Do you have a habit of storing and managing photos on your Mac? If yes, your Mac will surely have stored tons of duplicate photos you are unaware of. This is a common thing in Mac that can lead to poor performance and lots of trouble viewing photos. 

Sohow to delete duplicate photos on Mac ? We will discuss the process in detail with some tips on how to stop duplicate photos on Mac. But before we discuss the process of removing the same photos on Mac, let’s discuss the primary reasons why Mac creates duplicate photos. 

Part 1: Why Do I Have So Many Duplicate Photos On My Mac? 

There can be so many different reasons for the presence of duplicate photos on Mac. Most people are not aware of the mistakes they are making that may cause the creation of duplicate photos.  Here are a few reasons why your Mac has duplicate photos. 

  • Saving the same photo from multiple sources. 
  • Downloading photos from the same source more than once.
  • Taking shots at burst mode from your Mac’s front camera.
  • Syncing the same file from more than one device to your IOS account. 
  • Bugs in the Mac lead to the creation of automatic saving of duplicate files.
  • Sending files through third-party applications and creating the backup. 

All these actions lead to the creation of duplicate files on your Mac. Most people are not aware of this and continue doing the same action that leads to the creation of multiple number of duplicate files. 

Part 2: How To Delete Duplicate Photos On Mac? 

Way 1: How to Delete Duplicate Photos On Mac Manually 

The first method for deleting photos on Mac is the manual one. By this method, you will have to delete every photo the same as the other one by one. This is a free method but consumes a lot of time. It can be frustrating if you have a large number of photos present in your mac library.  Take the following steps to delete duplicate photos on Mac manually. 

  • Log in to your Mac and open its library.

  • Analyze the duplicate photos present in every album. You can also use filters depending on your preferences.

  • Select the photo and press the delete button or simply delete it with a right-click.

  • how-to-delete-duplicate-photos-on-mac-manually

The manual method becomes more complicated when multiple folders are present within your library. In this case, you will have to skim through all the folders to find out whether they contain duplicate files or not.  

Way 2: How to Delete Duplicate Photos On Mac Automatically-Using Duplicate File Deleternew

As discussed before, the manual method is only suitable for people who have fewer folders and files. The presence of multiple folders and files can take lots of time and you will surely miss out on some of the photos due to human error.

In contrast, the duplicate file detector is fast enough to go through the entire device quickly and separates duplicate files in a short time. Once it separates all the files, you can simply go through the entire folder of separated files and delete them. 

One of the best duplicate file deleters available on the internet is the PassFab Duplicate File Deleter. Take a look at the steps on how to delete duplicate photos on Mac via PassFab Duplicate File Deleter tool.  

  • Add scanning folders to the tool once you have successfully downloaded and installed it. 

  • add scanning folders
  • Configure the scan settings of the folder.

  • set general
  • Delete the entire group of duplicate photos with a slight overlook. 

  • select dimilar images

One of the best things about PassFab Duplicate File Deleter is that it separates duplicate photos into groups. This helps confirm the presence of duplicate photos and lets you delete the entire group with a click. Another great thing about the tool is its compatibility with other files. Such as videos, documents, etc. 

Way 3: How to Delete Duplicate Photos On Mac Using Finder 

Finder is one of the effective ways to ease the process of photo removal. Although you won’t be able to delete the duplicate photos directly, the feature can help find them. This can be done via search filters. 

  • Open Finder, your folder, and search for Kind:Image in the search results. 

  • Once Finder lists down all the files, open the View option and choose Cover Flow to optimize the results.

  • Apply the Name or Size filter to sort the images as per your preferences. 

  • Select the duplicate photos, left-click and move them to the trash. 


Part 3: How To Stop Duplicate Photos On Mac? 

Tip 1: Use Same Apple Account 

One of the major reasons for the creation of duplicate files is the inability of Mac to sync files. This happens because of the same account login on multiple devices. People often make the mistake of creating different apple accounts on every single device they use. This forces the device to auto restore all the data present in multiple accounts. 


Tip 2: Avoid Importing Files Multiple Times 

If you take pictures from multiple devices, it is better to import files only once. When importing files, you might not realize the import of same file multiple times. So, it is good to take a look at the files that are being imported to avoid any duplication. 

Tip 3: Clean Up Photos  

To make sure your Mac remains protected from duplicate photos, you should make a habit of cleaning photos regularly. Sometimes basic internal bugs can become the reason for the creation of duplicate photos on Mac and the only way to avoid it is by regular cleaning and overlooking the Mac’s library. 

Tip 4: Check Backup Folders  

After performing backups make sure to check for the duplicate folders in your library. Backup folders are typically used to backup files to recover data when lost. However, they can sometimes become the reason for the creation of duplicate files as well.  



All in all, deleting duplicate photos on Mac is a simple manual process if you have fewer folders and duplicate files. The process becomes more frustrating when you have to go through a large number of photos to figure out the presence of duplicate files. So, if you have large number of files or want to delete duplicate photos on Mac photos app with just a few clicks even when you have few photos, you should consider proceeding with duplicate file removal tool. 

One of the best photo deleter tool among many is PassFab Duplicate File Deleter. The tool offers a list of added features with excellent compatibility to multiple operating systems. The tool also offer a free trial to let users understand how the tool operates. Check out the details and make your decision today to ease the process.