Forgot your saved Wi-Fi network password on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 laptop, desktop or Surface and would like to find it back? Here in this user guide, you can take advantage of PassFab Wifi Key to deal with your issue.

Step 1. Launch Wifi Key

Download, install and run PassFab Wifi Key to any accesible Windows-based computer or Surface tablet. Once opened, it will show Wi-Fi password of each network.

passfab wifi key finding wifi password guide

Step 2. Select Network Name

You can copy the Wi-Fi password directly or export them by selecting the network that you want to save and then click "Export" button.

select network in passfab wifi key

Step 3. Export Wi-Fi Password

It will pop up a window that prompt you to save them as CSV files. Choose your target file path and click "Save" button. You will see the CSV file that contains your wireless network information.

save as csv to export using wifi key

No time? Check out our video tutorial instead!