Apple's iOS 15.5 version is now available to update on your devices. The software takes some time to install. People are facing some issues with installing the software. The update will enhance your iPhone and many security and bug fixes. 

If you are thinking of moving from iOS 15.4.1 to iOS 15.5, then the questions will appear in your mind. Questions like how long does ios 15 take to install and then how long does it take to update iPhone appears in mind. 

The article will give you an idea of how long does it take to install iOS 15. If you are moving from a smaller to a larger version, then all the changes of the older version will come into it.  

Some people want to skip it for now, but they have to install it near future. The article will answer all of your questions about what to do before the update. Let's start. 

Part 1:How Long Does the iOS 15 Update Take

We can't surely tell how long iPhone updates take or how long a software update takes, but we can tell you about the idea. Many factors decide how long does the new iPhone update take. Internet connection, storage, and such factors play an important role. 

With a stable connection and fast download speed, it will take around 5 to 15 minutes to download. Further 10-20 minutes get to install it. The setup takes 5-10 minutes. You might be able to complete the iOS 15 update process in around 20 to 45 minutes.

Overall the estimation can go wrong as some people reported freezing and other issues. You can avoid freezing by doing something before downloading the software.

Part 2: Things to Know about the iOS 15.5 Update

There are some things you must know before updating to iOS 15.5. The compatibility of the IOS 15.5 version is with all iOS 15-powered phones. From iPhone 6s to iPhone 12 and 12 series, most of the phones are compatible with it. Some things to know about it are as follows:


  • The battery life of the 15.5 iOS update is stable.
  • Provides fast and reliable wi-fi connectivity
  • The normal working of Bluetooth
  • Stable GPS and cellular data

App Performance

  • Third-party apps work fine on it.
  • Stable working of First-party apps like Safari


  • It delivers speed same as 15.4.1

You must install a newer version of iOS if you face any issues in the 15.4.1 version.


There are some enhancements in the new version of IOS that includes:

  • A new feature of the Apple Cash Card allows customers to send and request money from it
  • With a new setting in the apple podcast, the iPhone stores limited episodes and automatically deletes older ones.

Bug Fixes

The newer version fixes an issue where home automation may fail to resolve, triggered by people arriving or leaving.


There can be many problems appearing while installing the new version. People are facing difficulties in installing the new software as it gets stuck. For this, you can try to reset your iPhone. 

Some issues that are occurring include: 

  • Abnormal battery drain
  • AirPlay issues
  • Touch ID and Face ID issues
  • iMessage issues
  • Bluetooth problems
  • Crashes, freezes, and lockups
  • Ongoing Noise cancellation issues and others…

Part 3: Things to Do Before You Update iOS 15.5

People are having issues when they update to iOS 15.5 or how long does ios 15 take to install. You must do some things before updating to the new version to avoid any inconvenience later on. You can't predict how the new version will impact iPhone's performance. Some say about boosting the performance, and others face frustrating bugs. Let's get to know what to do before installation: 

Backup Data

It is very important to back up your data before moving to the new version. You must ensure that your important data is safe, and backup data using the iCloud backup process. There are many ways available with which you can back up your data.

Get Familiar with iOS 15.5 & older iOS Updates

You must research iOS 15.5 new and old updates to avoid future problems. Getting familiar with it will avoid any future surprises.

Gather Feedback About iOS 15.5 Performance

Know about the new version's performance by reading the Feedback on forums. People who have already installed it give Feedback on it on the apple forum and other online forums.

Find fixes for iOS 15.5 Problems

Find fixes before installation or moving to a newer version. This article will help you with it.

Look into other fixes

Before making updates, you must look into other fixes, and bugs people faced.

Check with IT

Before making an update, you might want to check with your IT team. It will ensure that your phone is okay to go for the newer version.

Part 4: How to Fix When iOS 15.5 Installation Gets Stuck and Ways to Speed up iOS 15.5 Installation

Way 1: Hard reset your iPhone

If iOS 15.5 gets stuck in the way, you can hard reset your iPhone to speed up the installation. You need to follow some steps to hard reset your iPhone. With a simple button combination, you can do it.

  • Press the volume up button and release.

  • Now press the volume down button and release.

  • Hold the power button for some seconds to hard reset.

It will restart your iPhone, and you just need to enter your Password to enter your phone again. 

Way 2: Connect to a Stable Network

The unstable network can be the cause of the iOS 15 update freezing. You must connect to a strong and stable network to update the software successfully. Try to check the network settings before the installations.

  • Go to Settings> navigate to "Wi-fi" settings.

  • Firstly turn off the wi-fi and turn it on again.

  • Also go to Settings> General > Reset Network Settings > Reset. It will reset your network, passwords, and wi-fi passwords. You need to reconnect to have a steady network.

  • Turn on airplane mode and then turn it off to stable the network speed.

Way 3: Free Up iPhone Storage Space

The storage space can also become the reason to freeze the installation. Before installation, you must have at least 2GB of storage space left. Check your storage capacity and free some space if necessary.

  • Go to Settings> General > "iPhone Storage".

  • Now remove apps or free some space to update the software without freezing.


Way 4: Check Problems with Apple Server

Apple servers can also become the reason for slow updates. If the above methods fail to resolve the freezing issue try this method. You have to either wait or remove the update and download it again.

You can also take help from Apple discussion forums if any of the methods mentioned above fail to solve your problem. Leave your question on the apple discussion forum by opening it from the link here .

In case you need to know about common problems occurring in installation, refer to them here .

Bonus: How to Unlock an iPhone When Your Face/Touch ID Can't Be Recognized

There can be many other issues that can occur besides installing or updating. Sometimes, you can't unlock an iPhone without your face touch id. In such a scenario where the iPhone doesn't recognize your face or touch id, you look for solutions. PassFab iPhone Unlocker is an amazing tool to help you in such scenarios. You can easily unlock your iPhone without your Face or touch id recognition with PassFab, as it bypasses the phone. Many other things in which PassFab can help you include:

  • Unlock a locked, disabled, or broken screen iPhone
  • Easy factory reset on your device without the need for a Password or Apple ID
  • Remove AppleID from the device without any verification
  • Turn off screen time without any need for Password
  • Bypass the iPhone remote management for your device


The above information covered all the portion about how long iOS 15 take to install and how long does it take to update iphone? If any questions remain, you can go to the apple discussion forums. You must do things mentioned above in the article before installing the newer version. These things will help you to avoid any issues in the update.