HELP! How do I stop my OSX 10.6 from duplicating files?? Or better yet, what duplicate file finders Windows 10 can I work with?

If you're looking for a duplicate file finder, you've probably gotten one of those 'unable to save because of insufficient memory’ on your laptop.

That message can sometimes be frustrating, especially if you know there should be enough space on your laptop. So, to get the extra space, you'll need to delete the duplicate files that are eating up your space.

Finding duplicate files is both nerve-wracking and time-consuming. That's where free duplicate file finder Windows 10 comes in. Let's explore several ways to identify a duplicate file on your PC.

Part 1. How to Find Duplicate Files on Windows?

Aside from using duplicate file finders Windows 10, there are various ways to identify and delete duplicate files. However, you need to understand that free duplicate file finder Windows 10 features simpler and straightforward steps. That's why everyone prefers using duplicate file finders over going through the technical steps.

All in all, some of the options you can use to find duplicate files on Windows 10 include:

Option 1. Using the Windows file explorer

Typically, Windows file explorer gives different views of the system's data, including icon sizes, list details, etc. It comes in-built into your laptop and can identify duplicate files without any issues. This section also includes other features such as origination date and time, which can help.

Here are steps you can follow to use Windows file explorer as duplicate file finders Windows 10.

  • Go to the settings app at the bottom left of your laptop screen, type in the search section 'indexing options,' and then click on it.

  • Click on the modify section, show all locations, and click on 'OK.'

  • Check all boxes, then click 'OK.'


Press the 'Windows button +E' simultaneously. This will make it easy to find duplicate files. Search all items on your PC based on their formats.

Sort through the items saved on the same date but in different folders to delete them. Unfortunately, not everyone can follow through with these steps because it's a tad bit complicated.

One misstep could easily land onto a different section of your laptop and delete crucial files your computer needs to function effectively. Either way, it's good to keep in mind that you can also use your files explorer to delete duplicate files.

Option 2. Using Windows PowerShell

Another feature on your laptop that you can use to find duplicate files windows is Windows PowerShell. Windows PowerShell will involve a bit of coding language, so pay attention to the code lines that I'll share with you to ensure you get results. Here are the steps to follow.

  • Go to the bottom left side of your laptop on the Windows icon and right-click on your mouse, and click on the PowerShell admin option.

  • Then enter ‘set-location –path C:\ ’. Then enter ‘ls "(directory you want to search)" -recurse | get-filehash | group -property hash | where { $_.count -gt 1 } | % { $ } | Out-File -FilePath "(location where you want to export the result)"’

  • Under the directory, you want to search the folder you'd like to find in your user account.

  • Then open the folder you've saved. Check for each location in the file and delete duplicate files.

  • Then enter ‘set-location –path C:\ ’. Then enter ‘ls "(directory you want to search)" -recurse | get-filehash | group -property hash | where { $_.count -gt 1 } | % { $ } | Out-File -FilePath "(location where you want to export the result)"’

  • Finally enter ls "(directory you want to search)" -recurse | get-filehash | group -property hash | where { $_.count -gt 1 } | % { $ | select -skip 1 } | del if you want to delete the duplicate files using Windows powershell.

Option 3. Using Passfab Duplicate File Deleternew

PassFab Duplicate File deleter is hands down one of the best tool to remove duplicate files windows 10. As much as Windows file explorer and Windows Powershell are great options for deleting duplicate files on your Windows laptop; they aren't quite the best in the game. Both options don't have a user-friendly interface, and the operation process is a bit complex.

PassFab, on the other hand, has a wide range of attractive features that make finding duplicates on your Windows computer hassle-free.

  • It's a more effective and time-saving solution.
  • The software is easy and quick to install
  • It features the latest search algorithm for automatically identifying duplicates on your Windows
  • It identifies similar folders, photos, and audio files
  • It locates all duplicates with 100% accuracy clearing all unneeded copies in your disk space.
  • Download and launch the PassFab Duplicate File Deleter

    click to add a folder

    Once the download and installation process is complete, launch your PassFab Duplicate File Deleter on your computer. The main interface will prompt you to click to add a folder.

  • Add the folders you'd like to scan

    add scanning folders

    Click on the 'Add a Folder' button to select and drop the files you'd like to scan with the duplicate finder. The interface will show you all the files you've added for scanning.

  • Set the scanning mode and click on the Scan button

    set general

    You can set your preferred scanning mode before you start scanning the files. The three available options are General, Ignore Scan, and Duplicate Files. You can choose the scanning mode that fits your needs better.

  • Once the scan is complete, switch to the 'Duplicate Files' tab

    set file type

    Allow a few minutes for the scanning process to be complete. The duplicate files will appear on the left side of your interface. Analyze each file and click the preview button to compare the duplicates. Confirm the files you'd like to delete, click on the 'Remove' files button.

Part 2. FAQ: Duplicate Files Finder for Windows

Q1: Do devices with a Windows 10 OS come with a duplicate file finder?

A: Unlike MacOS devices, Windows 10 computers don't come with a built-in duplicate file finder. If you want to find and remove duplicates, you'll have to either do it manually or utilize a third-party software like PassFab Duplicate File Deleter.

Q2: Which is the best software for finding duplicates in Windows 10?

A: There's a wide array of duplicate file finders Windows 10 in the game, but PassFab Duplicate File Deleter stands out as the best. Users love the easy-to-use interface and accuracy in finding and removing duplicates.

Q3: Do I have to delete all duplicates? Is it safe?

A: If the duplicate file finder identifies the duplicates in your storage disk, it's better just to remove all of them. That helps remove any unnecessary content chewing up your storage space. Also, it generally improves the performance of your operating system.


As we have seen, there are multiple duplicate file finders in the market, but finding the best from the lot can be hectic. So, if you've been looking for reliable duplicate file finders Windows 10 , you have it! PassFab Duplicate File Deleter is the best as it can accurately identify and remove duplicates in multiple folders on both your internal and external storage disks.

On top of that, PassFab Duplicate File Deleter is fast and safe. You don't have to worry about malware compromising the security of your device. Download PassFab Duplicate File Deleter- your go to free duplicate file finder Windows 10 now and get rid of all the dupes.