ? This is the first question you might ask yourself after losing the BitLocker password. BitLocker encrypted files become inaccessible without the authentic password or recovery key, and you get stuck with the locked system.

Therefore, this article discusses how to find BitLocker recovery key for Dell laptop and other systems. Using the PassFab 4WinKey is the safest, most efficient, and most reliable of all the methods mentioned.