PassFab FixUWin Review: Your Ultimate Solution for Windows Troubleshooting

By Andy Samuel to Fix Windows | 2023-05-23

If your PC fails to start or shows random blue screen errors, It might be because of a virus/malware, corrupted system files, a damaged boot directory, outdated BIOS or drivers, and numerous other reasons.

Whatever the reason, the best and the most trustworthy Windows repair tool you can turn to is PassFab FixUWin. It is a magical tool that repairs most Windows errors in a few clicks.

This article does a complete review of PassFab FixUWin to help you make better choices.

Part 1: What is PassFab FixUWin?

PassFab FixUWin is a Windows repair tool well-known for repairing 200+ Windows errors. It helps you resolve blue/black and other Windows errors and perform various management tasks.

Pros and Cons of PassFab FixUWin

Here are some pros and cons of PassFab FixUWin:

  • User-friendly interface
  • On-screen instructions for users
  • Free boot disk creation
  • Support Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7
  • All modern PC brands supported
  • 3-step fully automated process
  • Eliminates the need to reinstall Windows
  • 100% safe, no data loss after repair complete
  • It may not work with older Windows versions, such as Windows xp

The best thing about PassFab FixUWin is that it allows you to create a boot disk for a faulty computer with another PC. The incredible tool comes in free and official versions, which we will discuss below:

PassFab FixUWin – Free Version

The free version of PassFab FixUWin has limited features. Using PassFab FixUWin, you can create a boot disk for free and use it to recover from the Windows error. The product has many additional features besides repairing the Windows OS, but you have to buy the license for its official version.

PassFab FixUWin – Official Version

This version of PassFab FixUWin offers many advanced features. You can use it in various scenarios other than repairing the Windows OS, such as:

As for the Windows repair function, it can be used in the following scenarios:

  • PC crashing
  • Stuck on restart/boot loop
  • Stuck on the welcome screen
  • Random reboots
  • Windows update stuck
  • Hanging PC and other 200+ issues

Besides, it has more features which can help you better manage your pc:

  • Manage Windows passwords
  • Recover data from a dead pc
  • Perform backup and restore of partitions
  • Manage disk partitions and much more!

The official version has perks like 24/7 technical support and guaranteed problem fixation. PassFab offers various subscription plans, which you can choose based on your preferences.

How people feels about PassFab FixUWin?

Now that you know the key features of different versions of PassFab FixUWin, here is our review based on its interface, functionality, and usability:


The overall interface of the tool is quite sophisticated, simple, and self-explanatory. Everything you see on the screen has proper names according to their functionality, and there are on-screen instructions for whatever feature you use in PassFab FixUWin. Moreover, you can find the user guide on the product's official website if needed. Furthermore, the beautiful colors and gradients in the interface make it attractive, interesting, and engaging. Simply put, we found the PassFab FixUWin interface highly user-friendly.


Let's talk about the functionality of PassFab FixUWin. Its Windows rescue feature works like a charm in resolving 200+ Windows errors. Besides, you can perform many other computer management tasks such as disk management, data recovery, password recovery, etc. It lets you burn the boot instructions on a USB, CD, or DVD and boot the faulty computer. In a nutshell, PassFab FixUWin is your one-stop solution for all Windows-related tasks.


The PassFab FixUWin has proved highly useful when other such software fails. Its foolproof interface and magnificent features can be used by a computer expert and a noob equally. This tool is highly recommended for those who do not have much knowledge and experience with computers, as it is 100% safe and simple.

Part 3: Who is PassFab FixUWin for?

The PassFab FixUWin is for those facing Windows errors who want to resolve them byself. From our experience, we can say that it is best suited for those who do not have much computer knowledge and find it difficult to manage and resolve system errors. However, this product is equally suited for computer experts due to its remarkable features, interface, success rate, and performance.

Part 4: Where to Get PassFab FixUWin Free?

We usually recommend installing programs from the Microsoft Store to prevent viruses or malware. But, PassFab FixUWin is not available on Microsoft Store, so we would suggest you download it from PassFab's official site.

Part 5: How to Use PassFab FixUWin to repair pc issues?

Step 1. If you are facing errors in Windows and want to give PassFab FixUWin a try, here are the steps that you can follow:

Step 2. Launch PassFab FixUWin, insert a USB/CD/DVD, and click Create boot disk now.

passfab fixuwin create boot disk now

Step 3. Choose your device and click Next.

select boot disk media

Step 4. Let the bootable device be created. Once done, restart your computer by pressing the Boot key. Usually the boot key is F10, ESC or F9.

Step 5. Enter the boot menu, set the bootable device on boot priority, and exit.

enter into boot menu

Step 6. Click Automated repair.

click automatic repair

Step 7. Now you have to choose the partition to repair. After doing so, click Start repair.

select partition

Step 8. Let PassFab FixUWin diagnose the problem and fix it. Restart your system afterwards.

repair complete

Part 6: Factors to Consider when Choosing a Windows repair tool

Here are some factors that you must consider while choosing a program to fix Windows errors:

  1. Compare the cost and plans of similar products
  2. Make sure that the product has the required features
  3. Check the installation and usability
  4. See how often the product is updated
  5. Check the level of safety and security the product offers
  6. Check its reviews and ratings

Part 7: PassFab FixUWin VS Other Similar Products

Here is the comparison table to help you identify the difference between PassFab FixUWin and other available products:

ProductKey FeaturesUsabilityOS SupportRating
PassFab FixUWin Windows recovery; Disk Management; Data recovery; Login password removal; All-in-one computer management Highly usable in terms of interface, functionality, and user-friendlinessWindows 11/10/8.1/8/74.9/5
Windows Repair by TweakingWindows repair toolA bit boring and complex for non-technical peopleWindows 2000 to Windows 104.5/5
RestoroPC repairing and managementQuite complex for non-tech peopleAll Windows versions4.1/5
Ashampoo® WinOptimizer 19System repair and optimizationIts simple interface makes it more usableWindows 11/10/8/74/5
Outbyte PC repairSystem repair and optimizationA bit complex interface for noobsWindows 10/8/7 and Mac3.5/5

FAQs about PassFab FixUWin

1. Is PassFab Software Safe?

Yes, PassFab FixUWin is a 100% safe. This Windows repair tool fixes all your PC problems without any privacy intrusion or messing up your data and settings. You do not see any ads or extra software installed when you install it.

2. Is PassFab FixUWin Legit?

PassFab FixUWin has proved to be 100% legit for resolving Windows errors.

3. Is there a risk of data loss in PassFab FixUWin?

No, you can use PassFab FixUWin without worrying about any data loss except for the data stored in the USB/CD/DVD that you will use as bootable media.

Final Words

PassFab FixUWin is a comprehensive and user-friendly system repair tool specifically designed for Windows. With compatibility across all Windows versions, it offers both automatic and manual repair options, including the ability to create system restore points before making changes. Its clean interface ensures easy usability, with detailed explanations for each repair option.

The software's effectiveness in resolving common Windows issues such as blue screen errors, DLL errors, and system crashes is emphasized, backed by a high success rate in extensive testing. Overall, PassFab FixUWin is lauded as a reliable and effective solution for repairing Windows problems, making it a recommended choice for users seeking robust Windows repair functionality.