Have you ever thought that who manages the mobiles and other tech devices that you use in your daily life? Enterprise mobility management is a group of people and processes who manages mobile devices, networks, and some other mobile computing services in the business field. We see that now people who have joined businesses in anyways, either owners or employees, mostly use mobile devices to communicate with each other.

So, if we talk about the goals of EMM solutions, we can say that it is aimed to support the people using these mobile devices at the workplace and to integrate mobile IT with the processes and objectives of any business. Keep reading to find out more on Mobile enterprise solutions.

Best 11 EMM Solutions

1. BlackBerry UEM

Blackberry UEM stands for Unified Endpoint management, which enables policy control and IoT with entire endpoint management for your diversified devices and applications. Blackberry UEM features end-to-end security and a single management console, which ensures the flexibility and security to make a smooth connection between the employees and your business with the help of different devices.

2. ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus

If you are looking for a comprehensive mobile device management system, ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager is the best option. It provides a wider variety of integrations to meet all your device management needs. It uses the power of mobility to empower your enterprise workforce. It never compromises the corporate security of your enterprise and enhances employee productivity.

3. FileWave

Filewave is software that provides enterprise mobility management solutions for companies and businesses. You can manage all your devices that are being used at your workplace through a single tool. It is one of the best enterprise mobility management companies that are trusted globally by businesses, enterprises, companies, and healthcare for the straight three decades. Now, it has become a credible EMM inc, and it is considered a pioneer in the unified management for all devices and in any environment.

4. 42Gears SureMDM

It is an intuitive and efficient unified endpoint management tool for different operating systems and devices. It helps you secure, manage, and monitor all the devices that are connected to your workplace or owned by your company. The best thing about it is that it incorporates enterprise mobility aspects through its UEM. This system features device enrollment, device provisioning, device grouping, device health monitoring, location tracking, device security, and UEM analytics.

5. VMware AirWatch

We have another option from a list of the best enterprise mobility management companies. VMware AirWatch is the best utility through with you can easily configure, manage, and support all the devices’ endpoints. It also enhances the productivity of the enterprises by providing them with seamless access to any application. You can easily allow personal devices at your workplace without compromising corporate security. No matter how many layers you have in your business, it simply keeps the company data secure and safe from intruders at every layer.

6. IBM MaaS 360

Let’s talk about the leader of the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for UEM, IBM MaaS 360. IBM MaaS 360 has never failed to satisfy the business and enterprises who used its services. It is considered a credible tool for UEM. It provides you with a 160% return on investment, a 50% reduction in endpoint support tickets, and a 47% reduction in time spent setting new users in the business mobility systems. You can use it to improve your NPS score, save your time in setting new users, and lower down the cost of the whole process.

7. MobileIron

We have another leader on the list for UEM, and we have MobileIron. It is completely mobile phishing protection that provides you with on-device and cloud-based phishing protection to keep all your internet activity secure and also provide security to your internet traffic from any device anywhere in your enterprise. MobileIron provides you a secure workplace for your employees in which they can work without any security issues. MobileIron promises to bring you the best mobile enterprise solutions.

8. Citrix XenMobile

It’s time to add another incredible option to the list of the best EMM providers, and we have Citrix XenMobile on the list. If you want to keep your workplace safe from any digital intruder activity, Citrix XenMobile is going to help you to the fullest. All the users of your workspace will work more productively because it can provide you with one unified for every application or endpoint. Citrix XenMobile supports different operating systems, including Android, iOS, and others, along with diverse devices.

9. Miradore Online

Miradore Online is an MDM software tool that gives you a smarter way to manage all your devices. You can securely manage all your diversified devices, smartphones, and laptops using Miradore Online. This single platform will provide you with all the necessary and effective features for device management. A long story short, it can prove to your one-stop-shop for device management. It means that you can secure your devices and data, control the device usage, save time with automated tasks, and do other business related tasks through this platform.

10. Scalefusion

Scalefusion is another MDM software tool that helps any business’s IT teams to effortlessly manage devices and networks that are owned by the enterprise. The best thing about this software is that it is really very user-friendly and easy to use, that’s why more people prefer it over other options in the market. The Businesses and the companies who took services from Scalefusion reviewed it as the best customer support experience throughout their mobility journey. Scalefusion supports Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and rugged devices.

11. SOTI MobiControl

We are at the last option of the list of the best enterprise mobility management solutions providers, and we have SOTI MobiControl on the list. It is another utility tool that you can use to easily and quickly deploy devices in your enterprise. SOTI MobiControl is one of the best EMM solutions that will keep your devices and content safe from any loss or intruder activity. If you use SOTI MobiControl, you will see a noticeable reduction in device downtime. It gives you 10x or more optimized data delivery. In short, it is the perfect choice for people looking for EMM providers.

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Concluding Words:

We all know that market provides so many options for enterprise mobility management solutions providers but selecting the best one from the list is a tough job. That’s why we tried to encapsulate the best 11 EMM providers that can help you with your enterprise security. Now, you don’t need to try every single EMM solution to reach the best one. You can select the one from the top 11 EMM solutions providers list and get ahead of the game. For your treat, we also discussed a magical tool named iPhone Unlocker to bypass MDM that you can use whenever you need to bypass MDM services.

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